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Omg I couldn't put this book down from beginning to end its gripping, this is the 3rd book by lisa stone and by far the best, there are twists and turns and i would highly recommend, infact I'm going to reread it as enjoyed it so much
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Having read The Doctor over the weekend, I’m totally on the fence with how I feel about this book. I didn’t love it nor did I hate it. Emily and Ben live next door to Dr Burman and his wife. Emily is on extended maternity leave and tries to befriend Alisha Burman, who is a virtual recluse. She’s subdued, barely leaves the house and is terrified to answer the phone. When Emily goes missing, Ben panics. Could she really have left him as the note he’s found suggests? Or has her curiosity about the couple next door led her into danger? This book was certainly an interesting read and I’m sure some people will love it but it wasn’t one of my favourites. Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books and the author for the chance to review.
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I received an ARC of this book thanks to Net Galley and publisher Avon Books in exchange for an honest review.

I sadly DNFed this book. After reading the first twelve chapters, I found the writing style really wasn't for me due to the cartoonish nature of the villain which was ridiculously over the top and hard to buy as a real person. There also wasn't really any mystery to the plot of the book. I read the last five chapters and nothing had happened that I couldn't have predicted from the first twelve chapters, which is not a great sign for a thriller. I'm very disappointed I didn't like this more but I'm glad I decided to stop reading when I did.
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Many thanks to Lisa Stone and Avon books for the opportunity to read and review this book.  What am intriguing read albeit a disturbing one
 Emily befriends her neighbour Alisha who is married to a controlling doctor.  She is confined to the house with her disab2ed child . All is not what it seems with Dr Amit , je he hides a big secrets amd infortuanly Emily is about to discover it.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Avon books  for a copy of The Doctor by Lisa Stone for an honest review.
I was gripped by the start of this book , and felt it kept up the suspense quite well.
Unfortunately I found the second half of the book didn’t work as well ,and  became a little implausible.
I wasn’t impressed by the “twist “ and so I found it an ok read , but I have read much better similar types of stories lately.
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This was a weird story.  Right from the start the neighbour was odd and unfriendly.  His wife seemed rather wimpy and he a bully.  Emily was too nosy for her own good really and should have left well alone!

Amit was an evil man who was possibly being sent mad by illness.  I read the book fairly swiftly and although it touched on several abhorrent subjects such as domestic abuse, animal abuse and child abuse I thought it was quite a good tale.  The ending was a surprise and I was confused with the view that she was more evil?

This review does not help much in choosing whether to read the book because that would give too much away..... But yes do read it - I give it 4 stars.  Thank you Netgalley, Avon Books and Lisa Stone for the advance copy.
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Emily & Ben move in next door to Dr Burman and his wife Anita. Emily is a stay at home mum who is intrigued by the going on next door. Emily slowly makes friends with Anita and then she is invited in. But what she finds next door shocks her.
They say you never know what goes on behind closed doors. 
Thanks NetGalley
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This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all opinions are mine and unbiased

Loved this

This story is well written and the characters really accessible.  . The subject matter was different to the norm and I really liked that -the author has worked hard with research and it shows. 

A little slow starting so found it initially difficult to get into but once into, I couldn't put down - I just had to know what happened next !!

Genuinely didn't see the twist coming and actually gasped out loud!!!

Loved the ending - loved it all !!!
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The Doctor by Lisa Stone is a psychological thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Avon Books, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis:    (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
Emily King is a very sociable woman, presently on an extended maternity leave so that she can spend more time with her young son. Her husband Ben continues to question her decision to stay at home, but she assures him she is happy. So future events come as a complete surprise to him.

Their neighbours, Dr. Amit Burman and his wife Alisha, are keeping Emily’s mind busy. She is sure there is more there than meets the eye. She is trying to befriend Alisha, who has a rare disease that prevents her from leaving the house, but having little luck. Emily fears that Amit may be abusing his wife, and she wonders what he could be doing in his large backyard shed almost every night. When their friendship finally progresses, Alisha makes Emily swear to tell no one, not even Ben. Emily is going to learn more than she wants to from Alisha, more than is good for her.

Dr. Amit Burman is researching the rare disease which afflicts his wife, but his research methods leave a lot to be desired.

My Opinions: 
This book captivated me from the start, and kept me hooked to the end.

The characters were deep, and although I didn’t particularly like anyone but Ben and Emily’s father David, the others played their parts well. Emily’s nosiness was exasperating, Alisha’s weakness was atrocious, and Amit was just creepy, but all needed to have those attributes to tell the story.

The plot, while a little far-fetched, was compelling, and the writing very good. The final twist came as a bit of a surprise, but not a big one.

This was a fast read, and very entertaining.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. From the description, I felt like I was reading a different book. It was so strange and I had a hard time finishing. Basically Emily is home on maternity leave and keeps watching out the window at her neighbor who is a doctor and spends his evenings in a building outside his home. Said doctor has a wife who is ill and seldom leaves the house.
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I initially found this book quite tough going to begin with.  It is a really slow burner and I initially did not warm to the characters.  

Emily is a stay at home mum who wants to build relationships with those around her.  Unfortunately her neighbours are having none of it.  Amit is a an anaesthetist who wants to be the first man to bring someone back from the dead and he is determined that his wife and daughter will be his guinea pigs.  Alisha, his wife, finds herself in a toxic relationship where she is controlled and segregated by her manipulative and controlling husband.  Emily, however, is determined to change this but as she digs more into Alisha's life she finds herself in great danger.

As I mentioned before, I found the book to be quite slow initially.  It was only when Amit started to act on his wishes to bring someone back from the dead that I became fully invested.

It was a fascinating read and quite far out there but I think overall it did work.
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Bauman joins an organisation called ELECT that stores bodies cryogenically so that they can be brought back to life once a cure has been found for them in the future. Bauman is an anaesthetist who lacks empathy and compassion and builds himself a lab in his backyard to try and perfect the process himself ostensibly so that he can find a cure for his wife who is very ill. Their next door neighbours, Emily and Ben have a young baby and Emily is at home on maternity leave. Emily tries to befriend Alisha who never seems to leave the house. Emily suspects her husband is very controlling. Thus there are many elements to this story that could have been explored. Instead the plot becomes increasingly more unbelievable with many holes.
It also appears to have been written quickly and poorly edited. There are misused words and much repetition of particular phrases especially 'bile rose in (her/his) throat' which was really annoying and detracted substantially from the writing. On the positive side the narrative moves along at a fast pace but this feels very much like a first draft rather than a finished product.
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When Emily and Ben move to their new home, they find their neighbours a bit strange, but that’s just how it is at times. Even though Emily tries again and again to get in contact with Alisha, the woman refuses all kind of interaction. Only when one day, Emily accidentally stands in front of their house and hears cries for help, the neighbour thaws a bit. What she has to tell is awful: not only is she seriously ill, but the couple hides a disabled child in their home. Alisha is highly scared of her husband Dr Burman, an anaesthetist and control-freak who made her cut all bonds to her family and friends. The women work out how to trick him and for the next couple of weeks, they meet regularly in secret. But what Alisha always feared one day happens: her husband finds out about their meetings and swears that Emily will have to pay for intruding his house. 

Lisa Stone’s thriller is an addictive and gripping story that captivates you at once and keeps you from putting the book down. The author reduced the characters to an absolute minimum, focussing on the two couples and their complex relationships. Especially the one between Mr and Mrs Burman is not only highly interesting, but – unfortunately - authentic and more than plausible. He is the prototype of an abusive husband who egoistically puts everybody and everything after his own will.

The plot is not very surprising, since you get all characters’ perspectives, you know what they are up to and what to await. Yet, this doesn’t reduce suspense even a bit, since the story is simply terrifying and fascinating in the most awful way. Mr Burman’s medical research in his shed directly comes from a science-fiction horror show, but, and that is the creepy part of it, what he is doing has been dreamt of by medical doctors and other researchers for centuries and now we seem to be in the possession of the knowledge and the means to make it reality. 

I highly enjoyed reading this psychological thriller for its captivating and spine-tingling plot.
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Not bad at all 

This story is well written and researched. The subject matter of cryogenic science is quite different and was interesting. 

You are privy to anything that could have been thrilling or mysterious so that did detract from the suspense. Plus the story takes a while to really take off so you do need patience. 

The characters were decent for the most part. There were probably more than necessary but it wasn’t overall confusing. “The Doctor” - Dr. Amit Burman was quite the character, a great villain. 

There are holes and plenty of disbelief by the resolution but it’s very scientific and, of course, fiction so that’s part and parcel... Some reviewers thought the big twist was quite obvious and uneventful - not me! I love a good parting shot! 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Avon Books Uk for a copy in exchange for a review.
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It's sinister and gripping from the first chapter. I loved it.

The thing gave me pause for thought was when the realisation hit that this stuff could actually be happening out there in the world right now!

That's a scary thought.

The Doctor is a well-written and addictive read with a truly unique plot.  I know you'll read lots of reviews about different books that claim you'll never see the twist coming.  Most of the time,  I see the twist coming. I didn't this time so I feel I can say to you "You won't see the twist coming!"   (I actually don't think I've ever said that in a review before!)

Many thanks to Avon Books and Netgalley for my copy of this book.
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Surprisingly different than expected. Mysterious and suspenseful, yet really not a story I would have normally picked. 

Story is about next door neighbors, Emily tries to be a good neighbor to Alisha even though her husband the doctor wants to keep his wife hidden from view. 

The doctor is obsessed with making history and fame for a medical break through which requires many tests in his laboratory in the back yard. 

Will Emily be sorry she secretly became friends with Alisha?  Will the Doctor succeed with his medical research? Will you ever want to be a good neighbor again?
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Paging Dr. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Cuckoo? Line 1!

Something strange is going on in the home of Dr. Amit Burman and his sick, recluse wife, Alisha. They have top-notch security, CCTV and plastic film on their windows. 

Dr. Burman has a very sick wife, a medical degree, a bad attitude, a secret shed and an unnatural interest in cryogenics. Hmmmm, I wonder what he's up to?

Their neighbors, Ben and Emily, are curious about all of the secrecy. Emily, in particular, is relentless in her nosiness. She drops in on them even though she clearly isn't wanted, spies and takes pictures and videos from her bedroom windows and barrages Alisha with personal questions.

When Emily goes missing a few weeks later the mystery really begins...

Just how sinister are Dr. Burman's activities and how far was he willing to go to keep them secret from his pesky, nosy neighbor? 

Thank you to Lisa Stone, Avon Books UK, and NetGalley for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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How much do you know about the couple next door?
When Emily and Ben move in next door to Dr Burman and his wife Anita, they are keen to get to know their new neighbours. Outgoing and sociable, Emily tries to befriend the doctor’s wife, but Anita is strangely subdued, barely leaving the house, and terrified of answering the phone.
When Emily goes missing a few weeks later, Ben is plunged into a panic. His wife has left him a note, but can she really have abandoned him for another man? Or has Emily’s curiosity about the couple next door led her straight into danger?
A gripping, sinister thriller with a twist you won’t see coming from the international bestseller Lisa Stone.

Wow what a gripping read this was.
At times it's very dark and creepy which I love from a book.
The suspense builds with each chapter.
I love the characters created for this.
The plot and story line were very good and delivered well.
Really enjoyed reading.
Recommend highly.

I would like to thank Avon Books and Netgalley for the approval, this is my own honest voluntary review.
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The Doctor is not your average doctor.  In fact, he failed to make the grade, to his parent's shame and became an anesthetist.  He is married to Alisha who never goes out but is hell-bent on researching cryonics to eventually store ravaged bodies whilst a cure is found.  This idea fills his wife with horror as she is the carrier of a deadly genetic disease.

Partners Emily and Ben live next door with their toddler son Robbie.  Maternity leave has been extended for Emily so that she can enjoy time with Robbie.  Naturally inquisitive, she decides she would like to befriend her neighbour Alisha.  Perseverance pays off as they begin to talk.  The troubled mother has an awful lot to hide, and it seems husband Dr. Burman feels the same.  Their home is surrounded by CCTV, shutters and opaque film over the windows.  Dr. Burman's shed in the garden shows a little light around the windows and this is where they notice he spends his time when at home.

This is a tense thriller with no hint of where it will go.   The characters are true, and their moral compass says a great deal about what these people are like and what will happen.  I couldn't put it down.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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How much do you know about the couple next door?

When Emily and Ben move in next door to Dr Burman and his wife Anita, they are keen to get to know their new neighbours. Outgoing and sociable, Emily tries to befriend the doctor’s wife, but Anita is strangely subdued, barely leaving the house, and terrified of answering the phone.

When Emily goes missing a few weeks later, Ben is plunged into a panic. His wife has left him a note, but can she really have abandoned him for another man? Or has Emily’s curiosity about the couple next door led her straight into danger?

I enjoyed the book but I wasn't blown away by it, the story was, at times, unbelievable and I couldn't take to any of the characters, having said that I was very drawn to it.  It was a very dark read and I did like the final unexpected twist.

I would like to thank Avon Books and Netgalley for the approval, I will post my review on Amazon and Goodreads. 4 stars
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