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I really enjoyed this book. It's action-packed and incredibly tense and doesn't let up for a second. I loved the ending ... very clever!
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A very clever book this one, lots and I mean lots of twists as the story goes on. Can't really say much about the plot as I don't want to give anything away, you just have to read and see for yourself... absolutely brilliant!
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After devouring Cavanagh's 'TH1RT3EN, I had very high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, I was left wanting more.

World-renowned author J.T. LeBeau is one of the best thriller writers in the industry. His books always guarantee a killer twist that no one ever expects. But LeBeau isn't your average writer. He is completely anonymous - only 4 people know his identity. Which means 4 people know what he's done. But that is about to change.

This book had so much potential. I liked the idea behind the story and was ready for the author to drag me into a gritty thriller that would keep me guessing. But I didn't feel that. I wasn't urged to read on, the writing felt mediocre and wasn't refined, and I didn't connect with any of the characters. The twist didn't knock me off my feet. and once it was revealed (quite early on), the book just slowly dawdled on till the end. I think it was hard to live up to the expectation of the books main character - J.T. LeBeau. The author was basically competing with his own character. 

I think this book needed a second big twist. With the number of thrillers churned out these days, this story just didn't cut it for me.
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This is a novel where the title says it all, it is so twisted! This is a novel where you can’t trust anyone or anything and everything you think is true really might not be as you think it is. I sped through this book because I simply had to know what was going on and how it was all going to turn out. You really should go into this book without knowing anything much about it so I’m keeping this very short and vague but trust me this is such a brilliant and fun rollercoaster of a thriller and I highly recommend it!
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1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you've found me. I'm coming for you next.

After you've read this book, you'll know: the truth is far more twisted...'

Well I'm not going to say too much, I'm going to keep this brief and to the point.. you really need to read it to believe it.. but.. that was the most confusing and twisting riddle of plot I have ever read and i totally mean it in a good way. This book had me questioning everything!
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After reading so many amazing reviews, I had been eager to read Twisted for quite some time. When I first picked it up I have to admit my head was spinning a little with what I was reading. I enjoyed how I was kept on my toes but I also think I was maybe expecting something different. The title of this book pretty much describes the events in this story. I was taken on a very twisted and intriguing journey where nothing was quite as it seemed to be! I always enjoy being kept on edge trying to figure it all out and this was certainly the case with Twisted. I knew there would be plenty of twists waiting for me but in a way this was also a downside because on occasion I was sat there waiting for the next one to pop out at me.

The pacing of this story is pretty fast! I really did feel as if I was completely caught up in this out of control situation right alongside the characters. The different perspectives just gave you a hint of what’s happening and you never really get to know them very well. I guess in a way this helps to add that all important mysterious edge to the book!

Twisted is a story with a difference one that will unsettle you, keep you on your toes and make you question everything!
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The Twisted is certainly an apt name for this novel. The twists come thick and fast in this, providing this reader with quite a few "what the hells??" OK, hell might not have been the word I used. Anyway weirdly the twists, as good as they are, ended up a problem for me. In the second half, I found myself disconnecting a bit as I couldn't trust a word written! That said this is a great read, not quite on a par with Thirteen but definitely up there.
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I really struggled to write this review without giving any spoilers away as the less you know before reading it the better your experience of it will actually be.
The book is based around a person called J.T Lebeau, who is the 'author' of the book. 
It starts off normally enough with a man called Paul about to murder one of the few people who know who J.T. Lebeau is when he is whispered something that makes him stop.
After this we skip back 4 months and then things get very confusing and I found myself having to go back quite a bit as I felt I must have missed something.
Throughout the book there are multiple narrators, which makes it a very interesting read, although we don't really get the feel for them as it would ruin it later on.
Overall the book is as twisted as the name and it kept me hooked all the way through as there are so many red herrings you really don't know who to believe.
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As the title suggests, this book is packed full of twists and red herrings. If you can suspend your disbelief and go with the flow, it’s an entertaining, pacy read.
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Perfect title for this twisty turny wonderful read, so many blind allies, you think you have it sorted but you get the rug pulled from under you so many times. A perfect “who can you trust” read
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Twisted is the second book I have read from this author and it certainly lives up to its title. I absolutely adored Thirteen so I couldn’t wait to get started on this one. Whilst I really did enjoy this, it didn’t quite reach the same adoration as Thirteen (however that set an exceedingly high benchmark for me with this author!), that said this is still a solid 4 star read for me. 

Given the very brief book description, I won’t go into details in this review as this is most definitely a book best read cold with little knowledge as to what is to come to truly get the best out of Cavanagh’s complex plot and fabulous narrative. Twisted is a standalone read (although the fabulous Eddie Flynn from Cavanagh’s other books does get a mention!) featuring J T LeBeau, reclusive but rich author of the novel of the same name. Literally LeBeau doesn’t want ANYONE to know his identity and will go to great lengths to prevent anyone discovering his secret…just ask his wife! 

This is a wonderful example as to how to use twists and turns to completely confuse (in a tremendously good way) your reader and to keep them on their toes. At points I got to a point whereby I didn’t know what was a twist and what wasn’t 😊 

Twisted is a brilliantly original plot, delivered flawlessly into an additive read!
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I wasn't sure about this book.  I had read Thirteen, and really enjoyed it, especially the character of Eddie Flynn.  This new book is not about Eddie Flynn, which I knew, but I struggled to connect to any of the characters really.  The plot is convoluted, which you would expect from a book called Twisted, and it does keep you guessing, but overall I thought it tried a little too hard and didn't quite hit the mark for pace and believability.  Despite that, it was a good read, and I will definitely read other books by Steve Cavanagh.
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As usual, I enjoyed Cavanagh's writing and though the story wasn't very believable in areas, his writing still hooked me. However, had another author written this, I might've DNF'd it. So well done to Cavanagh for being able to write that well. Thirteen was my first Cavanagh book and Twisted wasn't as thrilling as Thirteen was, but reading a second book by this author has cemented him as an author that I'll read more of in the future. Starting with the three books preceding Thirteen in the Eddie Flynn series.
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Author Steve Cavanaugh plays with the title of his book. The entire book is full of twists and turns. Every page is a surprise. Who is the victim? Who is the culprit? You’ll keep wracking your brains trying to crack the case but still it’ll be unpredictable. It will scare you, creep the hell out of you, but grip you tight till the end. I’ve never read a darker, more twisted, more thrilling book before. I’m sure it’s more twisted and thrilling than a roller coaster ride, and you’ll get so on your own couch/bed / wherever you read.

If you a fan of dark, twisted thrillers this is the book that you should not miss in your lifetime.
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How do you solve a problem like JT LeBeau?

From the very start, the reader and Cavanagh are engaged in a sinuous , treacherous tango that skirts facts, rearranges the truth, turns you upside down and leaves you gasping for more

From the setup to the cataclysmic finale, you want more and boy do you get it!

In lesser hands, this would have appeared to be an exercise in 'look how good I can write, ma!', however, in the tradition of previous bestseller, 'Thirteen', Steve Cavanagh turns reality inside out by stating that every word that you read will be a lie (or is it? Is that a lie?) all centred on the enigmatic life and death of JT LeBeau.

Playing with the unreliable narrator in a way that recalls to mind the master of this technique, Agatha Christie, Cavanagh will play with your mind as he opens with a funeral, a state affair with throngs of mourners, full on Hollywood prescence, armed guards the works for JT LeBeau.

One person in the crowd is not who they seem, Paul , a hitman for hire (possibly) is stalking the crowd to take out one of the 4 people who know LeBeau's real identity . But before can do that, a revelation rings out louder than the intended shot of death but which lands with the full force of a bullet.

And from then on in the twists come thick and fast as the plot backtracks to four months earlier and spins you around with multiple narratives, clues and red herrings coming at you thick and fast until you are left breathless at the pace.

And as someone who finds Waltzers a tad fast,this book should come with a warning-may induce vertigo or cause whiplash, best taken with a stiff shot (or 10) and a travel sickness tablet

Clear the decks, get some fine alcohol and snacks in, turn off the wifi and make sure you have a sick bag to hand-it's going to be a turbulent ride !
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1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.

2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.

3. If you think you've found me. I'm coming for you next.

After you've read this book, you'll know: the truth is far more twisted......

As most of you know from people either talking about Twisted or you've seen the campaign through social media, you've definitely heard about JT LeBeau in some way but who exactly are they?

Are they a best-selling crime writer, whose words have gripped the world?

The only mystery greater than his stories is his true identity.

One woman thinks she's found him - her husband has millions in the bank and a letter for the enigmatic author.

But the truth is far more twisted than the title....

Well, where do I start about Twisted, other than saying I absolutely LOVED it, I don't want to say too much about it in case I say something I shouldn't apart from that it's a stand alone thriller away from the Eddie Flynn collection although he does get a mention where a smile did creep across my face while reading it. Just when you think you're working out what's going to happen something is thrown in and the story gets Twisted on it's head again, many the time I thought I was smart and worked it out and then a red herring is thrown into your path. This book is full of brilliant twists and turns, more than you'd experience on a rollercoaster and it's definitely twistier than a Tangle Twister. Just go and get it immediately and read it, you won't be disappointed.

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Well this book was definitely interesting! Not too many characters and yet I still struggled to keep up with what was happening - not necessarily in a bad way. I had a lot of ‘huh?’ & ‘what on earth?’ moments when things took me by surprise. Fair few twists and turns and a twisty little ending! This was my first book by Steve Cavanagh and it won’t be my last.
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Absolutely fantastic had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more from.this author. Storyline was great, characters were easy to.connect with

Thank you for the advanced copy
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JT LeBeau is a hugely successful author who specialises in the twist. He, or could it be she, hides his or her identity from the world, and this mystique of course only adds to the hype around her or his books. She, or is it he, will do anything to keep his or her secret...

OK, every review I’ve read of this has started in basically the same way and now I’m adding to it – this is one that’s impossible to say much about without giving away too much, so this review will be short and not very informative!

It’s all in the title – this is a book full of twists about an author who writes books full of twists. It’s clever and amusing and a bit self-referential, in that it’s lightly mocking what it itself is. Cavanagh has fun with the twists and plays with the idea of authors using secret identities, not shying away from referencing the likes of JK Rowling, aka Robert Galbraith.

It’s very well written and the plot holds together pretty well despite the twists. However, it’s light on characterisation – it has to be really, so we can continually be surprised. This makes it a light read despite some dark moments. There’s no feeling of depth, nor does the reader get the opportunity to care much about the characters. The only one I built up any kind of feeling for was the local Sheriff who was investigating the... oh, sorry, can’t tell you what he was investigating. And not surprisingly, as twist piles on twist, credibility is the chief victim.

One minor irritation is that Cavanagh, clearly feeling that constant repetition of he/she, her/his, etc., would be irritating, chooses to use they/their instead – grammatically tooth-drilling to my pedantic soul. We really need to create a gender-neutral word. So, since the fault lies with the inadequacy of our language, I bit the bullet and forgave the author. Just.

Overall, I found it a fast-paced page-turner that kept me amused while reading, and will almost instantly be forgotten. That’s fine, though – sometimes entertainment is all that’s wanted, and this delivers well on that score. Recommended as a well written bit of fun.

NB This book was provided for review by the publisher, Orion.
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Whew this book was a ride. The story certainly lives up to both the title and synopsis! It was full of twists and turns, action, crime, mystery, and was a thoroughly entertaining read from beginning to end. I am going to do my best to write a spoiler free review, because this book has so many twists (as mentioned) that I don't want to ruin them for you!

I'm going to start by praising Steve Cavanagh because I am a serial ending ruiner. I guess the end within a third of the book without trying. I don't set out to try and work it out, it just happens, so I almost always ruin the ending for myself (books, films, TV, you name it!) and that did not happen with this story. I'm not sure what I actually thought about the ending, I think each person will have a different reaction, but I didn't see it coming and that is a pleasant departure from the norm for me.

The loose concept behind the story is that there is an author (who I equate to James Patterson in term of literary genre and popularity) who writes under a pseudonym and is entirely unknown to the entirety of the world (except their editor). Every time someone gets close to guessing the identity of J T LeBeau, or approaches the person to out their identity, they are murdered in clinical and forensically clean fashion, often appearing as a story line/victim in a subsequent novel. This premise was great, and really fascinatingly done as you were reading the book as though it was a J T LeBeau novel and not one about the author which was pretty cool to read as well, if only novel in it's execution.

The characters themselves were not in abundance, and while I am often all about the side characters, that was a good thing in this book. The close knit circle of protagonists and antagonists were forever moving and changing and having a small selection (I think just 5 that were really explored) made this ever shifting web of deceit and complexity that much more dynamic. For reasons that will become evident if you ever read the book, `I won't go too much into each character for fear of spoiling the novel, but it follows a married couple entering their their year of less than wedded bliss who are facing marital challenges. The woman is having an affair with a local guy and has been for 5 months, and the guy has a secret he has been keeping from her. Alongside this we have an older policeman who is working alongside an introverted and analytical female cop who he admires immensely for her ability to work things out. The book features murder, kidnapping, blackmail, and violence, plus a whole host of other things, and occurs almost exclusively within this tight knit circle, always featuring one, some, or all of these characters. At different points in the book, I believed it was 4 of the different characters within the story, which shows just how many twists there are in the book and how many ways the reader is pulled.

The only negative I did have about the book that did knock it down a level was the convoluted nature of the plot. Yes, it twisted and turned, and yes it wasn't an end I could guess, but I think it was due to the complicated nature of the story and the often unrealistic storyline. OK, I am not one to talk about enjoying unrealistic storylines, especially when it comes to thrillers, but elements of this didn't sit right and impacted my overall enjoyment. The detectives, for a start, are described as being competent and throughout have an attention to detail, yet cold case murders and investigations mentioned and featured would suggest otherwise. The author/murderer is described as ruthless and has the ability to dispatch victims with ease, without a trace, but I am not sure I believe the number of deaths could be explained without a link back to them in some way. Would I have suspended belief more if the character was a spy/high level military operative, yeah, probably, because I don't know that world at all and could believe that had been trained to have the skills needed, but the story is about ordinary people who have succeeded in normal professions and therefore creates an unbelievable dichotomy between the author and the murderer, even though they're the same person.

I fear this review sounds more negative than positive, which wasn't really my intention, it is just easy to write negative aspects spoiler free than the positives and bits you liked without ruining the story. I did thoroughly enjoy the book, and would still recommend it, because overall, it was a good book. I did enjoy it, it was action packed, and I had fun reading it on holiday. I do think it falls more into throwaway thriller fiction for a holiday read, and there is nothing wrong with that at all, so if that is your jam then I think you will really enjoy this book. If you do notice discrepancies or find plot twists quite jarring, it might not be the one for you. It kept me hooked in, and even though I did find it a little complicated and convoluted, it did still hold together to a plausible(ish) ending and was true to the narrative Cavanagh has constructed.
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