Truman the Dog

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When Dad comes home with a surprise, he immediately captures 8-year-old Kaita's attention. The Takano family doesn't have to wait long for their new surprise and guest. They're going to be a foster family. Truman, a black Lab, is an older pet that acts pretty shy for the first little bit after arriving. However, it doesn't take long for him to feel comfortable with Ollie, the families dachshund, and the family. Comfortable enough to exhibit some pent up energy and excitement. Oops! The family might be facing some real challenges.

There are four books in the My Furry Foster Family series for 1st – 2nd graders. This book has five chapters and approximately two illustrations in each chapter.

What Concerned Me:

Though I really liked the thought of a series that introduces foster families, I had a concern. At first, Kaita acted like it was going to be near impossible to see Truman go to a forever family, which felt realistic. (Goodness, I'm well beyond 8 year's old and I think it would pull on my heartstrings.) But for some reason, Kaita did an about-face, was understanding and almost anxious to see Truman go.

It's one thing to logically understand that Truman needs a forever family, but emotionally it should have been a little harder. But on the flip side, I guess you don't need kids crying over the book, but it's important to point out that being a foster family most likely would be a little tough.

I have to be honest, I'm not that familiar with chapter books, but I think it would have been nice to have had one more illustration per chapter.

What I Liked Most:

I liked that this story was more about fostering and caring for an animal rather than adopting. The back of the book provides a few discussion questions, activities, and a glossary, which is nice. And as I mentioned earlier, I would like to have seen more of the cute artwork, since it adds quite a bit to the story.
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This is a cute story about a young girl, Kaita, and her parents as they begin to care for foster pets until they can be paired with their new forever family. I enjoyed the warmth and cooperation between the three family members to care for their pets. 

The antics of the foster dog, Truman, provided funny content for the illustrations. Kids will love the illustration of him in the kitchen with the garbage strewn about. 

The author did share a lesson or two through the main character Kaita. She learned that sometimes with pets, you have to be diligent to keep things picked up off the floor because curious dogs may just chew things to pieces.

The additional content at the end about the real life Kaita was heartwarming too. 

All in all, an excellent book for kids. There’s nothing really new here, but several things included as mentioned above, go above and beyond the basic pet story for additional reader connection and interest. There are other books available in this series.
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Love this first installment in this new series by Debbi Florence! Truman is a typical foster dog that is looking for his furever family. Kaita Takano has her work cut out for her to get Truman ready for adoption. Our students will love this first book in the series (especially those that love Hound Hotel)! We can’t wait to experience the next adventure with the lovable Takano family!
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This is a sweet beginning chapter book. The illustrations are engaging. Hand this to your blooming reader who loves animals.
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4+ stars: Debbi Michiko Florence’s Truman the Dog is a thoroughly enjoyable short/beginning chapter book interspersed with adorable illustrations by Melanie Demmer. In the book, a family with one very well-behaved dog named Ollie temporarily adds a second older, more mischievous dog to the mix. Kaita and her family begin fostering a dog named Truman. 

Chewing on a backpack, refusing to willingly enter a bathtub, and rolling around in garbage after knocking over the bin are a few of instances in which Truman finds trouble. The family reacts well and without anger to his antics, and they discuss Kaita’s feelings about Truman and his future as the right dog for another family. While upset at first, Kaita comes to accept the temporary nature of fostering and the importance of helping many animals find the right place. 

After the story, the author includes a few questions and activities, a glossary of some words used in the book, and a bit about herself and “the real Kaita.” Recommended!
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My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our nightly instalments of ‘Truman the dog’.
He is 8 years old and I felt this was the perfect age to independently read this story, although as an adult I really enjoyed it too! 
A great children’s story.
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Katia and her family, who have a dog named Ollie, provide a foster home for Truman while he waits for his forever home. Although Truman is very lovable, he gets himself into some puppy trouble. Katia immediately falls in love with him and is conflicted about how she'll feel when it's time to let him go. This short, illustrated chapter book for early readers has a positive message about caring for animals and shows what it's like to foster a pet. It's a sweet start to a series that will appeal especially to early readers who enjoy stories about animals and pets.
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Truman the Dog is a beginning chapter book that is sure to engage new readers who love dogs.  With short chapters, appealing illustrations (some seemingly by the narrator), and action it is sure to appeal.  See what happens when Truman enters a foster family and reacts.  Watch him with his foster family and the family dog as they interact.

Young readers will enjoy the refrain, "Oh Truman, you found trouble." Along with Kaita, young readers will wonder about where Truman will next live. 

Your heart will definitely be warmed as you get to know this pup and family.

There are a number of bonus sections in the back including suggestions about drawing, meeting the real Kaita who was the basis for the girl in the story and more information about fostering.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an engaging beginning reader.  All opinions are my own.
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This was a cute book about fostering dogs.   I have fostered dogs in the past.  I love that this is for younger kids.  I believe that the younger we can teach children to be kind to animals, the better this world will be.  It was very accurate describing the different feelings fostering a dog and watching it go to their forever home feels like.  Also, the book protrayed accurately how the dog reacts to a new environment.  I discovered at the end of the book that there are books in this series. I look forward to reading all of them.
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This is a lovely book, full of sweet illustrations, with lots of character. It’s a great introduction to the temporary nature of fostering for an existing child of potential fosterers. Starting out with animals instead of humans.

Outside of that it’s a sweet story too.
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Such a fun middle grade read. This book is about a family that fosters a dog and all the trouble he causes but also about all the things the family learns during the experience. 

This book is a great example of a book that teaches and is entertaining to kids. Younger readers will learn about what fostering a dog is and means about about pet care and the things that can come up when learning about a new pet. It it a wonderful story about caring for a dog in need.

Kaita learns so much from this experience and it is lovely to be along for the ride with her. I think that this book would be a great addition to a family library, especially those that love pets or are thinking of fostering animals.
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I absolutely loved this little chapter book! It's the perfect story to introduce kids to the idea of fostering pets that are looking for their forever families. Kaita and her family already have a dog that they rescued, but they decide to open their hearts and homes to Truman, a black lab who needs a new home. Truman is past the cute puppy stage, but still has a lot of the destructive puppy behaviors. Kaita's family helps him get over some of his shyness and bad behaviors. 

The story does discuss how hard it is for foster families to let go of their foster pets, but also shines a light on how important the care of pet fosters is for the families looking to permanently adopt. There's also a nice little story in the back of the book on the real Kaita who inspired the fictional Kaita, complete with pictures. 

5/5 stars, highly recommend. This is one of a series of four books covering pet fosters, and I'll be keeping my eye out for the others!
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There are lots of good things about this children's story aimed at the five to seven age group. The story is well-paced, easy to understand and written in a fun, upbeat way. The illustrations are colourful and lovely, and they complement the text perfectly.

This book features the Takano family and their experiences, as they foster older rescue dog Truman. Told from Kaita, the daughter's point of view, this story contains accurate descriptions of fostering a large dog both good and not so good, and manages to portray the dos and don'ts of fostering rescue animals, in an easily understandable and non-judgmental way.

This is more a diary of experiences than a  story, but it is entertaining to read and does put the messages across well.  It is also worth noting that the advanced reader copy I read is written in English (US), which does raise differences in spellings of keywords for the UK readers. Not a problem for adults, but may engender some confusion in young readers?

I like the sections at the back of the book, a glossary of terms, some questions to think about in relation to the story, and some activities.  There is also a feature on the young girl and family who inspired the story, which is interesting.

This is part of a series of books on fostering animals, which will make educational and entertaining reading for the age group intended.

I received a copy of this book from Capstone via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This is a great new addition to the series My Furry Foster Family. Designed for children 5-7 years old it’s great little beginner chapter book about fostering a dog named Truman. 8 year old Kaita has her hands full with Truman as he gets into lots of trouble at her house. 
I enjoyed reading this younger reader and think children at the right reading level will enjoy it also. I appreciate the series and would like to introduce my 8 year old to it. He would love to read about being a foster family to a pet in need of a home. A very sweet story with delightful illustrations!
Thank you to NetGalley and Capstone for this advanced reader copy.
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This book is part of the Furry Foster Family Series by Debbi Michiko Florence and Illustrations by Melanie Demmer and is about a family who fosters a Dog named Truman, but not everything goes as planned while Truman is there.

I read this book with my sons during our Homeschool session today, and we all loved it! The Story itself was very heartwarming and I believe it will win the hearts of those kids who truly love animals. I love that it teaches you about fostering animals and helping out in any way possible. The only thing we did wish for was more illustrations, my boys loved the pictures and they were all so beautiful, just wish there were more so I'm giving this book 4/5 stars. All in all, I will be recommending this to our Homeschool Co-op group for being such a loving story. I was sent this book for an honest review by Netgalley and the publishing company Capstone, so a big thank you to them.
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A short chapter book about a dog named Truman who is being fostered until he finds his forever home.  A lot of things go wrong, but in the end, it goes all right for everyone.
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An early reader book about the Takano family. This book is a heartwarming book about a little girl named Kaito and being a foster parent to a rescue dog named Truman. At first Truman is very wary of new people, and chews things when left alone. The family learns all about Truman and what personality he has, and adjust their care accordingly. They find out how hard it is giving him up, once they have fallen in love with him and he is a part of their lives.  In the end they are a little sad, but also very happy Truman found a good forever-family. Highly recommend to all families, especially if they are thinking about being foster parents to a pet.
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I'll definitely be purchasing this early chapter book series for my library. The story is sweet and cute, the ups and downs of being a foster family for pets are addressed, the illustrations are adorable, and having another series for animal lovers on the shelves is always a plus—as is a series with a mixed-race lead and other lead POC characters. One last plus comes at the end of the book: pictures of a real-life Kaita, on whom the protagonist is loosely based, explanations of their similarities and differences, and clear delineation of the terms ‘fiction’ and ‘nonfiction’. One irritation? The occasional use of sentence fragments, which I’ve been noticing in everything from chapter books to series nonfiction. I’m not averse to using fragments for style, but at this reading level, I’m concerned that kids will adopt them in their writing and get corrected/marked down by their teachers—which would have been frustrating for me as a kid. I’m not a rigid grammarian; I think sentence fragments will probably be the next thing to be widely accepted as ‘not incorrect’ due to common usage. But (see what I did there 😉?) that hasn’t happened yet, and until it does, I’d prefer not to see them in books geared to young learners.
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Truman, a spunky back lab, needs foster care before he finds his forever home.  The Takano family has volunteered to have him come and stay with them indefinitely until a home can be found.  

He is full of mischief and keeps the family on alert each and every day.  Eight-year-old Kaita gets very attached to him even though he is a little rascal.  Will he find a family who wants to adopt him and keep him always?  Will Kaita be able to let him go knowing his stay with her family was only temporary? 

"Truman the Dog" is part of the "My Furry Foster Family" series. This simple and inspiring chapter book has fun, kid-friendly illustrations that are very relatable.  The author has included a glossary at the end of the book of words that may be unfamiliar to the young reader.  

The story is charming, the message is positive: rescue animals are available to love and blend into your family.  Both parties are happy winners when that happens.  I highly recommend this book.
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This was a beautiful and caring book about fostering animals. Truly wonderful storyline and the illustrations did it justice. An absolutely amazing book that filled my heart with love.
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