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A Dangerous Act of Kindness

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A Dangerous Act of Kindness is the debut novel of L.P. Fergusson and is set during WWII. Widow Milly Sanger discovers injured German pilot, Lukas Schiller on her farm and, fearing that he will be killed if he's discovered,  she decides to hide him. This decision leads them to fall in love and brings the war, previously remote, literally into her backyard. 

The story is well written and romantic, it is also,  due to their circumstances, full of suspense. I enjoyed it and feel it would be perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley,  Susanna Kearsley and Santa Montefiore.
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This was a lovely read despite a slow start, set in WW2. This book was very detailed in terms of history.
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I love a bit of historical fiction from time to time and this book didn’t disappoint. Gripped from page one and would highly recommend with such strong characters.
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What would you risk for a complete stranger? This book will have your questioning what you'd do in the same situation. Brilliantly written and gripping from start to finish.
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beautiful story, had me enthralled from the first page. wonderfully written it was as if the author had actually been there watching the story unfold.

will be reading more from author in future!
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This was a riveting read... a rollercoaster ride... As a mother I could identify so much with the main character’s feelings.  Absolutely loved it!
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Historical fiction set in WWII, a love story with an easy and slow plot. The characters are a bit flat.

Not really my cup of tea, but there’s loads of people out there loving this book. So better to create your own opinion.
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I love historical fiction and this romantic set during world war two, novel really hits the spot  Loved it
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A Dangerous Act of Kindness is a heartwarming and intriguing love story set in World War Two. Beautifully researched, it is a touching read.
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An amazing story that I enjoyed reading. 
Great characters that you cannot help but engage with and a brilliant plot. 
A must read.
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I really enjoyed this read. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction anyway and particularly of World War 2 so this novel’s title was of interest to me instantly. The characters in this novel were so likable and I became immediately invested in them. The descriptions were beautifully written and exquisite imagery featured regularly throughout the novel. The characters contrasted well with one another and were easy to imagine. The hardship endured and the atrocities committed too were explained in detail and left the readers with very little room for confusion. 
I did feel however that the author at times presumed that the reader had no background knowledge at all on World War 2 and over explained some details. Most readers, and non-readers are reasonably informed about the atrocities perpetrated during that time so detailed explanations of well-known facts and incidents were not required but I do accept that perhaps not all details were as well-known as others.  
I enjoyed this novel. I read it quickly as I was truly invested in Millie, Hugh and Lukas and was eager to learn how the story would play out. This story held my interest throughout and I would recommend it to all.
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I had high hopes for this novel but it fell a bit flat for me half way through. Set during WW2 the focus is on the farming community in north England who mostly escape the worst of the war, but who house evacuees and use German prisoners of war for labour. When a German plane crashes in the remote area the pilot finds his way to the home of a young widow who decides to help him. What follows could’ve been so much more but I was left feeling slightly underwhelmed by the end. Do read the authors notes at the end though, to discover where the idea came from. Thanks to the publisher for the arc.
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Heartfelt and emotional. This is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and won't let go in a hurry until it has consumed you. Fantastic reading.
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Lovely story about love against adversity, we don’t choose who we fall in love with. Really enjoyed this book and getting to know the characters
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This is a stunning book, which forces you to read on and on, because you want to know what happens next.
A German paratrooper crash lands near a farm, and after burying his parachute, discovers his shoulder is dislocated from his crash landing.  Millie Sanger, whose farm he has lands near, finally discovers him, and even though she knows it is dangerous, helps him - first by getting his shoulder into the right place, and then by feeding him, and giving him some of her dead husband's clothes.
Hugh Adamson, who farms the next farm over is in love with Millie, even though she has given him no encouragement, and she keeps him at arms length, even though they have known each other since childhood.
As the war goes on, the story becomes more and more complicated, especially when some evacuees are billeted at Millie's farm.
This is an excellent novel, with believable characters, and a stunning plot.
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Wartime England and a pilot crashes his plane ejecting into Berkshire countryside.  What follow is a wonderful flowing narrative that  is peopled with great characters.  It felt less like an historical fiction than it did a romance and this I enjoyed.  Often wartime novels feel heavy and depressing but I fell into this one and barely came up for air.  At the same time the author has woven into the narrative the most important facets of the wartime story,

The author also highlights the moral dilemmas of that time where perhaps individuals responded less to their true ethical compass than to their country's beliefs.  The ending is not unexpected but does have facets that I really didn't see coming.  

I have throughly enjoyed the book and would definitely look for more by this author
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When Lukas Schiller bailed out of his Messerschmitt I dare say he had little thought as to how he would be received, his only hope that he would be alive to receive it! So begins  LP Fergusson’s ‘A Dangerous Act of Kindness’. 

Quite a lovely story and beautifully told. So much of it reminded me of my boyhood in Devon. Being cut off by heavy snowfall in our village for two weeks during the winter of 63. Having a snowdrift reach the bedroom window (it wasn’t a bungalow) and the silence of snow. The natural rhythms of rural farming life. 

We were reminded of the plight of those caught up in the blitz and how they forged a new life in the country after everything they had was destroyed in the cities. 

Behind the historical setting there‘s a love story, one where circumstances create great difficulties for it to flourish. However, love finds a way in the end.

Imaginative, plausible and thoroughly entertaining.
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This novel really was an emotional read!

"A Dangerous Act of Kindness" was set during the Second World War and was wonderfully written. It was a lovely story of love, kindness and hope. The basic plot was straightforward but the different threads contained within took this novel to the next level. The characters were well drawn by LP Fergusson and overall this was a fantastic and very worthwhile read. A truly deserved five stars.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Canelo via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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This novel drips with authenticity and you feel that all the period details are spot on. With the exception of Hugh, I felt that all the characters were sympathetic and credible. In particular, you feel for Millie and Lukas and appreciate their loneliness. It is interesting to see the conflict through the eyes people from different sides and to realise that they are not that different at all. 
    Millie's farm seems to be the focus for people who are displaced and it offers a degree of security to the evacuees and the farm workers. It really does feel like a separate bubble. I can thoroughly recommend this book if you enjoy reading stories set in the Second World War and there is a depth to the emotions which carries you along.

In short: An emotional read which captures the spirit of the era.

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book.
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Year 1940, a German fighter plane crashes in a nearby field and Millie helps the injured pilot Lukas, an act that could be considered treason and death by hanging. 

I have to be honest and say that I almost gave up on this book in the first quarter. I am so glad I persevered because it turned out to be a very good story about love, compassion and forgiveness in very trying times.

Readers of historical romance set in WWII will enjoy this book and I highly recommend it.
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