The Little Book of Autism FAQs

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As the grandparent of a recently diagnosed autistic child, Davida Hartman's book is a new addition to my reference library. Rather than lecturing about dry facts, he lets those on the spectrum speak for themselves. Applause for the author and the unique perspective that he provides on a complex, and often confusing, subject.
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This was a complimentary copy courtesy of netgalley -  thank you

This was of interest as I have an autistic nephew 

A great little book - lots of interesting information, perceptions of autism and how to deal with the initial awkwardness

Also, I feel it gets the conversation going and blasts some perceptions people have generally about the condition
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An okay look at Autism in an easy to read format. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Very nice book and quite informative without too much jargon.  Its great to dip in and out of with your child and has helped our family
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A good introductory advice book for parents who want a quick and easy-to-read book that guides them through discussions with their children about autism. Despite its length, a lot of information is packed into this little book while still managing to be accessible and manageable. Hartman has done her research within autistic-led spaces both online and offline, and it was good to see so many autistic people's words referenced throughout the book. 

The book gives practical strategies and advice for introducing children to their autism, regardless of their age. The advice it gives is based on acceptance, strengths, and understanding while also not playing down difficulties and challenges. Most questions that could arise from introducing a child to their autism diagnosis are covered and the answers cover not just the discussion with the child but also how parents can start to make their wider home and community environments more autism-friendly.

What kept it from hitting five stars for me was I wish there was a bit more on how to have these types of discussions with children who also have a learning disability and/or experience barriers to having the types of conversations required to follow the advice in this book. The author acknowledged in the introduction that this was a limitation of this book, it's just that autistic people who have a learning disability or who experience huge barriers to communication are left out of so many books it's a shame that it's repeated here.

Given the general lack of advice given to parents when their child is diagnosed with autism, I think this is a well-rounded and solid resource that could help some parents explain to their children why they are different.
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This is an excellent resource. It helped a lot to understand a family member that was recently diagnosed.
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My six year old son was diagnosed with autism a little over a year ago. All the forms that I have filled out have always read quite negatively but I've come away feeling completely empowered and positive after reading this book.

I would recommend it to everyone, not just people with an autistic person in their life, because it's a great tool for understanding. It was good to read Q&As from people with autism, I've noted all of the books and YouTube videos to pick up and watch and I feel totally equipped to have the conversation with my son now.
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Very interesting and useful source of information for anyone dealing with this subject. It was very informative and answers many questions you may have and more
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This book is a good insite to autism and I really enjoyed reading this and learning and understanding autism more. 

I read this book as I have a 3yr old who is very emotional and school are going to look into getting diagnosed as on the spectrum
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I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hartman's "The Little Book of Autism FAQS" answers some of the most common questions about autism. It answers some important questions in two ways: The short answer and the long answer. In this way, it is easier to understand the meaning. Furthermore, it corrects some topics that people usually get wrong about autistic people.
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We were told our daughter might be autusitic and went scrambling for resources as we had never had to deal with anything like this before (we have three other kids). 
This book is an excellent resource for parents and will greatly benefit the children of the parents who read it. It’s broken up into question and answer format on difficult questions parents will face when dealing with an autism diagnosis. The questions are answered by real people so it gives you an idea of what to expect should you choose to address that particular question with your child(ren). I am grateful for the in depth, (but not overwhelming) overview in the beginning that explains various terminology associated with autism and the like. The authors do an excellent job tackling a controversial and emotional topic with warm, objective care.  

I highly recommend this book to any family who has an autistic child and to any one who knows a family with an autustic child. Medical professionals, teachers, clergymen, social workers, anyone who interacts with children would do well to have this book as a handy reference in their toolbox!
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The "not wanting to label " translation is " your drowning ,but we don't want to admit ,you were drowning " . As someone who got that excuse for no diagnosis I can say "Rubbish!" 
I had a breakdown in secondary school as a result of that .
Review will be on my blog for the publication of the book.
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