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I loved this cute & lighthearted read.  Polly and Olly were fun characters with a fun story line.  Great read.  I recommend you check this out :)
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Unfortunately, I have not been able to read and review this book.

After losing and replacing my broken Kindle and getting a new phone I was unable to download the title again for review as it was no longer available on Netgalley. 

I’m really sorry about this and hope that it won’t affect you allowing me to read and review your titles in the future.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 
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When polly met olly is sweet , cute and clean romance i loved everything about this book. Story line is also nice.
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It was okay. 

The main character was British and so a lot of the book was metric which, for a story set in NYC, was a little jarring.
The other characters were entirely too British to be purported native New Yorkers. A lot of the colloquialisms ("Too right!" "Brilliant!" "chatting to") would have fit well with the main character, but not anyone else, which didn't stop those characters from using them. It was annoying, because it meant the author didn't have a clear picture of the characters -- and the editor didn't enforce one. 
In the same vein, while "ramshackle" and "higgledy-piggledy" may be more common in Britain, they are by no means unknown to Americans (i.e., such that they would need to be explained after use). The word "homely," on the other hand, has very different meanings in British v. American usage; that should have caused a conversational trip, but strangely did not.

At one point, Polly asks why a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur would be interested in a self-proclaimed "scruffy broke wannabe photographer" who was nearly 20 years his junior? Never really answered that question, tbh. Just started the makeover montage which makes her less scruffy, but not any of the other things. 

Also, might be alone on this: if my name was Polly, anyone going by "Olly" would be out of the running as a potential mate. One of us has to change it. No. Just... no.
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Unfortunately I just didn't love this one guys, and I didn't finish it, but thanks so much for the opportunity to read it.
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Prolly, aspiring photographer in need of a paying job, and who is bad at dating, gets hired as a matchmaker at a local online dating service. She butts heads with the owner of a competing dating firm. The premise was promising. It was fascinating to get a glimpse in to the elite dating culture of NYC professionals. It’s something I never would have considered. Unfortunately the story fell flat for me. The book has really weird pacing and felt clunky in it’s delivery. The main character and author are British, so British slang and terminology bleeds in to all the characters dialog even though most of them are meant to be American. The author describes the incredible chemistry between the characters, but it never rang true. There was no build up or anticipation. There was nothing to establish the relationship. This book didn’t work for me, and I don’t have any specific reason because it wasn’t terrible. I just never felt invested in the characters. They felt flat. I never got lost in the story. Quite the opposite: I had to force myself to finish reading so that I could start a new book. 

Side note: as a photographer myself, every time Polly mentioned her photography I was screaming YOU NEED A CONTRACT in my head. I kept thinking it might address the actual business/legal side of photography but it never did.
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This was a cute, light-hearted read.

Polly is a British girl living in New York whose dream is to be a freelance photographer. She hasn't had much luck with finding paying clients, though, and she's forced to take a shady-sounding job at a dating agency chatting with potential dates on behalf of the clients of the company. She's sent to a rival agency owned by a 40- something hipster named Olly to spy on their way of doing things. There's also a hot client of the agency called Brandon with very specific requirements for a match and Polly is determined to find that person for him, although she secretly wishes he would swipe right on her (sorry, I don't even know what's that supposed to mean).

Based on the premise, I was under the impression that Polly owned the agency so her actually struggling to make ends meet and not being very successful with her photography was a surprise but I liked to see it. I appreciated how she grew personally and professionally, how she tried to make the most out of a crappy sounding job, and didn't give up on her dream.

There was a subplot of her being used by a famous Instagrammer who didn't pay her for her work and didn't end up crediting her either when she used Polly's photos in her cookbook. The fact that people often try to take advantage of freelancers and only offering "exposure" instead of actually paying them is definitely something we need to talk more about but it's a pity the Instagrammer had to be vegan and her cookbook had to be described as "pretentious". Enough with only presenting vegan as being weirdos and/or assholes.

The plot also included catfishing, which I'm usually not the biggest fan of but because of the way it went down, it didn't bother me that much. I found the writing to be lacking and too simplistic at times, especially when it came to the romantic scenes (I say "romantic" because there were no sex scenes).

That being said, I really enjoyed reading this book - it was a quick and entertaining read that made up for its imperfections by being satisfyingly fluffy and fun.
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I absolutely loved this book – I could not put it down!

I really loved this book so much – I already am a huge fan of Zoe May and her style of writing. Her books are my perfect indulgence for a bit of escapism and always make me smile.

I loved getting to know the characters of both Polly and Olly, and throughout the story, I felt like we got to know more about each character and each of their lives, and how perfectly matched them seemed to be for each other. Maybe its because I am a true romantic at heart, but I loved the idea of Polly’s job – mixing and matching people to find the perfect match for them. I was quite surprised by how Polly and Olly finally got together – I certainly hadn’t seen that coming (No spoilers!)

When Polly Met Olly is packed full of love, laughs,, fun and dating! I would absolutely recommend When Polly Met Olly to anyone – the perfect summertime read, which leaves you with that nice warm fuzzy feeling.
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This was a cute, fluff read.  If you like the Shopaholic series you will enjoy this.  While the characters could have been more  developed, this is a fun escapists  read.  

Thank you to Net Galley for the advance edition!
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I enjoyed the writing but the characters were a little stereotypical and one dimensional. It could’ve been more developed
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I’ve been championing this lady since devouring Perfect Match – it was a Netgalley read that provided me a new author and friend. I’ve spoken to Zoe so much over Twitter and Instagram and as much as I have championed her she’s also been very complimentary of me and my blogging efforts.

When Zoe went to New York to research for this novel we had chatted loads and loads I felt like I wanted this book long before it had been written. In a way it’s bad form on me for only having just finished it. I’ve been away with my family and I knew it would be the perfect time to get some reading done although I haven’t read as much as I would like I’m so glad to have read ‘When Polly Met Olly’. It’s a perfect feel good read and the ultimate tonic when you need a pick me up or if you’re in a reading slump.

Zoe writes about dating so effortlessly, I’ve been a huge fan of Celebs Go Dating for yonks and if you have ever watched the series I’m sure Olly will remind you of a certain Eden Blackman. I could picture him from the off and for me it added to my enjoyment of the story. I didn’t always like Olly but deep down there was always another side to him and I’m glad that that came into fruition before the story ended.

I loved Polly and everything about her story, seeing her progress in New York. I said to Zoe how real Polly was with her struggles to become a photographer, I’ve known that pain. Having studied New Media Journalism and spent so much of my spare time trying to make something of myself. In reading this book it’s shown me that we do have to go back to why we started and why we loved it. I may not be getting paid to write but I have a blog that I enjoy sharing my passion for books and the written word. I’ve also shared a few of my other passions and lifestyle changes, in starting my new job at the end of September I’m hoping to add some new additions to the blog and I cannot wait.

Zoe May writes a truly engaging novel that keeps you on your toes. I loved the different aspects with the emails and Tinder/Match messages alongside texts and dialogue. I also loved the stark contrast to people in New York with money and those trying to make their way. I also have to mention Gabe I truly loved the friendship between Gabe and Polly, everyone needs that friend who will tell you how it is rather than what you want to hear.

The other resounding message from this novel is looks can be deceiving. In this day and age with social media taking over we’re all obsessed with how we come across and insta and reality are two separate things and sometimes we all need to take a step back. I pride myself on taking people as I find them and Polly’s gut instincts helped her in the end.

A truly enjoyable read that could have been devoured in a solitary sitting if I had had that luxury. A fantastic final read before I head back to reality, back to work for me tomorrow and I still have an audiobook to finish…
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Is it a reenactment of When Harry met Sally? I have honestly no idea because I’ve never watched it (Shame on me I know, stop judging me). However, that’s why I was attracted by the title (Yes, I know it’s a well-loved movie). 
When Polly met Olly is a sweet romance between two rivals of different dating agencies.
Polly is in her twenties, wannabe photographer in New York City. Unfortunately, after she obtains her diploma, she finds no paying job, only people who want to abuse her naivete. Struggling to reach ends meet she starts working in a dating agency and meets Olly, the owner of a rival dating agency. 
Polly is a well written character, I could really see myself in her, she has dreams and wants to make them come true, but she is also a realist and knows she can’t just live on love and fresh water. Polly is also strong and vulnerable. She tries her best to make a name for herself as a photographer and in the process meets malicious people, as everyone would do it (well I would) she cries and feels like life is unfair, but she finds solutions and moves on. I think she is an amazing heroine who can inspire a lot of people. 
Olly is a forty-year-old cynic. He owns a dating agency but doesn’t believe in love anymore. He doesn’t have as much depth as Polly and seems rather superficial. He doesn’t know how to react when he meets Polly as he hasn’t been in love for a very long time, he is more the casual type. Love makes Olly rethink his lifestyle and change for the better.
The love story isn’t the only main story in this book: friendship and discovering one’s self-worth are also an important part of When Polly met Olly.
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Polly is a trained photographer who works as a matchmaker at a New York dating agency.  She is currently single, but manages to help others find their matches with relative ease.  When she goes on an undercover mission to check out her employer's competition, she meets Olly, and life presents her with some interesting changes.

This was a really fun read.  The story was well written, the characters likeable and well drawn.  The story line itself was entertaining and I strongly recommend this book to anyone.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author Zoe May, and the publisher HQ Digital for a free ARC I received in return for my honest opinion.
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The story is mainly about Polly who is an aspiring photographer working as a matchmaker until things don't actually turn into her favour. She's struggling with money and her love life is non-existant. But then she finds a man whom she finds attractive but knows that nothing is going to work out between them, although she hopes. 
Then we have Olly. Polly and Olly are technically rivals when it comes to business. She's always surprised when she sees new sides of this man. 

To start with, I did like the whole concept of it and the ideas behind particular scenes. I do like the sound of Polly and Olly together. It's cute and amusing. And the cover is gorgeous too. But, I was disappointed in how the story was a bit dull. More like it wasn't happening too happening for me and I got bored a little. Most of all, there wasn't much conversation between Polly and Olly. And that's something which disappointed me, I would have liked to see more of them together. Apart from that, it was really good!
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Such a wonderful and light romcom with two great characters.  I really enjoyed this one and got a lot of laughs out of it.  Very entertaining and heartwarming, would love a sequel.
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I loved the premise of the story but felt the execution of it was a bit painful. I didn’t understand how British words were used by local New Yorkers. I thought that was odd. I didn’t care for Polly’s  job of matchmaking. I thought it was too devious to mislead people. Also the romance between Polly and Olly was boring and lacked the spark it needed to be believable. I did like the message that one should follow their dreams and not to give up on them. 
I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This book wasn’t for me. If you like predictable romcom style reason then you’ll enjoy. It was an easy read and I did finish albeit could have been shorter. I’m sure some people will love it.
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This was quite a surprise. It was cute, fun, flirty and quite random at times that it was charming. Just know that the romance between Polly and Olly does only take centre stage quite late into the story so that is something I wish was featured earlier on in the story as I felt the romance between them was very rushed towards the end.
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I couldn't get interested in the storyline when I picked the book for the first time. Started reading it a few days back again, because I've been reading rom-coms a lot lately, and BAAAM, I enjoyed it so much! 💚 Sometimes you just need to be in the proper mood to whole-heartedly devour a romance novel. 
Polly and Olly's story was definitely different from any of the rom-coms I've ever read! I loved the slow-burn romance between them. The banter, the conversations they shared, the adorable moments - basically everything, was really enjoyable! The age gap made me a bit uncomfortable at times, because I'm not used to this aspect between the characters in books, but I got over it eventually.
Overall, When Polly Met Olly was a really cute and heart-warming read. Need to read more books from the author! 
Thanks to Netgalley for the review copy.
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My first book by this author and one of my absolute favourite genres. There are some interesting and fun characters who are very relatable and a great setting. Down on her luck, Polly lands a job at a dating agency, not her dream job but she throws caution to the wind and goes for it. Her new boss Derek sends her to spy on a rival dating agency and meets Olly. He is not what she expects but the chemistry between them is undeniable, inadvertently Polly finds herself bumping into him often. I always enjoy a book that picks me up and leaves me feeling good, this is one of those. Full of fun, fizz, witty banter and light-hearted charisma. The characters of Polly and Olly aren't perhaps a pair you would put together given the age gap but I love that this was explored and that age is really just a number. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places. A very enjoyable and entertaining read.
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