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Is it a reenactment of When Harry met Sally? I have honestly no idea because I’ve never watched it (Shame on me I know, stop judging me). However, that’s why I was attracted by the title (Yes, I know it’s a well-loved movie). 
When Polly met Olly is a sweet romance between two rivals of different dating agencies.
Polly is in her twenties, wannabe photographer in New York City. Unfortunately, after she obtains her diploma, she finds no paying job, only people who want to abuse her naivete. Struggling to reach ends meet she starts working in a dating agency and meets Olly, the owner of a rival dating agency. 
Polly is a well written character, I could really see myself in her, she has dreams and wants to make them come true, but she is also a realist and knows she can’t just live on love and fresh water. Polly is also strong and vulnerable. She tries her best to make a name for herself as a photographer and in the process meets malicious people, as everyone would do it (well I would) she cries and feels like life is unfair, but she finds solutions and moves on. I think she is an amazing heroine who can inspire a lot of people. 
Olly is a forty-year-old cynic. He owns a dating agency but doesn’t believe in love anymore. He doesn’t have as much depth as Polly and seems rather superficial. He doesn’t know how to react when he meets Polly as he hasn’t been in love for a very long time, he is more the casual type. Love makes Olly rethink his lifestyle and change for the better.
The love story isn’t the only main story in this book: friendship and discovering one’s self-worth are also an important part of When Polly met Olly.
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Polly is a trained photographer who works as a matchmaker at a New York dating agency.  She is currently single, but manages to help others find their matches with relative ease.  When she goes on an undercover mission to check out her employer's competition, she meets Olly, and life presents her with some interesting changes.

This was a really fun read.  The story was well written, the characters likeable and well drawn.  The story line itself was entertaining and I strongly recommend this book to anyone.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author Zoe May, and the publisher HQ Digital for a free ARC I received in return for my honest opinion.
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The story is mainly about Polly who is an aspiring photographer working as a matchmaker until things don't actually turn into her favour. She's struggling with money and her love life is non-existant. But then she finds a man whom she finds attractive but knows that nothing is going to work out between them, although she hopes. 
Then we have Olly. Polly and Olly are technically rivals when it comes to business. She's always surprised when she sees new sides of this man. 

To start with, I did like the whole concept of it and the ideas behind particular scenes. I do like the sound of Polly and Olly together. It's cute and amusing. And the cover is gorgeous too. But, I was disappointed in how the story was a bit dull. More like it wasn't happening too happening for me and I got bored a little. Most of all, there wasn't much conversation between Polly and Olly. And that's something which disappointed me, I would have liked to see more of them together. Apart from that, it was really good!
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Such a wonderful and light romcom with two great characters.  I really enjoyed this one and got a lot of laughs out of it.  Very entertaining and heartwarming, would love a sequel.
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I loved the premise of the story but felt the execution of it was a bit painful. I didn’t understand how British words were used by local New Yorkers. I thought that was odd. I didn’t care for Polly’s  job of matchmaking. I thought it was too devious to mislead people. Also the romance between Polly and Olly was boring and lacked the spark it needed to be believable. I did like the message that one should follow their dreams and not to give up on them. 
I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This book wasn’t for me. If you like predictable romcom style reason then you’ll enjoy. It was an easy read and I did finish albeit could have been shorter. I’m sure some people will love it.
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This was quite a surprise. It was cute, fun, flirty and quite random at times that it was charming. Just know that the romance between Polly and Olly does only take centre stage quite late into the story so that is something I wish was featured earlier on in the story as I felt the romance between them was very rushed towards the end.
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I couldn't get interested in the storyline when I picked the book for the first time. Started reading it a few days back again, because I've been reading rom-coms a lot lately, and BAAAM, I enjoyed it so much! 💚 Sometimes you just need to be in the proper mood to whole-heartedly devour a romance novel. 
Polly and Olly's story was definitely different from any of the rom-coms I've ever read! I loved the slow-burn romance between them. The banter, the conversations they shared, the adorable moments - basically everything, was really enjoyable! The age gap made me a bit uncomfortable at times, because I'm not used to this aspect between the characters in books, but I got over it eventually.
Overall, When Polly Met Olly was a really cute and heart-warming read. Need to read more books from the author! 
Thanks to Netgalley for the review copy.
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My first book by this author and one of my absolute favourite genres. There are some interesting and fun characters who are very relatable and a great setting. Down on her luck, Polly lands a job at a dating agency, not her dream job but she throws caution to the wind and goes for it. Her new boss Derek sends her to spy on a rival dating agency and meets Olly. He is not what she expects but the chemistry between them is undeniable, inadvertently Polly finds herself bumping into him often. I always enjoy a book that picks me up and leaves me feeling good, this is one of those. Full of fun, fizz, witty banter and light-hearted charisma. The characters of Polly and Olly aren't perhaps a pair you would put together given the age gap but I love that this was explored and that age is really just a number. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places. A very enjoyable and entertaining read.
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This book was a fun loving read. Just what this girl needed for a cozy weekend in. 

All about self-discovery, pausing to actual listen to others instead of jump to conclusions... the love story that unfolds between Polly and Olly is irresistible. Competition, unexpected connections, misunderstandings, and more add to the tension and investment readers have for these characters' love. 

I highly recommend. Especially for those who like modern romances committed to the slow build of romantic tension without including an overwhelming amount of explicit scenes. Very well balanced, in my opinion!
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You’ll know by now that there’s authors on this blog that are like royalty to me, when they come up for blog tours I cannot even contemplate not promoting them because I heart their books so much. Zoe May is without doubt one of these authors. As well as this, she is also the author that produces the most excited comments as I make notes on my Kindle. This book was no exception. (I’ll explain later!)

I loved Zoe’s workplace To The Moon and Back, which is where we meet Polly, who can’t quite believe she’s got a job to be a matchmaker as she doesn’t quite have the expertise. Luckily, or perhaps not so much, it is a less than pristine organisation where certain practices are undertaken to get results. From the off I was in, with the brilliantly done Derek and his ideas and different clients and I lapped up the mixture of dating psychology and comedy that made me make notes such as ‘eek!’ ‘Ooh!’ ‘No’ and ‘giggles!!’ (I told you I was random!!)

The methods used were priceless, the characters fantastic and the twists brilliantly brilliantly done. All in all a book I enjoyed and savoured so so much and cant recommend enough! Thanks so much to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the book in return for an honest review.

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This is such a cute romcom about two people who never should’ve met, let alone gotten together, but work perfect together. But can we take a second here to talk about how odd Polly’s job is overall and how uncomfortable I felt reading about it at times? 

Both main characters had my two favorite personality characteristics: wit and humor that provide plenty of laugh out loud moments. I did think their  interactions were a little more sparse than I would have preferred and a very slow burn. It was a cute, easy-to-read romcom that is perfect for a rainy day.
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An enjoyable novel filled with romance and emotions, perfect to forget about the world for a few hours. A charming and wonderful read!
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This book was cute. I liked the love story. I didn’t like how the author switched from English to American slang. There were quite a few grammatical errors and use of the wrong character names. But because the book was so cute I over looked it and gave it a higher rating.
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I really enjoyed how cute and fluffy this novel was, I don’t tend to read a lot of contemporary but I when I do it’s books like these that I tend to really enjoy. It was definitely more on the fluff side but that’s totally okay. I definitely recommend this to someone who wants to just read something light and cute.
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley.
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I can honestly say that I loved this book. It's not just a good romance, it also talks about our dreams and how, sometimes, we changed our minds about them.

Just go and read this book.
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This was a very cute and heartwarming novel that I absolutely adored! If you are feeling down, you need to pick up this novel as it will absolutely cheer you up!
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This was so cute! Perfect summer/ holiday read. I loved Polly and Olly both, it was a take on When Harry met Sally i Suppose but for die hard romance fans as me - it worked and well!
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Zoe May made me smile with When Polly Met Olly. This was a heart warming, chuckle worthy romance that made smile throughout.
Well written and witty, this is a great treat to curl up with.
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A quick and light-hearted read. Polly is a likeable character, an aspiring young photographer who has lost her way a little. She is a little naïve and has been trying hard to launch her career to no avail and so tries to make a career as a matchmaker in New York, which it turns out she is great at. 

Olly is a little odd to me, he meets Polly and has an epiphany and suddenly wants to change his whole life… does it ever really happen like that in real life? Is it sustainable? Maybe I am too involved in the story at this point? His character came across as a 20 something man who seemed quite brash and boastful. However, he is much older, and I would have expected him to have more life experience and more of an idea about love and romance, particularly dealing with a dating agency day in day out! 

The ending felt a bit rushed for me; it ends on a ‘dreams come true’ note which is always a lovely ending but I felt I needed more information. I wish I knew more about the story with Derek and Olly as it seemed deeper than what was mentioned in the book. Also, what happened or was going on with Derek’s wife, I felt like there was more to her story which was hinted at and I expected to come in at the end, but it wasn’t there. 

Overall it was an enjoyable read, the writing style was good and slowed well and it kept my attention well despite feeling a little disappointing at the end.
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