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I didn't really enjoy this book. The writing was very simplistic and the dialogue felt quite clunky in places. 

There were a lot of characters and I felt that some of them hindered rather than helped the plot along. I like psychological thrillers but this one was just a bit too far fetched for me- definitely more sci fi than the blurb would have you believe. I wouldn't have picked it up if I'd realised a central theme was cryogenics! 

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for my copy of this book.
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Emily is a stay at home mom who can not leave alone the fact that something is not right with her neighbors. With Amit, a doctor who every night is in his building to all hours and his wife Alisha who is gravely I'll and seems afraid to leave the house, emily knows something is not right. This book revolved around the science of cryonics which I found very interesting. At times it seemed realistic with all the medical knowledge played out for the reader but at other times it felt a bit far fetched. How did those around Smith not see the signs of him spiraling and of his eratic behavior? I had to keep reading and find out what happened in this book. It really had its books on me. Although i did like the main characters of this book such as Emily and Alisha, I did find that there were too many characters introduced which got a bit confusing and kind of did nothing. The plot was very original but I found the ending to fall a little short. I don't really know what it was about it but it just wasn't what the story was building up to. Overall though it was still a pretty good read.
I want to thank netgalley and Avon Books UK for an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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This is completely different to what I was expecting, this is so very far from the usual domestic thriller that I was expected and I loved it!!.  It was a wild ride of events and I enjoyed it so much.  The plot is so clever , there's so much information gone into it and provided that it makes you feel as if this is something that could well possibly not be too far from reality in years to come, which is just as terrifying as it is brilliant.  I really liked the fact it didn't have that many characters, just the focus being on a few central ones , and based mostly in one location , I always enjoy that in books personally.  It allows me to get properly stuck in and invested in what's happening and to who!.   The reveals and twists are so cleverly done , and just so slick that it makes it such an enjoyable and exciting read. This is my first book by this author but I can't wait to get my hands on others now!
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This was a very creepy read and not quite what I expected. Expertly plotted, compulsive (read in a day) and the ending took me by surprise. Chilling! Will be looking out for more from Lisa Stone.
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The doctor is an intriguing and gripping well written book. Using his medical knowledge the doctor attempts to advance medical science while also given the reader an insight into his personal life and of those round him.  Gripping right to the end, just when you think the story ends there’s more...another fantastic book by Lisa stone!
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A gripping novel by Lisa Stone! Very creepy, but compulsively readable because you just want to know how it's going to end. Recommended!
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I could not put this book down, it was immensely creepy and disturbing! The storyline was so intriguing and it was a fast paced and easy read. Cryonic preservation is real, and is a big part of the subject matter in this story which makes it additionally fascinating.

The storyline revolves around Emily a mum who is currently on maternity leave and her obsession with trying to get to know her neighbours next door. Emily has a friendly and caring nature and desperately wants to befriend her neighbour Alisha who appears to be timid and never ventures outside the house. Alisha’s husband Dr Burman is somewhat unfriendly and spends a lot of his evenings in an outbuilding at the back of his house till late at night.

When Emily goes missing and leaves a note to say that she has left her husband for another man everybody is in shock but what they discover is mind blowing.

If you enjoy a creepy thriller, this is for you!

Thanks to Netgalley for my ARC copy for an honest review
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I really enjoyed this book I love this author Katerina Diamond (Lisa Stone on this book) the book is a gripping drama centred around a husband desperate to find a way to save his wife from a terminal illness against her wishes using cryogenic. The messed up story quickly turns into a dark thriller when a neighbour starts asking questions as to why his wife is never seen outside and what is really going on in his shed every night.
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A 4 star great read. Characters well cultivated, believable. The story line was intriguing, although at times distressing. First book I have read by this author. Will definitely recommend this novel to friends & family.
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Danggggggg this was one amazing story! I always love those covers of the books where you just know that it is going to be interesting and very entertaining... just like this one was! Go ahead and read it and you will be hoookedddd!
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The following appeared on my book review blog this morning:

This book immediately grips you from the get-go. The Doctor opens on Dr. Amit Burman and his wife Alisha. It is clear from the very beginning that Alisha is terribly sick and Amit has little use or understanding for her. Their relationship is abusive and Alisha remains remote and resigned to the torturous life that is her marriage. It is clear that Amit is not a good man and as the novel progresses, we see just how sinister he really is especially as the abuse that he deals out not only to his wife but his daughter,  unravels as well as his ongoing abuse of animals.

Emily and Ben move in next door to the Burmans. They have a young son, Robbie and it isn’t long before Emily becomes intrigued by the goings on at the Burman’s residence. She becomes drawn to Dr. Burman and his wife and is eager to find out more about her strange neighbors. However, they do not feel the same way towards their new neighbors. In fact, Dr. Burman is cold and distant, clearly wanting to keep his family at a safe distance from his new neighbors. This only pushes Emily further to figure out why her neighbors want to be so elusive. Emily just doesn’t realize at the time that her interest in her new neighbors is going to put herself and her family in danger.

Emily soon finds herself watching the doctor at night as he works in his outbuilding. She is not sure what he is doing in there, but she is determined to find out. Without much thought to herself, Emily begins to dive deeper into the doctor’s nocturnal activities which put her right into the doctor’s sight. One day her husband comes home and finds that Emily is gone and it is Ben who must find his wife and uncover what the doctor is truly up to.

We find out early in the novel that cryogenics is at the heart of the doctor’s research. Chapter 2 opens with the doctor’s frustration over a child getting the rights awarded to him from a judge to have his body frozen upon his death. This sends Amit into a rage because he wants his ill wife to have the same opportunities should her time come. She appears less than interested…at first.

Justice comes to all, for the most part, at the end when we learn of the doctor’s fate as well as Ms. Emily’s. What you will not see coming is the true mastermind before everything that has unfolded since the first page. I have been digesting this book for the last two days and it still sends shivers up my back when I think about the ending because as creepy as it is, it is also so believably real that it has you thinking that somewhere out there in the world that could possibly all be happening right at this very minute.

The Doctor by Lisa Stone will be released on July 25, 2019, with ISBN 9780008322939 from Avon Books. This review corresponds to an advanced electronic galley that was supplied by the publisher in exchange for this review. To be linked to special pre-order pricing, click the link above.
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Emily is a stay at home mum who becomes intrigued by the somewhat reclusive doctor Amit and his wife next door.  Why does he spend so long in an outbuilding every night? Why does his wife Alisha never leave the home?  Why does Emily insist on trying to befriend Alisha and not see the warning signs that start to appear?
This book did get me in, and the storyline revolving around the field of cryonic suspension intriguing.  I had to keep going to find out what happened, and there were moments when I found the book hard to put down.  In some aspects the book was quite realistic in terms of the science and the ability of this 'rogue' doctor to control his family.  However, I think the reality was stretched to its limits in parts, such as a hospital releasing a vulnerable patient into the hands of an impostor, the failure of Amit's colleagues to not recognise his deterioration in mental health as well as the inability of some characters to see what was going on around them.
The points that frustrated me most were keeping track of all of the characters, I found the way it jumped between people a little confusing and new characters kept being introduced.  I was also really annoyed with the ending. I am not sure if it was too subtle or wrapped up too quickly but I felt a bit let down by the outcome.
Overall an interesting read, if not a bit disturbing. An obviously well researched story to incorporate such a controversial science as the plot unfolded.
Thank you Avon Books UK and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this e-ARC.
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At times not what I expected, nevertheless it was a good read.  Tackling hard subjects is often steered away from in novels but Lisa Stone is able to convey issues in the right way.  Distubring and creepy yet compulsive reading.
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Wow.....what a compulsive book that you had to keep reading, despite feeling very uncomfortable.
Amit is a deluded anaesthetist who will go to any lengths to gain fame through immortality. Alisha is his wife who displays the traits of a woman emotionally and physically abused by her husband, alongside the strong hold he has over her
Emily is a kind caring neighbour who becomes embroiled in Amits corrupt world. 
Fantastic read, highly recommend with a twist on the final page.
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Great book will be reading other books by this author. 
Will also recommend this book to others. 
Great read! 5*****
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So tense so well written I was drawn in from the first pages and couldn’t put the book down.Lisa Stone is becoming one of my favorite authors for tense taut thrillers.#netgalley #avonbooksuk
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Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book.
Hmm...I have mix feelings toward this one.  I did like the idea of the story.  For me, I haven't read many books with character being doctor.  However, some scenes were just disturbing...
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Absolutely loved this book. It drew me in right from the word go. It was very fast paced and easy to read. Never knowing what was going to happen next or where the author was taking it. It would make a fantastic movie. Couldn’t put the book down. Love when a book gets to you like this one.
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The Doctor had me utterly gripped all the way throughout the book, Lisa Stone is becoming one of my favourite authors, her writing and subject matters is so different to other authors, it was a shocking read and one that I enjoyed very much.
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I'm a big fan of Cathy Glass's books and enjoyed a previous Lisa Stone book but I could not get through this one.  The plot just seems so far-fetched and contrived.  I rarely read a book on NetGalley that I don't purchase for my library but I'm afraid this one is a no-go.
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