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Incredible book again from Jacqui Rose. The underworld of the criminal gang life is london is brought to you on each and every page.

Definitely need to read Fatal before delving into this storyline to learn more about Alfie and Fran.
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I am a massive fan is Jacqui’s books and it has been some time since I have read one but the author never disappoints I am seating here with my jaw hanging off the floor thinking holy freaking hell want a book and what an epic ending! Jacqui certainly hasn’t lost her touch. If anything she has got better.

I was hooked from the every first page and taken on a roller coaster ride with Franny and Alfie has they are dragged into a dark underworld. and follow a story that has blown my mind……OMFG what a story……love, love, love it.

I could feel the blood pumping through my veins with the tension this story brings, Talk about keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Like you would expect to find in a gangland story you have the good guys and the bad……but mainly bad in this one! Ha Ha. I mean who doesn’t like a bad boy. Alfie is certainly that, I simply fell in love with him.

There is plenty of violence and toe curling moments has you would expect to find in this type of book and for me that is a big fat tick in the box. In fact this book ticked all the boxes for me. I cannot recommend it enough giving it all the stars.

If you like Kimberly Chambers, Martina Cole, Kerry Barnes and Jessie Keane you will seriously love this fast paced, unputdownable action packed thriller.

Massive thank you to Sarah Hardy for pairing me up with this book for the tour.
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I read the beginning and few pages at the end. As much as I wanted to like the story, unfortunately, I'm not really a fan of the genre and the author's writing style. Sorry.

Thank you though to Netgalley and Avon for the ARC!
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The next gripping chapter in the lives of Alfie Jennings and Franny Doyle. Alfie thought his childhood nightmares were a thing of the past, but things start happening bringing it all painfully back to him. What is going on, and who can he trust. Poor Alfie is spinning trying to figure out exactly what’s going on and who is on his side and who are his enemies. Another great read from Jacqui leaving  us readers waiting for the next instalment.
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I have read and really enjoyed all of Jacqui’s previous books, Sinner is no exception. It was lovely to get reacquainted with Franny, Alfie and Vaughn. Franny is keeping a big secret from Alfie and Vaughn knows that she is hiding something, which doesn’t help in their mutual hatred of one another. Franny plots to come between the lifelong friends. Alfie has his own troubles with a very evil contact from past turning up, leaving Alfie in turmoil.
The plot ties together characters from the past and brings in some new ones from the present day, in a cleverly crafted story. This book sees all three main characters involved in some heavy gangland crime, whilst you also see a different side to each of them. Some of the story makes for uncomfortable reading but is dealt with in a very appropriate manner. A really enjoyable read with a great ending that I didn’t see coming.
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I just love Jacqui Rose's books!! She writes so real life, you can sometimes feel the menace and evil from some of the characters on you!! This was a well written, fast paced and thrilling offering by a very talented author!
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You know when you start to read a book by Jacqui Rose that it will be one that you can't put down; this one was no exception, bedtime got later each day as I was gripped and wanted to know what happened.  Continued from a previous book but equally riveting if it's the first you read.  Can't wait for the next one..
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Absolutely loved this book!! I loved the way it picked up the story from the last in the series. I couldn’t read it quick enough, just to see if my theory was correct. It wasn’t, but then in the last few pages....BOOM!! There he is!! Loved it! Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for letting me review this title!
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A London crimeland story with characters you'll love to hate.. Franny is an nasty piece of work, and it's unusual in this genre to find such a strong female main character. She has been manipulating her husband, Alfie, for years, and keeping a major secret from him. The story itself is a reasonable one, but it didn't grab my interest.
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This book wasn't really for me,  which is a shame as its a genre I normally really enjoy, I just found that the story dragged a bit and couldn't help but feel like it wasn't really going anywhere. It probably didn't help that I didn't like one of the main characters. Franny really got on my nerves. I found her rude and annoying. Will definitely give jacquis writing another chance in the future though
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Absolutely fantastic had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more from.this author. Storyline was great, characters were easy to.connect with

Thank you for the advanced copy
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If you haven’t read the authors previous books, then I strongly suggest doing so before you read this book. Although it CAN be read as a standalone quite easily, it is a continuation of two characters stories from her previous book. As you might expect, there are then some elements which may be better understood or better experienced having enjoyed the previous story.
As with the others in this series, it is a fast paced thriller that keeps the reader engaged and invested, you need to know what is going to happen to the characters, you need to know how scenarios are going to be concluded. You might have some ideas of where it is going, what they might do... but you will find yourself surprised in the conclusions. I have to say that I admire how different the author manages to make each book, shocking and entertaining from start to end.
The books do cover some darker topics that can be difficult or uncomfortable to read about, and yet I find myself addicted to her writing for that very reason. She approaches topics that aren’t always easy to digest, but in such a way as maintains the harsh brutal nature of life in certain circles and areas, without being so heavy that they are unreadable.
As you might expect from a gangster/mafia group, there are dodgy dealings and unsavoury characters. There are crimes, calculations and betrayals. But there is also loyalty in surprising places, and strength despite the odds they may be faced with. I love the fact that in discussing such difficult themes honestly, the author manages to maintain the image that no matter how difficult a life, or a particular situation, there are those moments that push us to strive for more; for better; for a world that we want to be a part of.
I will admit that despite my enjoyment of the first book, i find it difficult at times to get to grips with the way the accents have been written. For myself, I prefer to be told the accent, and then do it in my own head. Having the words written as they are spoken makes my mental voice stumble and it can become very frustrating at times. However, despite that I still continue to read because the story is just SO GOOD! I also accept that this is a very personal preference when reading. What I will say is that if like me this kind of thing usually puts you off, DONT let it !! Try the books, because they are SO worth sticking with! And after a few chapters, you may find yourself reading with ease!
Another brilliant book from Jacqui, and well worth grabbing whether you are new to the author, or adored her previous work!
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Brilliant! Brilliant and Brilliant Sinner by Jacqui Rose was. 

Jacqui's books Just get better and Better. I just love them. All the characters within this book are Just brilliant and fit in well within the story of the gangster world. 

This book need to come with Big Warnings....."Don't start to read this book before you go to bed as You maybe up all night as its so addictive!" You will be hooked from the first few pages like I was again and could not close my kindle! 

Highly recommend this brilliant Book. Can't wait to read the next book by Jacqui Rose

Big Fat 5 Stars 

The heart-racing new thriller perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole.

Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the ARC of this book. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own

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Jacqui Rose is one of those authors that I don't even have to read the synopsis to know, I WILL BE READING THE BOOK. JR has never disappointed me with any of her books and she is one of my all time favourite authors. 
This lady can write!
Sinner is the latest instalment in the Alfie Jennings & Franny Doyle series of books. I love these characters, have loved following them on their journeys. For me personally the story is better as I've read all the previous books. I wouldn't say you needed to read them all first, but I always find you get a better feel for the characters. For me in this book Franny seemed a very different person, obviously things that have happened in the past have contributed to this, and while things are explained as you go along, a better feel is had by reading the books in order. 
When an old face rears his ugly head, Alfie Jennings is not happy, facing pressures and seeming somewhat stressed out, Franny pleads with Alfie to slow down, move away again but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. 
With his business under threat Alfie Jennings seems to have it all on his hands. With the tension building it isn't long before Franny and Alfie have trouble in their life. Franny is also trying to keep secrets hidden, but how long she can do this for is anyone's guess? The past could be coming to bite everyone. 
This book has you gripped from the opening pages, starts with a boom and ends with a boom. Filled with suspense. Each and every page from start to finish, I couldn't turn them quick enough. I wanted to read and find out what was going on, what was going to happen, then I wanted to slow down and savour the book because I knew I'd have a while to wait for the next one.  Everything a Jacqui Rose fan will want in a book. 
Ideal for fans of Mel Sherratt, Jessie Keane, Casey Kelleher, Emma Tallon.
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I am absolutely loving this authors books. I just wish there was more time in the day to read so I could read her previous books that I’ve not read yet.

I recommend you read Fatal before reading this as this continues Alfie and Frannys story. 

I seriously couldn’t read this story fast enough. The author has pure talent. She has sucked me right in and I loved the fast paced ride through the seedy crime world. 

I highly recommend this brilliantly written story. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.
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Sinner is the latest instalment in the Alfie Jennings and Fran Doyle series of books and is just as good as the others, Fran is keeping a huge secret from Alfie and is risking their future together if she is exposed.Throw into the mix Vaughn,Alfie's friend and business partner who hates Fran with a passion and his enemy in business Charlie Eton and what you get is another cracking gangland thriller with plenty of twists and turns along the way with a terrific ending that leaves the door open for another book in this series..You really do need to read the other books in the series first in order to follow the story line which isn't a bad thing really !! Another winner in my book from Jacqui Rose a great 4 star read.
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The author wrote a thriller that started with a bang and just kept going!  The twists kept coming, so I couldn't put it down.  I cannot wait to read more from this author!
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I chose to read this book not realising there were other books before this. However, I feel it can be read as a stand alone.
The subject matter is a little hard to read at times but it brings awareness of how dark the world can be. 
I will definitely read the other books in this series.
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This is the second time I read Jacqui Rose and I just love that author so much!

I started reading this last night and couldn't stop, had to at some point to sleep some then read the rest of it the entire morning until early afternoon.

WOW! 5 stars and more!
Hooked from page one!  I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!  This is a well written story about night club girls working for pimps, secret letters, abuse, drugs, secrets, crime, and more...
I love the writing style, storyline, characters, attention to details...  It's dark, a bit depressing, and I love it! 

A fantastic mind blowing read!  I can't wait to read the next one! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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Sinner is the third book in the Alfie Jennings and Franny Doyle series but can be read as a standalone without any issues if you are happy to skip some of the backstories from the previous novels. Once again each of the characters is brought alive on the page with Ms Rose's descriptive prose, and the plot is gritty and adequately pacey. When you are pulled into it so easily there seems to be no escape but to read to the end and discover how the plot resolves. Ultimately, it centres around a secret that Franny has been keeping from partner Alfie and explores themes such as drug abuse, prostitution, child exploitation and mental health as well as family loyalty.

There are plenty of surprises and a beautifully building tension that leads to a dramatic and shocking cliffhanger conclusion. It can get quite graphic so definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy hard-hitting, gritty gangland thrillers then this is a series not to be missed. The seedy backstreets of Soho are brought to life in such a vivid manner with characters you come to adore for their loyalty and some you come to despise due to their unscrupulous, shady nature. Dark, twisted and very, very satisfying. I look forward to the next instalment. Many thanks to Avon for an ARC.
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