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The Anuk Chronicles

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A good story. Well written characters. The worldbuilding was well done. I also enjoyed the cover as well.
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Really enjoyed the overall story for the book and the lead up to more books in the series.
I almost didn’t finish the book and write a review because the way it’s written is difficult to follow. The book tends to jump from one group of characters to another as well as from one event to the next sometimes without any explanation or lead in. Due to those factors it was more difficult for me to enjoy. Once I was able to get around it though I found I truly enjoyed the story. The characters are well developed. My favorite is Alexius. Reading and seeing as he found his true path and the journey he took was what compelled me to finish reading. After he felt slightly displaced everywhere else, him reading his fathers words in the journal and seeing what he was meant to do was worth the struggle.
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