Degree in a Book: Philosophy

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Not exactly a degree but certainly an intro and if you’re studying or interested then a good read, certainly not for a casual read. There is no great details but I would expect the book to be titled and introduction to philosophy or understanding philosophy.
I did like he book and took plenty of information away from it so I am pleased with this ARC
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Great introduction - an 'in a nutshell' type read with good illustrations/diagrams. Very informative
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This is a great primer in Philosophy and covers all the major concepts.  The sections on logic are still an area that you will need to read a couple of times to make any sense of them but well worth it.  Thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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Great educational book! Set up well for anyone wanting to learn something about philosophy! Wish I would have had this when I was taking philosophy in college. Thank you netgalley for the free Arc in exchange for an honest review!
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A great read.  Well written and understandable even if you have not delved into this subject before.  I requested this book as my son has taken GCSE Philosophy and is now studing it at A level.  It is helping me greatly with our conversations round the dinner table!!!!!!!!
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Degree in a Book: Philosophy by Peter Gibson is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late December.

Not unlike Degree in a Book: Psychology, Philosophy seeks to inform what philosophy is before delving into the big, mentally toothsome topics, like life, transcendence, nature, and truth. It begins with a base idea/question/conundrum to reason through before discussing/arguing it, applying logic, then finding commonalities and ways to challenge the status quo. The book shows the historic views of each topic, the examples they’ve come up with, and how modern day philosophers approach the topic today.
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This was a great book!  I found it to be full of information that is relevant.  It was written in a way that you don't have to already know a lot about philosophy to understand it.
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This is the perfect companion guide for any Philosophy a-level course. This would be the book I’d recommend to students right at the beginning of the course as it would provide a strong foundation of information that the specification could be built on.
The beauty of this book is that it’s not deisgned around exam specifications, which means it’s not missing information that students would need to understand but the exam board assumes students will know. 
The introduction is accurate; this book puts the enjoyment into philosophy. It covers all the bases and keeps its language simple and clear.
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Philosophy has always interested me so this book was the ideal refresher but could just as well be a decent introduction to the topic for those with limited to no knowledge. Everything is written in an easy, accessible manner and any technical terms that are discussed are clearly defined, either in the text itself or as part of the glossary, to aid understanding. Some of the most important philosophers are profiled but only briefly so that the focus can remain on the ideas.

It does a good job of minimising the shortfalls, but of course, the nature of the book means that many different philosophical principles are explored with little depth. However, what that allows for is for the reader to choose which of the ideas they want to explore in more detail and make a purchase based on that. That being said, the structure of the book is really what lets it down. It's a little disjointed and the flow isn't that great. Overall, the information included is sound, but the way everything is organised makes it quite awkward to get through. I read the Kindle/eBook version, so the structure may well be better in physical copies. I strongly recommend sampling the book before purchasing as the structure will work for some but not so much for others.

Many thanks to Arcturus for an ARC.
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Degree in a Book: Philosophy is a well-developed book that was a pleasure to read.  As a college instructor who teaches many courses, and among them, the philosophy of ethics and morals as well as psychology, I found Degree in a Book: Philosophy well-written and easy to follow.  Kudos to the author, Peter Gibson, for the prose and easy to follow manor of this subject matter, which is not easy to do considering the topic.

I received an advanced review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Synopsis from the Publisher/
A perfect introduction for students and laypeople alike, A Degree in a Book: Philosophy provides you with all the concepts you need to understand the fundamental issues.

Filled with helpful diagrams, suggestions for further reading, and easily digestible features on the history of philosophy, this book makes learning the subject easier than ever. Including ideas from Aristotle and Zeno to Descartes and Wittgenstein, it covers the whole range of western thought.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will be able to answer questions like:
• What is truth?
• What can I really know?
• How can I live a moral life?
• Do I have free will?
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This book reminds me of the collection  ... en 30 seconds, a collection where they summarize a subject by different themes/persons/categories. Except that the 30 seconds collection does it better. Here the information are good but it’s more the organization and the way it’s presented that is harder to follow and not that well put into place. A better edition might have done the job.
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