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This book immediately gripped me and didn't let go until the end. Lots of twists and turns to keep you reading late into the night. What a ride...I loved every minute of it.
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I hate giving negative reviews but this book just didn't gel with me. The 'action' happens straight from chapter one but for me this meant it was difficult to get to know and build a 'relationship' with the characters in my head.  As a result it was hard to invest in their stories and what was happening to them. The book was written well though and I enjoyed the ending.
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The Doctor by Lisa Stone is an addictive thriller that pulled me in from the very first page.  I read this book in a single sitting, and could not turn the pages quickly enough, so immersed was I in this creepy and twisted tale.

Emily and Ben, along with their young son Robbie, are living next door to Dr Amit Burman and his wife, Alisha.  Emily has tried to make friendly overtures to the doctor's wife in the spirit of being neighbourly, but she is rebuffed at every gesture.  The doctor is rude in the extreme, and Alisha appears to live in fear and isolation.  But Emily is persistent, and eventually gains access to the dark and foreboding house that is shrouded in mystery.  A tentative friendship begins to form between the two women, but now that Emily has penetrated the barriers of the house next door, is she prepared for the evil that lurks inside?

This is a gripping read, unsettling in the extreme, and the ending is wholly and deliciously sinister, and completely unexpected.  I will be anxious to read more from this author in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for this ARC.
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3.5 Stars. Thank you NetGalley for the Advanced Readers Copy of this book! I enjoyed the book but it didn't grip me like I thought it would. Emily gets too intrigued by her neighbors behavior or lack of. She then finds herself in the middle of their dark, creepy world just one house away. Some chapters left a bad taste in my mouth while others had me wanting to know what was going to happen. And I didn't see the twist coming at the end but some people will just stop at nothing.
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My word, buckle up, you're in for the ride of your life!
It begins with the couple Ben and Emily but ends with the whacked out bizarre neighbor Amit and Anita whose daughter is disabled.
The problem is Dr. Amit comes from a country who seeks success in the highest regard. You can't simply be happy in life you must enter into a challenging and high paying career.
So in not becoming a doctor but rather anesthesiologist was a disappointment but add to that a forced marriage and a child with medical issues and he's reached a breaking point.
He blames and shames his wife for the medical problems claiming she's the sole owner carrying the gene (heterochromia).
In the end we learn quite differently who the true carrier is and just how deranged Dr. Amit has become.
This is full on panic mode from start to finish and never let up.
The perfect thriller!
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Dr Burman has a sick wife and child, except nobody knows about his child. He works tirelessly to find a cure for his wife's terminal condition that has kept her housebound for years.
Next door, Emily tries to befriend Alisha, Dr Burman's wife, but Dr Burman doesn't like Alisha talking to anyone. When Emily goes missing, nobody suspects Dr Burman, but should they?
I enjoyed the book, but it didn't grip me like I had hoped it would. The attention to detail was very good.
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The Doctor is a wonderful, dark and incredibly rich mystery/thriller novel, so well built and fast paced that I wasn't able to put it down till I reached the end. I was absolutely captivated by the atmosphere, and the characters.

This novel submerges the reader in a landscape so detailed that the plot never feels forced, and is never difficult to understand or picture in one's mind. All in all, a fantastic and well-rounded novel!
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While I enjoyed this book it did come across as a bit far fetched.  The characters were not very believable and while I understood the motivation they still rang false. The plot was well developed and I liked the story....I just didn’t love it. But if you like good medical thrillers this is right up your alley.  Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
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What an amazing thriller! Absolutely loved the storyline and the heroes.  The writer spins a beautiful tale abd draws you in slowly but surely.
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I really found much of this book too unbelievable to take seriously. The premise revolves around a doctor who becomes obsessed with cryogenics and preserving life after death. However, the person he seems to be wanting to save (his wife, who is apparently very ill with an incurable genetic condition) is someone he seems to intensely dislike which creates strong tension in your incredulity as a reader. It’s a book about abuse, both domestic and against animals, and this part is real and unpleasant... There are twists within the plot, but the darkness seems very unrealistic, and characters act in unexpected ways that really don’t tie up with your constructed image of them- I’m particularly thinking of the ‘ cliffhanger’ here which was very bizarre and unlikely.
I didn’t have a problem with keeping up with characters which other reviewers have mentioned. I did however find it difficult to care about many of them ( children and pets excepted!) as with the exception of Amit, they seemed infuriatingly indecisive and directionless. He was certainly more purposeful but I felt him to be more caricature than person.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I’m sorry I didn’t like it!
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Stone crafts a fast paced plot and an outrageous storyline as well as well built tension throughout.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I truly hated the doctor. The title should have been changed to The Mad Doctor. And the book cover is so pretty. It takes placed in England but there were enough context clues so you can figure out what they were writing about. It was intriguing and there is a twist at the end I wasn't expecting..
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I struggled to get into this book at first, but the second half of the book was far better. The first have seem very slow and I didn't really know what was going to happen, but once I got the half way make it really picked up, I was gripped and didn't want to put it down. Great ending to the book and fabulous twist. Thanks natgalley for the advanced copy
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This one goes out to those who have always doubted their neighbours and of course for those who would want to read a gripping thriller.
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Really enjoyed this book , the plot and characters kept me hooked from the start , the only thing that wasn’t perfect for me is the fact I found it slightly predictable, saying that I would still highly recommend it .
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This book is seriously creepy and, as someone who reads a lots of crime and psychological thrillers, way up there with the best of them. The main antagonist is quite possibly one of nastiest I have read about while the protagonists are just a nice, happy family which makes what happens all the more startling. 

I really liked Emily, Ben and Robbie and their life was described in a way most of us would like to recognise. Their neighbours' forbidding house and strange way of living was chillingly brutal and never once felt embellished or unrealistic even though, with what went on, it should have.

The disappearance of a family member and the effect it has on others was also well drawn and I had no idea how it was going to turn out. The ending was not a disappointment but it was a surprise and all the better for that. 

There is no way this book can be rated anything other than a 5 and I would suggest starting it when you are pretty sure you can read it in one sitting. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it unreservedly.
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I found the book very easy to get into and very readable. There were some parts of the text though that irritated. The constant thinking by Emily over whether she should call round to see Alisha or not and later on when Emily goes missing, the dissecting of the note that she left and the conversations with the parents, it was a bit puerile in contrast to most of the book, especially with Amit, he came over as extremely creepy and nasty.
I thought that the Police would have taken it more seriously, despite the note, that she had disappeared. There was nothing to suggest she would just leave like that and you think that things would have been finger printed at the very least, especially as Ben had noticed that things were left where they normally wouldn't be.
A lot of research had gone into Cryonics and that is all very disturbing. 
I am sure Amit's behaviour would have been picked up much earlier and although the nurse felt it was difficult to come forward, he was an anaesthetist and not a surgeon. 
I felt a little bit disappointed with the ending, a bit rushed and not what I was expecting.
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A great read from start to finish. Lots of twists and turns and unexpected outcomes. Strong characters and a great setting. A fab story
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The Doctor was a very creepy book that just kept getting creepier. The book started out very fast paced and then started to get a little far fetched, but I read it pretty quickly. And I liked the surprise ending. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy.
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I felt this was a book with a lot of potential to be a great read for many people.  The characterisation was very good, the development of the "baddie" so to speak was particularly well done.  Dr Amit Burman, what a creep!  He was very well written and would leave any reader desperate to see him get his just desserts.  The character of the kind hearted Emily, who was the main protagonist in the story, was believable and relatable.   
I had some issues with the level of detail of some aspects of this novel, in particular relating to the science side of things, while it was clear that research had been undertaken and there was a level of understanding on the side of the author I felt that some parts were 'dumbed down' for the sake of the reader which I did not appreciate, there was a level of vagueness which stopped me from becoming fully immersed in these parts of the story.
I found some of the dialogue to be unauthentic which was occasionally a distraction and interrupted the pace and tempo of the story.  
The pace, on the whole was good, there was a good amount of tension throughout and many elements of suspense.  There were definitely parts of the book that were real page turners.  I think that fans of the thriller genre will on the whole enjoy this novel, and while for me it was not one of my most enjoyable reads I can see that this will appeal to a lot of other readers.
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