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The newest series by Debbi Michiko Florence is perfect for young readers. My Furry Foster Family tells the story of how Kaita and her family decide to foster pets instead of adopt a new one. Truman the Dog is the first in the series and it addresses the highs and lows of fostering a dog. Kaita and her family learn that while fostering can bring great joy, it also brings a fair bit of trouble.
We love Kaita and her family and friends and it wasn't hard to fall in love with Truman either. Already looking forward to the next!
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Kaita and her family are fostering animals until they find their forever home. So, when Truman, the half-breed lab comes in their home, Kaita instantly loves him! The little doggy gets into trouble in the most adorable ways, and the family adores him. But when the time finally comes for Truman to go to his forever family, Kaita finds it hard to separate from him. Can she find the courage to let Truman go to his new family?

Truman the Dog is an adorable book about fostering animals. It teaches children in the most loving and simple way what fostering animals means, and why it is so important. The illustrations accompanying the story are simply adorable, and the combined result is outstanding. At the end of the book, the young reader can find a small glossary to help them with some words.

Truman the Dog is an absolute delight, and a book I would definitely recommend for all children.
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This is a nice early chapter book for kids about a girl and her family who foster a dog named Truman. It's well written and has an interesting premise. I think my main complaint is that it seems very young. The main character is eight, which I suppose gives you an idea of the book's audience, but even so, I thought the story was a little simplistic. Compared to, say, Kate DiCamillo's Mercy Watson series of chapter books, this one wasn't really challenging (the glossary of unfamiliar words in the back might be helpful for kids... but only if they don't know what words like "adopt" and "veterinarian" mean). I also didn't entirely buy the ease with which Kaita was able to give up Truman when it came time for him to go to his forever home; I have my doubts as to whether an eight-year-old would be able to let go so easily, without any tears. (Kaita is inspired by a real-life little girl, so perhaps the fictional Kaita's reaction was based on real life. Still, I would've liked to see the characters face a little more difficulty with this part of the story, since such a book might inspire a kid to want to foster an animal and they need to be prepared to have to give it up at some point.)

The illustrations are colourful and cute. I just wish there were more of them. There are only about two per chapter (and each chapter is around ten pages), so it made the book seem quite heavy on the text. Despite the simplicity of the story, the high text-to-picture ratio might be intimidating for some early readers.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing (even though it was simple, it was done well) and the interesting topic of fostering animals. The illustrations are fun, too. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not (I foresee whines of, "Can we foster a dog? Please?") but maybe this book would work for kids who already have pets and/or already have experience with fostering.
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I read this book with a class of 6 year olds. They were delighted by the mischief the pets got into and almost every page got a giggle. This book was a pleasure to read, and it was a gateway for the children to share their own stories about their pets and favourite animals. The take-home message about caring for our pets and showing compassion was lovely too. It was a quick and happy story to read together, and it I know other classes would enjoy it too. The suggested activities and inspiration-sources at the back of the book were a nice touch as well.
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I recommend this book for young, early school aged children who are learning to read chapter books. I appreciate that the book has a glossary in the back for children to refer to.

Truman is the Dog is a story about a foster dog named Truman and Kaita's family who fosters him. The book shows different trials that foster pets and their families endure. For example, Truman is initially shy, but quickly warms up with the love, patience, and understanding of his foster family. Truman also has a wild streak and gets himself into trouble (as foster pets often do!). Kaita's family handles these situations with the utmost compassion. This book would be great for the children of families who foster pets. This book could be used as a teaching point for the children prior to bringing a new foster or an adopted pet into the house. The situations prompt discussions and can be used as talking points between parents and children. Truman the Dog is not only good for pet foster families, the story is sure to touch the hearts of all children. The illustrations throughout the book are also a plus.
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