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This book didn't clearly fit into one genre. There was romance and attraction, forbidden love at that, and there was suspense. Would Lukas be caught? Would Millie be suspected? As time went on I thought they had got away with it, and I did feel sorry for the policeman who was shut down at every turn. Lukas may have been a German fighter pilot, but he was human. We also saw the extent to which the Germans were fed propaganda, and how they were ridiculed and seen as fantasists by their peers when they dared speak out about the atrocities taking place in their name. Millie is very brave; not only with what happened with Lukas, but in taking over the farm, adhering to Ministry of Agriculture guidelines for war work and dealing with her husband's sad death. Life would be convenient if she could only have fallen for Jack's friend, and fellow farmer, Hugh, but life is never that simple.  A tale of war, of love, of suspense - what's not to like? #netgalley #AdangerousAct
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What a humdinger of an emotional read!

What would you have done if living during the war on a farm and a pilot crash lands in your field, If you take him in, you could be seen as a collaborator and put to death. But what happens if you just leave him? He'll die out there...

The woman in the book takes him in - the dangerous act of kindness - and that creates a bubble which slowly becomes romantic..but then all bubbles burst and this one could kill..

I was all over the place with this novel. Emotionally speaking I was a wreck! When you think you've read all the stories you can about the Germans and the war, this is a very unique novel and a very unique set of circumstances. I'm not going to lie - there were some very tough scenes to stomach and when you realise just what these atrocities actually entailed....that one word, atrocities, has so many meanings here and it, they will break your heart.

This novel also looked at the difficult situation of how some Germans proudly played a role in the war. They saw it as their duty and the duty they owned to their country. Now, this in the modern day sounds barbaric - and it was then - but this novel places you back in the time and place and really shakes your emotions around that thought. Is it not similar to what some people do now when they have such a strong belief in their 'cause' ?

The relationship of Lukas and Millie was heartbreaking and that word again - emotional - but it was Lukas who interested me - how they treated him before and after, Millie's reactions to it all and the role the Lukas of this world played in the war at the time.

There is some impressive research in this novel and the author explains a little at the end how the story came to be which is equally good to read.

Tissues at the ready but read this book!
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This is a completely absorbing read, I loved every page of it, it is so well written, plotted, paced - it had me holding my breath as the tension built and built. This is so cleverly done, it is not easy to portray such tension in words.
 The author’s characterisation is flawless,  weaving completely rounded people in my mind. The complex central character Millie, hapless Hugh, mousy June, brazen Ruth, and even the odious Mrs Wilson, all come alive in this exceptional story. Into all their lives comes Lucasz the German pilot, like a wrecking ball, and life will never be the same again for any of them. 
There are so many strands to this story of love, war, honour, betrayal, humanity and inhumanity. It is so much more than a love story. 
The illustration of the daily grind of backbreaking toil that wartime farmers had to endure in their efforts to keep food on tables was illuminating, as was the shocking stories of bombed out, displaced families from the cities of Britain. 
The recounting of life as a POW in Britain was fascinating, although the eye witness accounts of the soldier who had seen first hand some of the atrocities of the Holocaust was  chilling and hard to read. This part was mercifully very short.
Altogether this is an exceptional book, and I applaud the author on her skill. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to her future work. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my advance copy. This story will not be easily forgotten.
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Mmmm I’m not sure about this one. It was an enjoyable read but very lightweight. If you like a bit of romance and war this is for you. I think my tastes are a bit more meaty!!! #NetGalley#AdangerousAct
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I absolutely love historical fiction, especially from the Second World War period. A Dangerous Act of Kindness did not disappoint. It was well written and a brilliant storyline. I could not put it down it was truely captivating. I want to know what happened next! Always a sign of a good book when your still thinking about it weeks after reading it.

Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
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A powerfully written historical tale of love, courage, war and the ties that bind, A Dangerous Act of Kindness is sure to move, enthrall and captivate readers everywhere.

Millie Sanger is a widow who has enough on her plate trying to keep her dairy farm open without having the war adding to her troubles. With men and women across the land doing their duty for their country, the war has touched and changed the lives of everyone. Millie has her own worries and concerns to think about and she has certainly known plenty of anguish and upheaval in her life, however, the war which has thus far seemed distant comes shockingly close when she finds an injured pilot on her farm. A pilot whose name is Lukas Schiller and who is fighting for the enemy. Still, Millie knows that if discovered, he would be killed on the spot, so the kind-hearted widow decides to offer him shelter, little realizing that her act of generosity is going to have serious repercussions for her and the man she rescued from certain death…

Millie and Lukas might be on opposite sides, but thrust together by fate, they find themselves drawn to one another and forming an unexpected bond that leads to a passion that simply cannot be denied. Having been trapped together by a snow storm, Millie and Lukas’s temporary refuge from the atrocity of war ends up being cruelly invaded by the relentless ferocity of a conflict that pits these two people, who have come to mean the world to one another, apart. Millie and Lukas are only left with bittersweet memories of their time together – and a scandalous secret that could jeopardize everything.

With danger around every corner, Millie and Lukas quickly realise that there is nobody they can trust. Will Millie’s compassion prove deadly? Will Millie and Lukas ever manage to find their way back to one another? Or will war manage to tear them apart forever?

A Dangerous Act of Kindness is an effective, emotional and beautifully told love story that is sure to pluck at readers’ heartstrings and have them reaching for the tissues. A captivating, heartbreaking and compulsively readable historical novel that drew me in from the very first page, A Dangerous Act of Kindness is a vivid, compelling and evocative tale that brings the past to life and will plunge the reader into a world of risk, jeopardy and bravery that will leave them breathless.

A fabulous historical tale that is simply outstanding, A Dangerous Act of Kindness is a first-rate novel that heralds the arrival of an exciting new voice: L P Fergusson.
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Such an intriguing book and a reason why I must read more historical fiction. Likable characters and descriptive background made this such an enjoyable read for me. Beautiful insight.
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Set at the beginning of World War Two a young widow helps a German pilot after his plane crashes.
Sparkles fly and they immediately fall passionately in love. But this can never be because it is dangerous for both of them.Then begins the story of what actions they must take to protect them selves and if they will ever be together or will their undying love survive.
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As much as I love other genres of books, I really believe that my heart lies in historical fiction. I am particularly drawn to books set during World War II, so this book appealed to me when I first heard about it. What I did not expect was to be completely and utterly blown away by it. It is such an exquisitely written and well-researched thought provoking novel. The last time I was moved by a novel, it was the 2015 novel All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and like that novel, this one is going to stay with me for a very long time. I will certainly be recommending it to all of my friends, in much the same way I nagged them to read Anthony Doerr’s novel relentlessly until they read it! A Dangerous Act of Kindness made me question what I would have done in the same situation. Would I hide someone, knowing that I could be found guilty of treason if we were both caught? I suspect I probably would have done.

This book focuses on Millie Sanger, a young widow struggling to keep her dairy farm going with a couple of land girls to help. She finds Lukas, a young German pilot who had crashed nearby and was injured and hiding inside her barn. She takes him in as a snowstorm closes in, trapping them in a little bubble for a few days in which only they exist, with no war, no other people, just them, and unsurprisingly the chemistry they have draws them closer together, forming a connection that nothing will break.

I found the intricacies of war fascinatingly presented by LP Fergusson in this novel, providing a juxtaposition between the sensitive young pilot Lukas with the sheer evil of some Nazis who revelled in the death and destruction they were responsible for. The book provides an insight into what it was like for rural communities trying to feed the British people in times of war, and what it was like for the land girls, working hard to replace the men who were at war themselves. I also found it a compelling insight into the lives of the evacuees leaving London and moving to the countryside. I was aware of rationing and the work of the land girls, but I had never previously considered the pressure farmers were under to meet government quotas to provide much needed food for the masses in wartime.

I felt the historical details helped to show that the actions of the characters were grounded in reality. The location of the farm was so perfectly described that I had a clear vision of the farm in my mind’s eye, as well as faithful Gyp, Millie’s dog, and the human characters too. Millie was a strong, determined woman, who had taken on the responsibility of her farm and was revelling in the opportunities that were available to her in wartime. I loved Lukas and his gentle sensitivity and humility, and from the outset found myself rooting for him. It was easy to see why Millie was drawn to him. The other characters and their stories were also interesting, although I found I had little sympathy for Hugh, the neighbouring farmer who pined openly for Millie in spite of her making her own feelings very clear to him.

The Author’s Note at the end of the book provides a fascinating insight into the inspiration for A Dangerous Act of Kindness, and it is really worth reading too. All in all, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to read such an incredible book.
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A proper old fashioned ( in a good way) love story set firmly in the Second World War.  Some wider background is interspersed throughout the book but the romance, and its problems, stays firmly in the centre.
A good holiday read.
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC
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A ww2 love story which I enjoyed very much. Not usually the kind of book I would read but I am glad I picked this one. Well worth reading
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This is set during WWII and Millie is a young widow, who is running her dairy farm with the help of a neighbour and some evacuees….

A German fighter plane crashes in a nearby field and the kind Millie takes the injured pilot, Lukas in to her care and hides him in the barn. She’s not really thinking of the consequences this may have on her and those closest to her….

This is historical fiction at its best. It tells of the atrocities of war and the emotional and physical effects this has both on those fighting and their families. It also touches on the labour camps where German POW’s were kept and the Land Army women and how women managed during the war years…changing perceptions forever.

With likeable and believable characters this is beautifully written by LP Ferguson with stunning imagery and emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you to The Author, Canelo and NetGalley for a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.
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Where to start!!!! This historical fiction book is definitely a must read if you enjoy reading historical fiction based around WWII and enjoy works by Authors such as: Marius Gabriel or Janet MacLeod Trotter.

Millie Sanger is a young widow struggling to keep the dairy farm that had been in her husband’s family for generations. As the War Agricultural Executive Committees (War Ags) is wanting to take the farm off her unless she ups its production.

One evening just before a blizzard cuts off her farm from the outside world, Millie is out checking her farm when her dog runs off. She goes after him and ends up by one of the more remote unused barns. The same barn her husband killed himself in. So with trepidation she goes in to find her dog is growling at a man. Not just any man, but the pilot from the Messerschmitt, a Lukas Schiller. He appears to be injured and struggling to keep his gun raised at the dog.

Overcoming her fear she becomes consumed with pity for the injured pilot. Taking him to her farm house where she sees to his injuries, lets him clean up gives him some of her dead husbands clothes to wear. All the while the blizzard has started to set in.

Lukas goes to leave but Millie persuades him to stay as the weather in constantly closing in on them. She fears for him, how he will survive, if found will he be killed?

In the coming days Millie and Lukas have formed their own little bubble cut off from the world outside. Here there is no war there are no sides, just a blossoming and overwhelming love for each other.

All to soon the weather breaks and the snow starts to melt. They both know that they have no choice, Lukas has to leave and put a distance between himself and Millie to protect her from being accused as a collaborator as its a hanging offence.

Lukas is eventually captured and sent to a pow camp. Where they offer him a deal to keep Millie safe from any kind of punishment for helping him. He agrees to take up the deal and spends most of the war transcribing German pow’s conversations. To find out anything useful to help them win the war.

During the remainder of the war we see how life pans out for both Millie and Lukas. Where they both keep their love for each other close to their hearts in hope one day they will be together.

You want to dislike Lukas but the man isn’t responsible for the atrocities that his fellow Germans are ordered and some relished to do. War brings out good and bad in everyone.

When the war end will they ever see each other again and overcome any hurdles that may come their way? Or are their lives on a different unchangeable path?

I have to give this book 5 stars, great story line, with depth and feeling, guilt over loving the wrong man/woman, treason, evacuee’s from blitzed out London and the land girls.
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When Widower Millie Sanger finds a injured enemy pilot on her farm she is unsure of what to do. 
Lukas Schiller is injured and need of help but would this woman help him?
On opposite sides of the war they both become close,when the war becomes heightened it forces them apart.
One act of kindness can leave devastating consequences.
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An interesting historical fiction book set in WW2, England. The fear of invasion is on everyone’s minds at this time and the fate a German airman crashing to earth if he survives is understandably precarious.

Milly, guilt-ridden over the death of her husband, doesn’t want to help but she sees a fellow human in need of care and lets her humanity rule her head. What follows, is intense, suspenseful and ultimately heartbreaking for the young woman, but the threat of repercussions last for the duration of the war.

The forbidden romance aspect of this story is poignant and sensual. Milly acts from the heart and out of loneliness but also with courage. Lukas wants to fly, but he doesn’t understand the consequences of his youthful choice for many years.

The story spans five years of war and explores what it is like for the rural communities trying to feed Britain, the Londoners bombed and the children evacuated to the relative safety of the countryside. Military intelligence, prisoners of war camps and Britain’s population’s perception of the war, Germans and those who helped them is an important theme of this book.

The bond between Lukas and Milly connects all events in the story, it affects both their lives and happiness in unforeseen ways. They are complex and in many respects tragic characters. Like all the characters in this story, they are authentic and allow the reader to glimpse what Britain at war was like.

The plot is detailed and spans many Britain at war themes. The historical information and imagery make the characters’ actions and motives realistic and the story engages the reader’s emotions as they turn the pages.

My only criticism is that I find it a little slow in parts, but it is an enjoyable yet heartbreaking read. The ending implies rather than shows hope for the future and it is beautifully written.

I received a copy of this book from Canelo via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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A story of love, kindness and hope against the backdrop of WW2 weaving in themes of tragedy, guilt and treason. Beautifully written, with believable, well-rounded characters.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and will be re-reading again before long!

Thank you to Netgalley for providing an advance copy in return for an honest review.
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Thank You To Netgalley & Publishers For Granting My Request To Review This Book.
This Book Really Stood Out For Me When Requesting It Because It Was Suggested As A Read For Fans Of Rachel Hore & Santa Montefiore, Who Are Two Of My Favourite Authors. These Are Exactly Type Of Books That I Love.
I’ve Been Reading A Lot Of WWII Fiction Lately, So This Book Presented Itself At The Perfect Time.
The Synopsis Of An English Widow Helping An Injured German Soldier Isn’t The Usual Angle Of WWII Fiction Books Which Is Another Aspect That Drew Me In. I Loved The Interaction Between Millie & Lukas, As Well As The Characters Of Hugh And His Mum. These Characters Really Embodied The Time And I Liked How The Book Was Set In Years As A Way To Help The Stories Progression.
I Wish The Book Could’ve Carried On For Longer. I Honestly Devoured This Book And Couldn’t Believe When It Had Finished. I Wanted More. I Had Questions. I Needed To Know What Happened Next. To Me, That Makes A Brilliant Book
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A Dangerous Act of Kindness is an easy and enjoyable read. The plot is interesting and easy to follow. There isn't too many characters and the story comes to a satisfying end. Overall, the book was good and I think people interested in books set during WWII would like this story.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC.
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A young English widow, Millie puts her life and reputation at risk to help an injured German pilot, Lukas,  who has crash-landed near her farm. If found out, she could be charged with treason and hanged. However, you can't help who you fall In love with and this story shows the impact of the war and the impact of her actions on both her, Lukas, and those around them.
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Milly Sanger is young, widowed, brave. At least that's what those around her, tell her. Deep down she harbours guilt and resentment for her husband's suicide.

When injured enemy pilot, Lukas Schiller is found by her dog Gyp in one her barns, Milly's first instinct is not to turn him over to the authorities, or even the loacals who would surely kill him. But instead she needs to help him. His shoulder is badly disclocated and if he stands any chance of further survival it must be fixed.

The snow has already begun to fall when the pair begin to make their way back to the farmhouse to see if they can fix Lukas’ shoulder before the injury becomes even worse. When Hugh comes to visit, Milly must hide Lukas and realises how dangerous it could be to help him. Though it destroys her to see him in so much pain.

Hugh, Milly's neighbour and lifelong friend is suspicious of Milly’s behaviour during the snow storm, doesn’t understand why she is suddenly unwelcoming of his open affection towards her. Of course Milly doesn’t think of Hugh romantically. In fact she is barely thinking of him at all...

Why would she when she has Lukas?

But where are these thoughts and feelings coming from? He is the enemy ... but to Milly he is another vulnerable casualty of war. An undeniable attraction lies between them. But Milly know that Hugh nor anyone else must ever discover Lukas, and as Hugh is forced to stay at the farm because of the weather, Milly realises that Lukas must leave as soon as the cost is clear for him to do so.

When Lukas leaves, Milly feels as if her heart has been ripped in two but she knows they will never see each other again. Her actions though will remain with her for the rest of her life, that is, if she can even live that life under the deepest suspicions.

A Dangerous Act of Kindness is a beautiful novel, and one that will stay with me for a long time.
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