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I was provided an e-arc from netgalley to read and review 

I enjoyed reading this story. it gives perspective on how life changes so quickly and most times before you go through a situation, you don’t even know it’s about to happen
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This is an excellent account of Matt's experience. It shows how just a few seconds can totally change someone's life. He faced his challenges with courage and determination, inspiring me to never give up.
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Matt is one hell of a guy to overcome a life changing injury as a teen to but who seems (within reason) to have not let it hinder him in life.  It was enjoyable (although probably not really the right word to use in the circumstances!) reading about his his debilitating injury happened and then how he managed to pick himself up (literally speaking!) and with the help of the doctors, and the nurses and of course his family try and get back some sort of life.
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Anyone who has played or watched ice hockey knows it can be a brutal game. Because of its violence and its speed, something awful can happen in an instant. For sophomore player Matt Brown of Norwood High School in Massachusetts, that happened during a game in 2010.  As the puck came off the boards and into his skates, he was hit from behind with a clean, legal check.  Brown fell, hitting his head on the boards and immediately could not move any of his limbs.  The crowd went silent, a nurse rushed to the ice from the stands as medical personnel later took him off the ice in a stretcher.  The play turned out to be the last of his hockey career as he became permanently paralyzed.  

However, that didn’t stop Matt from not only recovering and earning his diploma and a college degree, but he also became an inspiration to many hockey players and teams, including the Boston Bruins.  Brown writes about all of his experiences with his recovery and the love shown him by many in this inspiring memoir.  

Hearing that the hockey community embraced Matt isn’t a surprise to anyone who follows the sport as hockey players are known for their generosity and support for those less fortunate. In Matt’s case, the Bruins not only let him drop the puck at an opening faceoff, he also was shown the Stanley Cup after the Bruins won it in 2011 and also was given an army ranger jacket that the 2013 used to honor players on their run to the Stanley Cup finals that year.  It is clear from the writing that Brown was humbled and overjoyed to be a part of the Bruins’ teams those years.

More than the hockey, however, the reader will be inspired by Matt’s unwavering optimism in both his physical recovery and the way he handled life situations such as adjusting to college life and breaking up with his first girlfriend – things that many teenagers typically face.  That makes some parts of the book special – you realize Brown is a young man just trying to live his life like any other young man.

Also inspiring is his participation in the Boston Marathon.  He has done so six time, the first time in 2012 with runner Lucas Carr pushing Matt in his wheelchair to the finish line.  While Matt acknowledges that Lucas has the more physically demanding portion of their team, it should be noted that he had to endure a lot physically himself as the wind and bumpy ride in the wheelchair would leave him just as exhausted as Carr when they would cross the finish line.  It should be noted that they were going to participate again in 2013, the year of the Boston Marathon bombing, but Matt was suffering with chest colds and his physician recommended that he not participate so Matt obeyed his physician.  I shuddered when I read that to think what would have become of him, especially when he noted that Carr ran himself and crossed the finish line about a minute before the first bomb exploded.

Avid hockey readers will not be able to compare this book to another story of a hockey player suffering a similar fate, Travis Roy’s “Eleven Seconds.”  Both stories need to be told, but just as they are two different people, these are very different stories.  Matt’s is one that anyone will enjoy reading whether or not or one is a hockey fan. 

I wish to thank Mascot Books for providing a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Net Galley for the free ARC. Great motivational book about a high school athlete being injured and paralized, but despite all the things he has to overcome,he stays positive and lives his life. Super supportive family,friends and health professionals.
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I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

 I enjoyed this book very much. Although I know nothing about ice hockey, the story of Matt’s life, before and after his injury, was engrossing. 

Matt is a very special person.
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I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  
Thanks NetGalley!

What an inspiring young man.       Tragedies such as this are always so sad.     This story is inspiring and a great read.
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This book was an amazing and inspiring look into Matt Brown's spinal cord injury and the recovery afterwards. The entire book was written in an optimistic and funny voice that almost forced you to keep reading. This book is a must read for anyone, and I truly recommend it!
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Thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read Matt Brown's inspiring story. What a brave and impressive young man. The book is written from a number of different people's perspectives - different chapters written by people who play significant roles in Matt's life. The sporting talk about hockey leagues, positions and actual play did pass me by as I could not envision this but the rest of the book is definitely inspiring. I hope the young man goes on to fulfill all his dreams.
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We have been looking at the theme of resilience with my Middle Schoolers.  This book and Matt are the very definition of resilience.  I was hooked right from the start - one split second and your life changes. Many people would have given up but the determination showed by Matt was amazing.  It was great to read chapters from other important people to the event - family and friends - and gave another insight into what had happened and the following actions.  About 40% into the book I wondered where it was going as it seemed to be a who’s who of ice hockey (not knowing that many ice hockey players this part wasnt do interesting) but it picked back up and I found myself checking out the pray for Matt Facebook page to find updates.  Given the determination of character Matt and his family have shown, I know that whatever the outcome Matt has made a difference in the world. I enjoyed reading the book myself and will read excerpts to my class too.  A great read
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When I started this book, I thought I had picked up Travis Roy book again. But no, yet another unimaginable  tragedy for a young athlete and his family- something so profound, so irrevocable as could possibly be. 
In an instant everything changes - first it was an issue of sheer survival, and then both coming to grips with the future as it will be. 
A wonderful, amazingly supportive family and community, some strong financial help allows the good guy in this kid to find his way. He perseveres and prevails- I looked for some images of him on google and saw lots of smiles and companions. 
Frankly, the fear of this kind of injury is terrifying, and to read his way to navigate the unknown and physically powerless is very inspiring. 
The book is not too long, and interestingly added chapters of others' memory of the event rounds out the story in a great way.
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