Wolf Howling

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 11 Mar 2019

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Written by Brian Van Brunt, Wolf Howling was a somewhat interesting read, however the characters were difficult to follow.

Overall, I think this is a novel that is good if you like a lot of characters and an indirect method for describing how things happen. 

For me, the writing style and characters made this story VERY difficult to get through, and if you are a stickler for a liner style of writing, this is definitely not for you.

I did receive a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was different from my usual reads. Most of the book was slow and I was lost throughout the book but when it got to the part that picked up it was emotional and intense. It also has a lot of vulgar language. But it gave you an idea of what’s going through someone’s mind before they snap and a look at others day before things go way bad. But it had me really emotional at one point.
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Wolf Howling is a great paranormal book with great characters. This book is well written and I hope to read more from this author.
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I do like paranormal themed books.
I do like witches, wizards, ghosts and other out of this world things. 
This book has everything in it and the fact that it is set in New Orleans makes this book that much more mysterious and phenomenal. 
Brian Van Brunt is a new author for me, but I won't neglect his writing. Although, this book is a fast read, it has been a good experience to read it!
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