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The Uninvited by Nick Pope goes into the depths of the UFO abduction phenomena from multiple perspectives. With him being a former government investigator it gives a unique take compared to other books on the topic.
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Found this book quite interesting because we had recently seen a programme on TV about alien encounters and this book more explanatory.
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I enjoyed reading this book. Its got lots of information on this phenomenon of ufo's. Mr. Pope has copious information and writes well, is respectful of different points of view. Recommended.
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The Uninvited by Nick Pope is an analysis of the phenomenon surrounding alien abductions. This former UK Government UFO investigator examines the stories of abductees and contactees and the reactions of governments and the scientific community. At least half the book details the cases he investigated personally rather than simple hearsay.

Well researched and written, it leaves aside the hysteria and hype usually associated with this topic and makes for compelling reading. Mr. Pope makes a rational argument through discussing and dispelling various theories that might explain this phenomenon. His approach to the subject is rational and intelligent and his theories are very interesting.

I definitely recommend this book for people interested in Ufology!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for opportunity to read 'The Uninvited ' by Nick Pope in exchange for a fair review.

'The Uninvited'  by Nick Pope is about his investigations into UFO abductions and sightings. Pope approaches his subject matter with on open mind along a fair amount of skepticism.

Again I have chosen to read a book out of my comfort zone, but personally thought that this book was quite interesting well written and thoroughly investigated by Pope

I would happily recommend this book to anyone who has interest in alien abductions or ufology or to someone like me who has often saw things on the news and about read about sightings in newspapers but never has actually picked up a book on the subject matter.
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I took a chance on reading The Uninvited by Nick Pope about his investigations on UFO cases. 
Nick Pope has an open mind as well as uses skepticism to keep a balance of truth and what is speculation. 
He is able to bring two sides of the UFO stories and find some truth and some questions that might never be answered. 
The Uninvited is interesting and I think readers of UFO stories will find this as a wonderful book to add to their collection.
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