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The Liverpool Nightingales

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I really enjoy books with stories set in the past, particularly the Victorian Era, so I had a good feeling about this book. It is an interesting read with believable characters, well plotted and descriptive, full of nostalgia and it has a great storyline. What really shows through in the author's writing is her own experience within the nursing profession, so this makes for a brilliant read. 
The Liverpool Nightingales is the second book in the nursing series and tells Maud's story. We still hear mention of Ada Houston, albeit a much smaller part.
I liked Maud from the off, I had a feeling that she'd be a likeable character and I knew she actually was quite early on. Having been in service at the big house under Miss Fairchild from the age of 13, she had lived a fairly sheltered life, with no family to guide and love her.
I loved seeing Maud's character develop and the new friendships she gained. Will Maud also find her 'love'? I couldn't wait to find out as well as enjoying the story as it flowed and kept me gripped throughout.
We meet a few not very nice characters but most, I liked, in particular Miss Fairchild and I felt quite sad for her at one point. 
The story flows at a nice pace and is full of drama and it really made me wonder what was going to happen next. 
It covers a sensitive topic and goes to show that people have always suffered, such as is mentioned in the story. 
I enjoyed the first in the series, Miss Nightingale's Nurses, but I think that this was better as I felt that although set in once place, I enjoyed the storyline more. 
I loved the quotes from Miss Nightingale which were quoted before each chapter and it made me think, again, to how much we owe this brave, selfless, influential lady from years gone by.
I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading: Daughter's of Liverpool, book 3 in the Nursing series, which is out now.

Thank you to Penguin UK - Michael Joseph and to NetGalley
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Another excellent book written by Kate Eastham, I enjoyed it very much.
The characters are believable and sympathetically written when necessary. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me read this book in exchange for a review. I will be putting this review on Amazon too.
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Preferred this book to the first one. Love all books about nursing. I love that you get to know the characters and all the different personalities within the hospital daily life.. love family sagas then this is for you
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In Victorian Liverpool the first Nurses' Home opens its doors to a desperate city. Liverpool, 1870. One act of kindness will change a young woman's life forever . . . On the dirty backstreets of Liverpool, housemaid Maud Linklater witnesses an appalling accident. Rushing young chimney-sweep Alfie to hospital, she helps nurse the boy on the overcrowded ward - and finds herself with a new job. Maud cannot believe her luck at joining trainees Alice and Eddy at the new Nurses' Training School and they form the closest of bonds. Then one day Alfie is abducted. Maud and the girls know the alleyways and slums of Liverpool are no place for a lost little boy. Can these determined women find Alfie before it's too late?

Absolutely loved this book and raced through it in no time. A brilliant set of characters and a plot packed with emotions. HIghly recommended!
*** Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for granting me access to this title.
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A delightful nursing saga with some great characters and a lovely storyline. I think this will be devoured by fans of call the midwife as well as anyone who loves Liverpool sagas.
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I was attracted to this book because I am Liverpool born and bred, and was interested to see if I recognised any of the places mentioned.  However, this is a book for everyone who likes a good easy read with warm and likeable characters and a plot with a few unexpected twists.  

I didn't read the first book but don't think that affected my enjoyment.  The story is told in a simple style and brings with it a real sense if nostalgia for a more simple way of life than we have now  It was fascinating to read about medical practices in the Victorian era that the story is based in, and it made me so thankful to live at a time where medicine is so advanced.  That people died from such simple things that are so easily treated today is quite shocking.  As is the fact that because the water was so bad, nurses got a daily allowance of 3 pints of beer!

The main character, Maud, is warm, engaging and likeable as are the supporting characters, apart from the baddies of course!  Maud finds help in the most unexpected of places, and from people who's path she would not normally cross.  Some scenes are really heartwarming, in a particular one of the births, but no spoilers as to which one.  Each chapter starts with a quote from Florence Nightingale which are really interesting too.

This is an easy, gentle read that definitely left me with the warm and fuzzies.  I received an arc via Netgalley but the views expressed here are my own.
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I just love these books with the nightingale nurses,amazing stories back in the day. Kate Eastham has it spot on.
The characters are amazing. I just want more. Alice having a baby and staying at Stella's. family reuniting,love being discovered and new journeys to New York.
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Set in 1870  fifteen years after the Crimea war. A group of new trainee nurses start their training on the wards. The story follows their lives for the following year with their ups and downs along the way.  A beautifully written and entertaining novel that will hold you until the end. I certainly enjoyed this and I know you will too.. The things that were went on in those days that wouldn't be dreamed of today, it makes you wonder how anyone survived being ill or maimed. Go and get this book for yourself and enjoy living in the past.
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As a nurse myself I love these books 
Highly recommended and the storylines are amazing 
Loved to have been in this period as it’s wrote so perfect and entices you from start to finish
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I loved historical saga and this one didn’t disappoint. A really lovely read, rich with local history and lovely characters. A must read!
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I requested this book as I was born and raised in Liverpool and still live here. I'm so glad I did, I loved it. Reading about the 1800s in Liverpool and about the new nursing homes was brilliant for me. The story itself, starting with the poor little boy being stuck up the chimney was amazing.

Thanks to NetGalley for my copy.
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An excellent book set in the Victorian age in the Nurses' Training School.   It involves a housemaid named Maud who becomes a trainee nurse when she takes   a young lad named Alfie,  who is a chimney-sweep, to  hospital   after he was involved in an accident.     She sets out to find him with the help of two other trainees after he disappears.    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and recommend it to anyone.
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Great read which covers all emotions. I couldn't put it down.
I would thoroughly recommend this book.
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A nostalgic read. I love this genre of books and this one most certainly didn’t disappoint. 
It kept my attention from the first to last page. 
Can’t wait for more in this series
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Maud is a housemaid in Liverpool. When the chimney boy of the sweep is injured in the house where she works the housekeeper insists she take Albert to the Infirmary.Maud becomes fond of Albert & visits often. Her quick thinking & care brings her to the attention of the nursing supervisor who suggests Maud trains as a nurse. Encouraged by the housekeeper she is soon moved into the nursing home & working as a probationer nurse. This is an exciting time for nursing. Spurred on by Florence Nightingale's work & teachings, women begin to find themselves realising they are stronger & more useful than society gives them credit for.

This was a heartwarming story with great characters. I'm sorry I missed the first in the series but am hoping for a follow up. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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A great read telling the story of some probationer nurses following the practice of Florence Nightingale. Maud is a housemaid who ends up becoming a Nurse after visiting a patient on the ward. Maud quickly makes friends with Eddy and Alice and seems to become an enemy of Nancy. I enjoyed reading their ups and downs of life as probationary nurses. I look forward to reading more about them as they become qualified and venture out into the world of nursing.
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A nostalgic read in more ways the one. First of all I hail from the city of Liverpool and the references to many of the places, such as Lime Street. the Liverpool Royal Infirmary and the Blue Coat School, as well as the statesmen who also came from the city, bring the comfort of recognition.

This is a simple heart-warming story set in Victorian Liverpool just after the Crimean War. It focuses on trainee nurses and reflects the social classes of the time as they witness a variety of patients. The main one is an eight year-old orphan boy who was injured while working as a chimney sweep, having been bought from the workhouse. Others include an injured ex-soldier who fought in the Crimean who met up with real historical figures of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, whose methods of nursing the hospital adopts.

The writing style evokes nostalgia as well as I remember reading stories like this a long time ago. Despite references to prostitution and severe injuries there are no graphic scenes or any kind of lurid language. When coupled with the simple themes of compassion, friendship and the limitations imposed on women, this makes a suitable read for youngsters to gain a flavour of Victorian times and especially the social norms for women and children.

The story doesn't begin in a great way, with an information dump about the central characters' backgrounds and family ties. I understand that this is a sequel but there are better strategies to  include previous story lines. There is also the contrived and clumsy technique of describing someone's face as they catch their own reflection (oh dear). Eventually this settles down and the story begins. 

There are many strong and forthright females, which was probably the case in the women dominated nurses field, but there are times when the timid ones overstretch credibility as most women in Victorian England knew their place. Nevertheless, after the slow start the new nurses' challenges in the hospital keep the interest going with the philosophy of Florence Nightingale and the Victorian beliefs a fascinating insight. A nice touch is that each chapter includes a quote from Nightingale.

This is an easy, engaging tale with a good pace and very enjoyable, especially if gentle medical and nostalgia are your thing. Recommended.
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Absolutely loved this book and raced through it in no time. A brilliant set of characters and a plot packed with emotions. HIghly recommended!
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I was happy to be given a chance to review this book and it is a great follow on to the first book,the story is lovely and full of emotion with great characters.I can highly recommend this book.
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