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One Summer in Santorini

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Thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest review 
First time reading this Author and  very enjoyable.
Having visited  santorini  many times I was drawn to  this book.
It's a light airy summer EXTRAVAGANZA  of a book
Absolutely  perfect  for  the beach can highly recommend.
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I choose this read because I loved my trip to santorini and wanted to re live that feeling. 
It's a new author I choose to read and I wasnt disappointed at all. 
It was fun and romantic, and kept your gripped. If you enjoy reading from sophie kinsella you will enjoy this. It may even make you book that Greek trip, mine was booked beforehand. 
Sarah leaves a bad relationship and takes a trip of a lifetime to the Greek islands on  a yacht and all she wants is some fun. She opened her eyes and her heart to how life should be and allows her to find happiness. It was a great read  and I will read other by this author.
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This is a lovely read, perfect for a summer holiday. The characters are diverse and believable , complete with human frailties as most of us are. It’s beautifully written , very descriptive which gives the reader a real sense of the place, and has laughter, tears and romance. I would recommend to anyone who likes a lighthearted romantic read.,
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Thank you Netgalley and Avon Books UK for the free copy. 

WARNING: This book will make you want to book a trip to Greece. 
Sarah books a boat trip around the Greek islands after a bad breakup. She has no intention of finding "someone" but when a chance encounter with a mysterious man and the cute guy that's sharing the boat with her show up that may change her attitude. 
Really I say come for the beautiful descriptions of the landscape and stay for the copious amounts of food. The romance wasn't my favorite it seemed a little juvenile. But the descriptions of Greece is amazing and you can tell the author has actually been there and experienced these things.
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An absolutely sweet beach read.
Sarah was coming out of a relationship when she decided to travel to Greek Isles. Romantic opportunity does meet her on the island hopping. My first book by Sandy Barker, the theme of finding oneself was brought out in a delightful, humorous manner. 

Writing was superfluous, description of the landscapes had me longing to travel to Greece. Characters were real, their emotions felt genuine, had me smiling along with them.
A warm hearted read absolutely
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I absolutely loved this book
The style of writing was great the descriptions of the islands and Greece made you feel like you were there like you could smell the sea, taste the food and feel the sun on your face
THe interaction between the characters was interesting and enjoyable
Would highly recommend
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There was a lot to love about this book. Sarah is just coming out of a terrible relationship- one she shouldn’t have ever been in. She decides to travel and take a yacht around the Greek Isles. She isn’t looking for anything besides a fun time! She is caught in a rut at home and doesn’t know how to get out of it. This trip opens her eyes and makes her realize how she can add some happiness into her every day life at home. I loved the message that we can find happiness in the ordinary! This was a super cute beach read! There is also a lot of flirty and fun times as well! I will be checking out other books by Sandy Barker! Thank you netgalley and Avon Books UK for the ARC! I truly enjoyed this one!
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Pure escapism. Lovely setting, lovely characters, funny, sad, sweet and enjoyable. Felt like I was there on every page filled with sunshine.
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A perfect summer reading that will make you wish to be in Santorini.
I liked how the writer describes Santorini, the characters and the plot.
It's an engaging and entertaining book.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Sometimes a book comes along that you really really need, and this was the one for me. Island hopping in Greece, sailing from one island o the other in a boat, a nice American man on board and all the romantic possibilities along the way. The romance wasn’t just your average one either. This lady had one man at home and then one on the boat and she didn’t know what was happening with either of them. A few romantic problems and dilemma are always good in a book and Sarah was a good character to warm to, so you cared about what happened to her.

I have to admit I admired her more for her holiday choice than her men though! I’ve never been island hopping in Greece but the rich, evocative descriptions of the boat, the scenery, the art of sailing and oh my word…the food!…did I mention the food! There’s lots of it in this book so be sure to eat before you sail into the story.

You both sail and eat your way around many of the Greek Cyclades islands. It was fun to visit various places, see the restaurants and harbours they visit, walk around the cobbled streets then head back to the boat.

The setting was clever in many ways. It added a new dimension to the story: Characters ‘trapped’ on a boat talking about hopes and fears, getting to know each other, people learning about how to live together in a small space…lots of funny moments and also nice ones too. I really really wanted to be on that boat. I’d even offer to wash up.

It was a nice angle on the ‘woman goes away to find herself and sort out her love life’ theme. This was so much more. It was fun, if flowed well and felt fresh and new.

I felt nice and warm at the end of my journey but am tempted to go to Greece next year !
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Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for this ARC!

I spent my honeymoon in Greece and this book brought all the memories flooding back. This was a wonderful and fun romantic comedy that is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella! This was my first introduction to Sandy Barker and I had so much fun escaping in this book. This is the perfect beach read and will have you planning a vacation to Greece!
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One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker is an irresistably charming read set in the stunning Greek Islands, and I found myself transported to the idyllic locales in every single page.  This is simply a lovely book that I just devoured in a single afternoon.  Full of flirtation, sun-kissed beaches, and plenty of cocktails, what is not to love?

Aussie teacher Sarah has come to the end of her relationship with her boyfriend and, hoping for a break from reality, books herself on a ten day trip sailing around the Greek Islands.  Arriving in Mykonos, Sarah meets James, or 'the silver fox' as she comes to think of him, but nothing comes from the brief encounter as Sarah is about to set sail.  Once onboard, Sarah meets fellow traveller Josh, and they become close quite quickly, and not only because of the tight quarters on the boat.  But Josh makes it clear that he is not looking for a serious relationship, and Sarah is unsure of her own feelings.  Adding further to her conflicting emotions, the silver fox makes a surprising reappearance and, unlike Josh, he is looking for someone to share his life with.  How did a few days of relaxed island hopping become so stressful?

This is an addictive read, and has all of the elements of an idyllic escapist indulgence.  The setting is swoon-worthy, and the characters are both likeable and relatable. The vivid descriptive details of the islands had me longing to book the first flight to Greece.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for this ARC.
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Officially I'm craving all the Greek food -- and no joke eating a Greek Salad right now -- that's what this book did for me. LOL Made me crave food. Barker made her writing debut with this novel and the story flowed easily with well-thought out characters and a story line...until the end. The end left me seriously wanting some resolve. And not knowing if there is a sequel follow up, it really left you hanging off a cliff without any resolving of the two men in Sarah's life. Besides the ending, it was a beautiful story with stunning imagery described through out. And the food. I just wanted to pull up a chair and be a part of the boat family each time they gathered for a meal.
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Nicely written. Easy to read and a good interesting plot. Lovely destination to play it all out what more could you possibly ask for
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Wow! Sandy Barker is definitely a fun and refreshing new voice in romantic comedy! Warm, witty and, of course, romantic - One Summer in Santorini is the perfect holiday read!
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I found this book witty and romantic. This is a perfect romcom book and I highly recommend lovers of Sophie Kinsella, Kirsty McManus and Cecelia Ahern check this book out- but be prepared to become engrossed.
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A really lovely summer live story. A feel good. Well written with lovely characters. A nice pick me up story xx
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