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I found this book to be quite hard going. In the middle I began to get lost. It was a struggle to finish and it was not for me.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Anna has just graduated University and lands herself a job in journalism.  On a night out she meets Harry a fellow journalist and from that moment her life is changed for ever.

The writing in this is excellent.    Philby is able to create tension and emotion throughout the book. The issue that I have is that I never really knew exactly what was happening even when I thought I did.   The ending didn't clear anything up either!!  The idea of the story is good but I disliked most of the characters and lacked the empathy for Anna that I think would have made reading this more enjoyable.  I don't often give lower than 🌟🌟🌟 but I think I'm going to have to here just because of the lack of clarity.
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I started reading this book and it wasn’t what I expected though I was liking what I read. 
However as the story went on and I got further through the book, I realised I didn’t like any of the characters for different reasons and I think this is the first time that had even happened. 
It became complicated and it was harder to read and keep track of what was happening, in all honesty this could of just been me. The ending wasn’t what I expected and it felt a bit unfinished, I had questions and queries. 
I did finish the book which says something but I was disappointed, as I say this could of just been me and I will reread it again to establish if that was the case. I wanted to like it as it started so strong.
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A struggled to get into this even though the book description drew me in.  There is a lot of tooing and froing from past to present which left me confused and the story was difficult to follow.
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The flow and delivery was a bit of a let down which meant I struggled to finish this all in one go and had to read a few other books in between to avoid a reading slump. I enjoyed the premise though!
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A chilling, compulsive and cleverly crafted story told from two viewpoints – Anna’s and Maria’s, the nanny. It’s beautifully written and kept me intrigued throughout, although I did have to concentrate to keep up with all the characters and the changes in narrator. Like the characters, you find yourself questioning everything and really don’t know who to trust.

I loved the exotic locations, especially as I was reading the book during lockdown, and although it’s hard to feel sympathy for Anna I did find her life fascinating. The ending came as a complete surprise, making this a thought-provoking read that will stay with me.
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An addictive read, could not leave it down once I started it,  thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to other readers x
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I'm sorry I just can't be doing with non endings. If you're writing some sort of weird parallel trilogy (the only way this and following book makes sense) make that clear.
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I kept reading this book because I wanted to find out what happened to the main character, Anna. I came to the end of the book and still don't know! What happened to all of these characters? Where was David in the end and with whom? Who exactly was Harry? Did Clive know about all of this? Where were the twins during all of this death of their father and intrigue? Too many questions and not enough answers for me. Too confusing a read.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the preview of this book.  It was a gripping and thrilling read. We are about to enter another 6 week lockdown in Ireland & this book distracted me from the crap news.
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The premise of the book was good, I was taken in by the blurb. But the delivery was confusing and I had to struggle to get to the end. I hopped, skipped, and rushed through the entire book. 
An okay read
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This just wasn’t for me, I found it very slow and a little unclear in parts, making it a bit of a chore to read. After reading other reviews, I’ve found a couple of people have said the same, really sorry.
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This book sounded really gripping and it started reasonably well with a variety of intriguing strands including Anna's mysterious past. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. Anna must be the most incompetent and gullible would-be spy in literature. It defines credulity that a character can become so very successful in her professional life when she is portrayed as being totally devoid of common sense.
The middle section of the book became introspective and, to be blunt, so tedious that I almost didn't bother to finish it. The ending seemed to be a rushed attempt to draw together the various strands from a variety of perspectives but was unsatisfactory.

Thanks all the same to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC of this disappointing book.
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Oh no! A book with two points of view (not my favourite). The main narrator is Anna and slightly less so, Maria an old girl friend of Anna's husband David..She also becomes a nanny to their twin daughters.

An old boyfriend of Anna recruits her to be a spy on her father in laws company, Dubious?

Until this spying mission the book wasn't too bad, but I lost it in the middle and then at the end. Anna's decision making was questionable and not entirely believable.

Thanks to Net Galley and Borough Press for the chance to read and review.
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Despite this book being quite unbelievable, I found myself hooked on it and I enjoyed reading it!

We have two narrators - Anna and Maria - although Anna is our main narrator. She becomes obsessed with a man who encourages her to spy on a friend's family, and the situation soon spirals out of Anna's control. 

There are lots of twists and turns and things get sillier towards the end, but it's lots of fun and I found myself nicely carried along with the story. I didn't even mind the very open-ended finale!
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Thank you Borough Press and NetGalley for this book. 
I liked it, I didn't like it, I liked it.  I couldn't decide on this at first and then did like and then didn't like and got confused. 
In the end I decided I liked it, it is in two parts and you really do second guess constantly.  An excellent plot and very well written. 
Can I please have the next book by Charlotte? .
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I felt like I was reading two different books - the first half of the book was gripping and page turning - so promising.

The second half was hard work, boring at times and hard to understand - the ending was odd - I have no idea what the author is trying to say happened at the end.....

So much promise at the start - ultimately a disapointment :(
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Married into a family whose business activities are corrupt, Anna is working to expose the truth behind Tradesmarts international crimes which have killed thousands of people. Torn between her love for David and uncovering the truth, Anna gets in too deep and her actions come back to bite her. Part of the family is told from the perspective of Anna & Maria, a childhood friend of David’s who becomes the nanny to David & Anna’s children. 

I really enjoyed ‘Part of the Family’, it’s full of surprises which just keeps you hooked from start to finish.  Throughout the book you see different sides to each character which leaves you torn with who is right and wrong.

I was torn between empathy for Anna as she struggles to make the right decisions due to having a trouble childhood and her parents blaming her for her brothers dead and also feeling disappointment as she has everything she could wish for and is throwing it all away on her relationship with Harry and being involved in uncovering the truth about Tradesmart. 

Only gave this a 4 out 5 as the ending is a cliffhanger which leaves you with loads of questions but it means you can form your own version of what happens. I would have loved to have found out if the truth about Tradesmart was uncovered and who was at the door!!  Overall a really interesting and engaging read, with twists and turns.
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The novel is told from the points of view of Anna and Maria, and set between London and the Greek islands. Anna is recruited to be a spy on her father in laws company, Maria is an old flame of David's and moves in to become the nanny for Anna and David's twin girls. I enjoyed the book, but would  love a follow up to know what happened to Anna and Maria in the end? Did the company get found out and taken to court in the end or not and how come we only find out at the last minute about Clive having terminal cancer - is it true or a bluff? It seems everyone is double crossing everyone in this.
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Glamour, suspense, betrayal....this book should have it all but I felt let down at the final hurdle. Anna's life looks perfect. She is a gorgeous, successful editor, married to a handsome rich man, with twin daughters and a home in Hampstead. But Anna gets recruited to provide intelligence on her father-in-law and Anna herself is very complicated and insecure. Together this makes for an unstable situation and the cat and mouse game begins. 

I always struggle with books when I don't like the main character. I am less tolerant of their flaws and more critical of the plot. Anna's choices didn't make sense to me and I struggled to understand her. Her life is beautifully described and glamorous, but she wasn't even living it, in a true sense. I think it was a brave effort and I was really intrigued for most of it, but I expected more from the last few chapters.
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