Friends like Henry

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 21 May 2019

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As someone that works with autistic students and is also a dog lover, I was obviously very interested in this book.  It didn’t disappoint and supported my belief about the benefits of dogs assisting autistic children and how much the child benefits.  Highly recommend!
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I read this book in record time as my daughter has autism and we have gotten her a dog that we will train as her service dog. This book gave me insight into how you go about having a dog trained and learned more a little about others who need a service dog too. Sometimes we think that not everyone needs one but for those who have children who are on the spectrum really do need one. My daughter's dog has made a change in my daughter already and we will soon get her trained to where she can go with us on vacations to help with her anxiety. I recommend this book to those who have children who are Autistic and need a companion.
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