Million Dollar Devil

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I am a huge Katy Evans fan so, I jumped at the chance to read this. It was a good read. I put off writing the review. I didn't really care for the story and quit reading it the first time around. Then I picked it up on audiobook and gave it another go. The audiobook was a much better fit for me on this one. The story is sweet and funny. I still didn't pick up the chemistry especially on Lizzy's end. The narrators did an excellent job, but please keep in mind that this is a SLOW burn. I'm glad that I was able to get back into the story to finish it and move onto Million Dollar Marriage. I've been hearing good things about it.
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3,5 Daredevil stars

“You're not fragile, sweetheart. You're rare, and that makes you pure gold.”

First, I'd like to say that I am a massive fan of Katy Evans. I've read and loved most of her books, so please don't hate me when I say that I didn't like this one as much. Please do not get me wrong, I enjoyed Lizzie and James' story, just not as much as expected. Katy's writing is really good, I just couldn't really get into the story completely. Perhaps this is a case of personal preference? I don't know. I liked this book, I just didn't love it. 

I did like the chemistry between Lizzie and James. Their attraction is palpable and present from the very start. James is not the bad boy I expected him to be, but oh boy, I loved him nonetheless. He is sweet, devoted and I couldn't get enough of him. I did have a bit of an issue with Lizzie, though. I would have liked her to be a tad more mature and feisty at times. I'm used to love the heroine as much (if not MORE) than the hero so I was a bit disappointed. However, these two together were cute as fuck.

“Underneath the daredevil there’s something terribly mesmerizing, and I can’t wait to discover it.”

Overall, Million Dollar Devil is an adorable, cute, fun, flirty, sexy romance. I have to admit that there’s little details here an there that bothered me throughout the story and kept me from rating it 4 stars. Some scenes were too unrealistic for my liking but as I said, don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike it, it just didn't blow me away. I'll definitely keep on reading Katy Evans's books.
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Million Dollar Devil has a solid premise and an interesting storyline.  The characters have a depth to them and I liked learning about them a little at a time.  Jimmy/James was intriguing to me and I loved how his past was never truly left behind.  Would Elizabeth/Lizzy really be able to make him into the face of Banks, LTD menswear given his background and that he's truly an unknown?  Was she really all in and showing James the real her or just putting on a show to get him to do what she needed him to so ultimately she could follow her father as CEO after he retires?  The chemistry was there between James and Elizabeth but they weren't always on the same page but when they were all in there was so much heat that my fingers felt scorched.  I didn't like her friend Jeanine at all.

There was a nice flow to the story but a lot of unexpected twists and turns which held my interest.  I enjoyed watching  Elizabeth building the brand and turning James into the perfect million dollar man knowing where he came from.  There were conflicts between her and her dad as well as his right hand man, LB, who she didn't trust,  but she had her supporters too.  I loved the culmination of James' tutorials to get him to be the face of Banks, LTD but was surprised by the turn in the storyline when he looked and played the part so well. There was some closure but the epilogue which takes place two months after the story ends seemed disjointed to me.  Was there really going to be a happily ever after?  There was too much cursing which added nothing to the story and actually detracted from it for me.  The book would have gotten a higher rating if the story was told more cleanly.

Ms. Evans is a new to me author and I plan on reading the second book in this series, Million Dollar Marriage.  I may or may not read other books she's written.
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I struggled with this book, I am a great fan of Kate Evans but this series is slow and her heroes aren't as intriguing as she usually writes them. The writing is great but the story line and the execution of the plot were predictable. I will read more from Katy again as I said before, she remains one of my favorite authors.
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It's been a while since I read anything by Katy Evans and this book made me want to re-read some of her old ones. 

I initially liked the idea of Lizzy looking for someone to present to her father and the whole YouTube video idea was a fresh twist and I was into it at first. But then the story shifted to all too familiar patterns with James being perfect and Lizzy being insecure and always wanting her father's approval.
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I never thought I would say this but this because I am such a huge fan of Katy Evans but for me this just didn’t hit the mark, I think it had potential but it just didn’t give me what I thought I was going to get and that was a shame because it could have been fabulous.

The story relied on my believing in Lizzie and I just couldn’t and for me that was the crux of the problem, she just seemed to waft her way through the story giving me very little to believe in and had little stomach for the fight with her father, I wanted more from her, some backbone at least but she just felt mediocre.

Which was totally detracting from the possibilities the story actually could have had.

James though was a decent character, he was actually more of a gent than I thought he was going to be, he was a real dichotomy, and totally not what many would have expected, including Lizzie. What I like most about him was when I had the opportunity to hear the story from his point of view…he had plenty to say for himself.

So, what did I like well I would have to say that I liked the anticipation, the slow buildup that the author poured throughout the story. There was an inherent sizzle that permeated almost every page and perhaps of that had been allow to bloom earlier then the story may have had more of a pull, I mean it was no surprise that they ended up where they did, it was on the cards from almost the first minute they clapped eyes on each other!

So overall, I would say that this pair had a lot to say to each other, a little too much at times. I would have liked them to get on with things a darn sight faster than they did, the anticipation didn’t just kill the mood, it was crucified my attention span, I am normally so patient but darn it I could have throttled the pair of them.

A fairly quick read, this was one to zip through.

Maybe not my favourite book (including the epilogue) from this author but it was readable, just not everything I have come to expect from Ms. Evans.
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So I normally love books by this author but I had a hard time liking Elizabeth. She was too much of a snob for my liking and I didn't like the way she judged James. Having money doesn't make you better than someone. James was a stand up guy with a good heart and Elizabeth could have learned a thing or twelve from James. Saying he was from the gutter and trash was NOT cool at all. Ugh. In addition to not liking Elizabeth, I also didn't feel a connection between the two. I usually like opposites  attract stories but sadly that wasn't the case for this book.
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This book just felt a little bit flat to me. It tried hard to be profound, but just came off pretentious. I didn't see either of the characters having a connection to each other that was actually emotional., not just based on lust. There was a lot of weird ostracizing, and you were supposed to feel for them, in an "us against the world way" but it just felt inauthentic because they were making it up in their heads.
I completely forgot who the main FC was, but she didn't like her father's second man in the company because he might get the job she wanted, that she never seemed to work for. 
Jimmy/James was a gross perspective to be in, he was either thinking about sex, or ... that's it.
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Book Boyfriend: 💋💋💋💋💋
James “Jimmy” Rowan is a daredevil and doesn’t like playing by the rules.  He earns his living by completing stunts by his followers for money. Jimmy takes care of his kid brother after the rest of his family died in an accident.  Charlie, his brother, is his top priority and he will do anything to make a better life for him. Jimmy, under all the hair (beard and shaggy style hair), is extremely attractive.  He is also confident, powerful and real. He puts others before himself, even if it means he gets hurt in the process. He is charismatic, charming, and has the ability to win over anyone he really talks to.  I really loved his character!

Strong Female Lead: 💋💋💋💋
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Banks is rich, beautiful and trying to make it in a man’s world.  She is the daughter of a prominent businessman in Atlanta who has a hard time of taking her seriously. Her mother left her and her father when she was young and she grew up feeling the pressure to be perfect.  Lizzy desperately wants to please her father and make him proud but constantly feels like he doesn’t take her seriously or trust her. She has been given everything except the two things she desires most – a man that can live up to her dad’s expectations and the trust of her father that she is capable of running the family business when he retires.

Plot: 💋💋💋💋.5
I appreciated that the rich person in the story was Lizzy, the woman, and not the man.  I felt like the author did a good job of taking a different perspective than typical stories.  I also loved the idea of the man getting the makeover to be “perfect” instead of the woman. I guess this story had a major role reversal than most stories you read in romance and it was refreshing.  I loved how James was still this strong, powerful male figure but followed her lead. I really enjoyed this perspective and role reversal.

Steamy Factor: 💋💋.5
There is a lot of sexual tension between the main characters throughout the book.  It does get steamy in some places but it wasn’t over-the-top.

Overall: 💋💋💋💋
I enjoyed the storyline and appreciated that it was the woman that had the money and not the man.  I feel like in so many books, it is the man that is the millionaire or billionaire and the woman is the “lowly” person.  This book flips the script and I appreciated that. I felt like the storyline was well done and kept me interested. Easy, fun read!
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I was a huge fan of this authors early work and was thrilled to start a new series but this book was just  awful. I hated the characters from the opening pages and gave up after I found myself forcing myself to read it. 

I will not be reading or recommending this author again.
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5 MILLION DOLLAR STORY!! Katy Evans has done it again with the perfect story to keep you turning pages. James is perfection in everyway possible. Lizzy is so strong, beautiful and knows what she wants. These two have so much chemistry they will heat your Kindled up. If you love great writing and perfect characters, here you go.
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What I loved the most about this book is the chemistry between the main characters. Jimmy and Elizabeth are as different as two people can be, but when their paths cross, they are perfection together. The storyline was ok, but a little predictable. All in all, it was a very good read.
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When I went into this book I had very high hopes and expectations. I am a huge fan of Katy Evans other novels, so of course I had to read Million Dollar Devil. Although this novel was certainly not my favourite of Katy's I did enjoy her take on the "beauty and the beast."

Lizzy Banks is the big city, rich girl. Or... that is what she may appear at first glance. As you keep reading, and getting deeper into her story, you realize she is anything but. She is smart, and intelligent. She works hard for everything she has. She doesn't sit back and let others do her work, instead, she takes charge and and will do whatever it takes to prove that she is just as hard working as others.

James was certainly sexy and he knew it. He was always so confident in everything he did and said. He was never afraid to speak his mind, or let others know what he thought. He certainly wasn't shy in letting Lizzy know exactly what he thought of her, and what he wanted to do to her. Yet, he was always so sweet and honestly respectful of Lizzy and what her boundaries and expectations were. Despite this, he comes from a very different world than Lizzy. Where she is bathed in luxury and expensive goods, James comes from a hard working background, where nothing is handed to him.

I really enjoyed Katy's portrayal of Lizzy and James. Individually, they are two wonderful characters. Together, they have explosive chemistry. Thought the entire novel, I was constantly wondering if they were ever going to get together, or whether or not we would just have to deal with the steamy sexual tension between them. 

One thing about this book that did slightly bother me, was the constant back and forth bickering. One minute Lizzy totally wanted James, and then the next, she acted like she wanted nothing to do with him. This constant "I want him"... "I don't want him" went on throughout the entire book. I wish some of this was removed from the book, so that it wasn't so repetitive.

4/5 Stars!
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Unfortunately this was a DNF at 20%. I couldn't get into the characters--they came off very immature and unrelatable.
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3.5 stars
I ama fan of Katy Evans. This book was good but not my favorite of hers. I liked the premise of the book. It started off good, but then, it got repetitive. Any my problem was, why was everyone so hard on Jimmy?? He seemed to be a nice guy who took care of everyone. Did they really have to hide who he was outside of the suit guy??
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5 Stars!

Katy Evans could write a dang manual for a boring tool and I would totally read it y'all. I'm not saying I'm addicted to her words but yeah, scratch that, I'm totally addicted but its only the good kind of addiction. I've been a huge fan since early on and I swear her writing has only progressed and has become more unstoppable and more unputdownable in the best kinds of ways.

Katy has a brand new series with a brand new standalone and a brand new cast of characters and y'all, it's totally one you. do. not. want. to. miss. Million Dollar Devil is the first book up and what a book this was. James and Lizzy gave me quite the journey and totally stole my heart by the end.

She needs him and they need to keep it professional but that's getting harder and harder to do with each unforgettable moment. Sexy. Intense. Unique with an intriguing storyline that kept me hooked and racing through the pages until the very last word... this book was so so so so so so good and y'all, I'm crazy excited for the next.

If you haven't picked this book up by now then I'm not sure we can even be friends anymore... and once you experience the epicness of Katy you won't forget it.

I highly recommend this book.

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I'm a fan of Katy's books and have been looking forward to this read but it didn't consume me like I was hoping for. I did enjoy this book, James "Jimmy" was a cocky, sexy, flirty YouTube daredevil that caught the attention of Elizabeth the gorgeous, sweet, heiress looking for the next face of her father's company. These two were full of witty banter and explosive chemistry that you felt in every interaction, yet Lizzy tried to fight the connection at every turn until she couldn't. Plus you get the added bonus of Charlie, Jimmy's younger brother whom you can't help but fall for and the one person he protects at all costs! What happens when you fall for the one person you shouldn't? You'll have to read to find out!
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I enjoyed reading Million Dollar Devil. Elizabeth Banks is vying for CEO of her fathers company. She feels that he doesn’t trust her to run it because she isn’t a man. While looking for the new face of the company’s new suit line, she meets Jimmy. Jimmy is a rough around the edges daredevil who gets paid to do stunts on YouTube. He’s also been raising his much younger brother since their parents died. He’s a very good looking guy, she just needs to teach him how to be a gentlemen. Jimmy aka James and Elizabeth are attracted to each other, but have to learn to mix their life styles to have their relationship work. I think Elizabeth found out a lot about herself when she was spending time with James. She learns what is important in life, and it isn’t her fathers approval.
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It’s always a good day to have a new Katy Evans book on your ereader. Her possessive alphas get me every damn time. James … sigh. But somehow, MILLION DOLLAR DEVIL missed the mark to become another favorite for me. I blame Lizzy, the heroine and heiress to her father’s company, for that. That woman infuriated me, frustrated me and made me want to punch some sense into her more times than I could count. I guess I’m over romance where a woman constantly fights an undeniable attraction and acts kind of childish every turn… There are very rarely heroines that annoy me, but Lizzy most definitely did. Sadly. Because I absolutely ADORED James!! Sexy, flirty, cocky with strong playboy-tendencies. He oozed charisma and charm, that plus his banter and his winking towards Lizzy – and I was a goner. Swoon! He saved the story for me and has me giving this story 4 stars instead of 3. Next one will be a hit for me again, I’m sure!
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Katy Evans' books always offer something special and this one is no exception. First I would like to say this cover is just delish and captures our hero James perfectly. This is a contemporary stand-alone that I would describe as Pygmalion-ish with a gender reversal ( think My Fair Gentleman rather than My Fair Lady and you get the picture). No bet involved here ( as in the traditional version) but there is money and quite a bit more at stake. The highlight of this book for me was James. He was swoony, loyal, thoughtful and oh so sexy. I didn't warm up to our wealthy heroine, Elizabeth, as quickly or as thoroughly. Kinda wished she had stood up to her controlling father sooner in the book. When all was said and done though, she does proclaim her love for James despite ( or maybe because of) who he was before being molded into million dollar model material. One of my favorite things about the story is that James and Elizabeth really see each other. Past the facades and expectations of others. I loved watching Elizabeth "let her hair down" and let James into her life and into her heart. Million Dollar Devil was on the lighter side for this writer compared to previous offerings and that was just fine by me. The writing was there and I enjoyed it. One of the things I love most about her writing is the first kiss between the hero and heroine. Nobody writes a first kiss like Katy Evans. No. Body. I anticipate it every time I pick up one of her books. She is the Master of the First Kiss! This is a great summer read with an intriguing premise and uber-sexy hero! And lots of kissing, of course!
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