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T.M. Logan is the bestselling author of the standalone thrillers “Lies” and “29 Seconds”. Having enjoyed the latter novel, I was very much looking forward to reading this, his latest publication “The Holiday”.
Although this is far from fast paced and a definite cliched ‘slow burn’ it did open with some beautifully atmospheric descriptions that pulled me into the French setting perfectly. 
I liked how the chapters were told through the different characters with the main voice being the female protagonist Kate. I did however, have some issues with the characters, Kate in particular. She didn’t suit her occupation of a crime scene investigator and felt that she was rather (for want of a better term) a wet blanket. Having discovered texts on her husband Sean’s phone, causing her to believe he was having an affair with one of her three best friends they were currently on holiday with, she is stunned to believe he could be so deceitful. To continue playing happy families with her husband and keep up social niceties with her friends, just didn’t ring true. I’m not sure many people would handle the situation in the same way but it did allow for the story to develop enough suspicions to keep the reader intrigued and focus on trust within friendships and relationships. Generally all the adult characters were uninspiring, unlikeable and odd, though I felt (through personal parental experience) the teenagers to be very true and realistic - moody, secretive and surly, generally due to the current world of communicating with peers, involving the internet and social media! It’s possible that due to the author being male and writing emotions for female characters, that was why the women seemed off kilter but I did sadly struggle to endear to any of them at all.
I wasn’t sold either on the whole big twist and reason for Sean’s secrecy but I undoubtedly wanted to follow the story to the end and was intrigued enough by who it was having the affair with him to see it though.
The story begs the question, can we ever trust our best friends, even those we’ve known for many years and explores many other issues, including how far would a parent go to protect their own offspring. 
Not earth shattering by any standard but a nice quick ‘holiday’ read that, if you like slow burn mysteries, you should enjoy and I was entertained enough to read more again by this author in the future. 

3 stars
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Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this book 

This was my first T M Logan book and it won't be my last and I suggest you don't take it with you if you are going away with a group of friends! 

You do need to work out what is happening and can't really second guess, I tried and was totally wrong.  It’s a rollercoaster of a book and really kept me guessing.  

I would recommend and is a good holiday read if going as a couple!
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I am a great fan of TM Logan having read 'Lies' and I was equally thrilled with "The Holiday".  
I loved everything about this book - the story-line, the characters and all of the many twists and turns as four female university friends go on holiday together to France with their families.  The setting was glorious, but all was not perfect with the families' relationships, giving rise to surprises, shocks, drama and suspicion.

The development of the interrelationships between the families and their children meant that I was totally addicted to this drama-thriller from start to finish and could not put it down.  The clever writing by TM Logan made it unclear as to what exactly was going on but that resulted in an even more compelling story. "The Holiday" is very highly recommended and it is another must-read from this brilliant author,
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Not my first and will certainly not be my last T.M. Logan book.  I love this author and The Holiday didn't disappoint.  
From start to finish, Kate had the holiday from hell.  It starts with Kate the main character finding a text on her husband's phone and immediately thinks that her husband is having an affair. From the text it signifies that it is with one of her three friends from the villa.  The next few days are spent trying to find out who.  Along with some other stories with their friends and their families intertwined, the character's personalities just jump off the page.  The storytelling in this book is excellent.  At one point I got a little bored about 3/4 of the way through the book but it quickly picked up towards the finish line.  I did not guess at all!!  Four and a half stars but I will give it 5 for this review.
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This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased

I haven't read any of T M Logan's work before so am thrilled to have found another author to search out work from

Thrillers are not my usual genre but thanks to netgalley, it's one I am enjoying more and more and this is a perfect example 

A great holiday read

Great cover, this is what drew me in in the first place and I thought I would love the book - and I do !!

Well written, great characters - lots of marvelous twists in the story that kept me guessing right to the very satisfactory end 

Very highly recommended
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Four women and their families spend a week in a French villa. Friends from university, they haven't spent much time together recently. Kate suspects her husband Sean is having an affair and it's one of the other women. 

This book starts off tense and you can tell from the beginning that something big will happen. Twists and turns along the way lead you to a dramatic ending where the truth finally comes out.

I loved this. It was addictive and I couldn't put it down.
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This is a book where you have to work to find out what is happening- you will not be able to second guess. It’s a read that takes you on a huge rollercoaster. This book will keep you guessing from the word go.
Thank you to both NetGalley and Zaffre for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review
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Scheduled for the 11th July on my blog -

How have I missed out on reading T. M. Logan up until now? How!?!?

Since finishing The Holiday I have seen his other two books every time I’ve popped on to Amazon – 29 seconds and Lies are now in my wishlist. I probably would have already bought them by now, but after splurging a lot recently on books I am trying to have a month or so off. No more kindle books. Well, at least until August. Or until I cave tomorrow. Does a book buying ban ever work for anyone?


So, I read The holiday by T.M. Logan while on holiday. Yes, on holiday. I was sitting in the glorious Majorca sunshine while reading about the sweltering heated holiday of a group of friends who all booked some time away together that ended disastrously. A holiday for them that was complicated from the start and only proceeded to get tenser by the chapter. A holiday that I was glad I wasn’t on. And thankfully was nothing like my relaxing family holiday.

Seven days. Three families. One killer. – The tag lines and the cover completely grabbed my attention.

I love the cover. I don’t think it does anything very original but it caught my eye. It is simple but totally works for me. It’s bright and summery. It’s good, isn’t it? And just in time for the summer holidays?

The setting was gorgeous, and I would have loved to wander around that gorgeous, luxurious villa. The heat, the atmosphere was all very well done. It made me want to pack a suitcase and go and visit the French coastline preferably staying in a very similar beautiful villa. As if. But I can dream. And play the lottery.

My one and only small complaint with the novel was that the author worked a bit too hard at trying to keep me (the reader) guessing. I felt like the setup dragged and I didn’t quite like how much of a doormat Kate was being, especially because she didn’t seem to be that easily walked over in the rest of her life. I can’t really explain too much for fear of spoilers, but I did have a few moments where I wanted to tell our main character to find her backbone and stand up for herself and her children.

I loved the twisty ending. I didn’t guess it at all. Not even a little bit. The ending was great, a real shock and oh so interesting. I just felt like it took quite a while to get there. But it was worth the wait.

I love a big cast novel. I love the different POVs and I love following all the different stories centred around the same holiday in France. I found it compelling. I happily relaxed by the pool reading about a totally different holiday than the one I was on.


The Holiday by T. M. Logan will be published on the 25th July.

I received a copy of The Holiday by T. M. Logan for review from the publisher via NetGalley – Thank you!
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Four university friends and their families go on holiday to a villa in France to celebrate their becoming 40. What could go wrong? 
Katie's Husband Sean has seemed distracted recently and Katie, desperate to get to the bottom of things checks his phone and gets more than she bargains for. It seems he's having an affair with one of the 3 friends and they are planning on coming clean whilst in France. 
Several reviewers have said they found this book to be a slow burner. I found i got straight in to the book and just wanted to keep reading it. I got a bit confused regarding who was married to who and who their children were. Not sure there's anything the author could have done about this though. 
I loved the authors writing style and Katie,  as well as the reader,  suspects each friend in turn. There was no way I could have guessed the ending as it was original and fresh. 
I enjoyed this book so much that I went straight to Amazon to buy the authors other 2 books , to find that , fortunately for me, I already have them sitting proudly on my Kindle. I can't wait to get started!
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New to me author and what a gripping story!
I really liked this book, enjoyed everything from the writing style that made me read and realised when I was more than half way through that I needed a break to gutter my thoughts on what I was reading and envisioned, to the characters that are so reliable and felt real, each one of them with their own insecurities, thoughts and past or present drama /angst.
There are a few twists and made me realised how much they were necessary for the story.
Who wouldn't be jealous or loose their beliefs in their other half when there are so many reasons to believe the worst of it.
That twists at the end was unexpected for me and I was all along wandering what happens next and what the author has in his sleeves for us
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I was delighted to get the chance to have an ARC of this novel as I loved the previous two books by TM Logan this is an honest and unbiased review of the book.

Unfortunately I found the first 80% of the book very slow the premise is good.  Four good friends who have known each other since university go on a group family holiday arranged by Kate to celebrate her 40th birthday. I struggled with Kate seemingly to have had a happy marriage until her husband Sean starts behaving slightly differently just before they go on holiday. Then she starts to believe he’s having an affair. From reading a text on his phone seems to confirm it to her and she suspects it’s one of her three friends each one being suspected at some point in the story. The children of all the families are an absolute nightmare in one way or another. I just found it very slow going literally until I got to the last 20% of the story. When there are a couple of unexpected twists. I understand the story is showing how far a parent would go to protect their own children. I think the fact that Kate is a crime scene investigator so is a rational woman who from what we learn she looks at the evidence but she has previously been wrong on 3 occasions in her private life which makes you wonder how good she is at her job in the first place. The writing is good and it flows well I just felt it was dragged out too long. But this is just my opinion and others may feel differently as we all like a different pace in a story. I will give this 4 stars out of 5
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Have loved previous books by T M Logan and this one did not disappoint.  The French setting is perfect for four university friends and there families to reunite.  Then Kate finds a text on her husbands phone.  Is he having an affair?  Is it with one of her friends?  A real page turner, with a great ending, highly recommend.
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The Holiday by TM Logan is the perfect book to read ......while you're on holiday! 
Four long term friends spend 7 days in a villa in France with their families.We know there's going to be a death and as things begin to unravel you will want to keep reading.Why and who is the murderer? Can you guess.....l didn't! A thriller that kept me gripped,a very enjoyable read.
Thank you Netgalley
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The Holiday - T.M. Logan 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5.

All the stars for this addictive edge of your seat thriller. 

An innocent holiday in idyllic France between four friends and their families turns into something a lot more sinister. 

An outstanding thriller featuring holidays, relationships and dysfunctional families. With a murder thrown in to the mix. 

Fantastic writing style, set with such a fast and rapid pace. This book I couldn't put down. My heart was beating as it came to an end. 

I love a thriller that throws your mind onto so many tangents and theories that keep you up at night and this book did just that. The ending I could never have guessed.

My favourite thriller of the year so far 🙌. Truly brilliant. You wont be disappointed.
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Overall this was a good read. It was just a bit of a slow burner. It seemed to take a long time to get into the story,

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Perfect thriller for holidays! I loved it and found it very entertaining beach read. 
It hooked me easily and I kept guessing and guessing till the end. Very good pace and fun to read. Recommended. 
Thanks a lot Netgalley and the publisher for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is actually the perfect read for a holiday and puts you in a holiday mood, until the story unravels. 

What I loved about this book was the reveal wasn't until the last 5-6 chapters even though you were guessing throughout the whole book. 

Brilliant read, and a first introduction to this author! Great work!
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Slight slow burner at the start but once it got going I really enjoyed this, and seeing the fragility of friendships. Thank you for the opportunity to read
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The Holiday was a book by the first page I knew I was going to love, with a storyline that gets you right in there from the beginning but balanced with drip feeding you information that turns the storyline on its head.
Kate and Sean are in France on holiday with their two kids and three other families, Kate and her three university friends always try and go away together but after a few years of not doing have decided to do a big gathering with partners and children. What should have been the best holiday ever turns into the worst by far. Lies, deceit, trust and death are the main features in this twisty read.
I loved the writing style it flowed well, the main character Kate was likeable and I liked the way I thought the book was going one way but after a chapter or two it totally turned on it’s head and I did not see the outcome coming at all.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bonnier Zaffre for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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This was my second TM Logan book and again I felt it was ok and I would recommend it to readers especially if you’re looking for something to read on holiday. That said it certainly isn’t on my favourites list as I couldn’t take to any of the characters and the lead female Kate who was a police officer seemed a bit dim and unworldly.
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