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Mr Dog and the Seal Deal

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Perfect children's book for animal lovers and easy for parents to read aloud too, has quite a nice flow to it with illustrations to keep younger children involved in the story.
It does have its purpose of the story with animals as well as looking after planet earth and plastics etc.
Unfortunately, it didn't really capture my daughter (9) or my son (6) imagination enough to get much from them but I do think it was more to do with the genre / subject rather than the author and style - can't really fault that. The love of animals certainly comes through in this story!
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Unfortunately when I click to download this title I get an error message. Would be happy to review it if I can be resent a link, or a version that can be downloaded to kindle, thanks.
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The book has a very strong message, it educates children about the huge problem of plastic pollution which is affecting our rivers and sea living animals. The story is not told in a preachy way or a way which will upset young children. It is told as an adventure with an adorable, clever and cheeky dog who has a massive heart and an instinct to help other animals. Children will fall in love with this adorable character and want to read more and consequently, the environmental issue will resonate loud and clear.

The story follows Mr Dog as he meets and helps animals who have been hurt or become entangled or trapped in discarded plastic. Mr Dog doesn’t just want to save the animals, he wants to find out where all this plastic is coming from. When he is told about a much loved elderly seal called Ditzy who has strangely vanished Mr Dog makes it his mission to find him.

The book has delightful black and white images throughout which are sure to delight children and help them engage in the story even more.
Children will adore this cheeky chappie who has a really happy, positive outlook but an inquisitive side which leads him into some exciting adventures.

The writing flows effortlessly, it would be a joy to read to a small child as a storybook because there is plenty to keep adults entertained too. Every school needs a copy of Mr Dog and the Seal Deal and it needs to be on every child’s bookshelf at home too!

As an animal lover myself, and someone who appreciates the importance of beautifully written children’s literature, I just can’t recommend this book highly enough.
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This is the enjoyable story of Mr Dog and his search for a missing seal. I think this book will definitely appeal to children who love animal stories. It is commendable that Ben Fogle covers the environmental issue of waste plastic and its affect on wildlife in an informative way.
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There are two things you need to know about Mr Dog, firstly it is him who chooses his owner and secondly he is always up for an adventure when a fellow animal is in danger. A number of themes that are close to Ben Fogle's heart are featured here. There is his love of seals which he states in the notes from the author began when he first encountered one in the wild when ten years old while on a rough boat trip to a remote Scottish island. Then there his environmentalism with the particular emphasis in the story of the disastrous effects that plastic rubbish is having on marine animals throughout the world. This has become a real danger to the seal who due to its inquisitiveness can easily get caught up in a number of forms of discarded rubbish. In this adventure Mr Dog learns of the disappearance of Dizzy the seal and so there is only one thing to do, that is try and find out what has become of her.

With delightful black and white illustrations by Nikolas Ilic the story not only gives the young reader (Aimed at  Age Level: 7 - 10) an exciting adventure story but also conveys some important messages and shows that man with the right approach and attitude can co-exist with the natural world. There are two other adventures featuring Mr Dog which are Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit and the to be published in September 2019 Mr Dog and a Hedge called Hog which will together form a nice trilogy of environmentally informative and aware adventure stories.   I'm sure we will see many more books in the coming years featuring the redoubtable Mr Dog.
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I read Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit a short time ago and immediately fell in love with this adventurous dog.  He has an endearing love for helping animals, regardless of the trouble he may get into.  His heart is always in he right place and somehow he always manages to get it right!
This newest title is a brilliant introduction for younger readers into the serious state of pollution in our oceans and waterways. 
Ben Fogle is also givIng these new chapter book readers a brilliant foray into meeting new animals and learning about their habitats, food needs and abilities.  A book that is enjoyable and teaches new information is a fine balance to master.

I think because Ben Fogle is an animal lover, explorer and adventurer, these books and Mr Dog’s adventures come naturally to him.  I want to imagine they started as stories he shared with his children and have grown into a loveable series of books.  

The illustrations bring Mr Dog, Dizzy and Lulu to life and the dangers of plastics can also be appreciated by younger children.  

Mr Dog is loveable and adventurous and I hope to read many more of his adventures.  Who might he meet next and where will his adventures take him? Find out in Book 3!
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