One Last Greek Summer

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Sunshine in story form' Milly Johnson.

'A fabulous summer sizzler from the Queen of hot heroes!' Heidi Swain.

'A sizzling hot summer read from the Queen of Greek romance' Zara Stoneley.

Beth Martin is 31, newly divorced and wondering just what life holds for her...

Best-friend, Heidi, is adamant that all the answers lie in Corfu – the island where the girls partied away their youth. So cue a trip to a sun-drenched Greek island, ouzo cocktails, a trip down memory lane... and Alex Hallas, the man Beth has never quite forgotten.

As they dance under the stars, the sand beneath their toes, old feelings begin to resurface and Beth might just have a chance to take back her life. If they can learn to love the people they've become...

Praise for Mandy Baggot:

'A sizzling hot summer read from the Queen of Greek romance, this fabulous story left me longing for a trip of my own to Corfu. Funny, touching and romantic, it's the perfect beach read' Zara Stoneley, bestselling author of The Wedding Date.

'This is my favourite Mandy Baggot book to date! Definitely one to pack in your suitcase! Love, friendship, family, secrets and laughs all set in a gorgeous location' Sue Fortin, bestselling author of Sister Sister.

'I loved it! Funny, sexy and warmer than the Corfu sun – every beach bag deserves to have Mandy Baggot in it this summer!' Shari Low, bestselling author of With or Without You.

'Another heart-grabbing romance from Mandy Baggot and it's her best one yet!' Lucy Coleman, bestselling author of Summer on the Italian Lakes.
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Steamier than I'm used to with this genre, the book nevertheless ticks all the chick lit boxes with it's wonderful.setting, hunky man and aahh factor.

It's funny - reminding me of a pantomime in places - with a mystery to be solved, and has a follow-your-dreams message. Although the ending isn't quite what I expected, the romance is undeniable.
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I am a huge fan of Mandy Baggot and I was so excited to be offered the chance to join the blog tour for One Last Greek Summer which is her latest release. 
Beth is at work and about to be surprised with a party to celebrate her divorce to her ex husband being finalised. She is now a free and single woman and is deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life. In comes her best friend Heidi who decides that the best thing they can both do is head back to the Greek Island of Corfu. This is the place they spent some of their youth partying hard.
It isn't long before the girls are reliving their younger days and lapping up all that Corfu has to offer them. Life is full of cocktails and sunshine for the pair. They are making the most of their time on the island as they take a trip back to the past and they even bump into some old face and romance could be on the cards for Beth. It is while having fun in Corfu Beth begins to realise that change can be a good thing and that it is ok to go with it you just have to learn to love yourself too along the way. 
This book is the perfect for a bit of escapism and will add plenty of sunshine to your life. The setting within Corfu sounds heavenly and will have you wanting to jump on the next flight out there. I loved the description of the beautiful beaches and all of the taverns you can visit too. 
The character of Beth was fun to read and it was great to see her confidence grow as she learned to love herself again too. 
Mandy Baggot has done it again and I found this a highly addictive read that I couldn't put down. 
Im already looking forward to where her next read will take us.
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Another good one for hiding in the air conditioning during the summer!!! I love it!

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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There are fun and entertaining characters. Good story that keeps you reading until the end. Like the journey the different characters take. Light and sexy read. Would recommend. Given copy through Netgalley and voluntarily review.
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Beth is 31 and divorced when her best friend Heidi persuades her that they need to relive their youth and return to Corfu where they had a fantastic holiday 10 years earlier.   Beth is unsure but agrees and they set off for some fun in the sun....... but what if Beth meets up with Alex again,  the man she has never forgotten,

I love all of the books by Mandy Baggot and this one is no exception,  I wanted to be back in Corfu, where I went years ago, and there was a great cast of characters.......I loved Alex's mother,  and as always there was a lot of humour and fun.   Perfect beach read.
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5☆ The Perfect Feel Good Summer Time Read!

ONE LAST GREEK SUMMER is the perfect feel good, fun summer read!

I just wanted to start by saying I absolutely LOVE the the cover for this gorgeous book.

I've never been to Corfu but thanks to Mandy I feel like I have had the pleasure of soaking up Corfu and it only makes me want to go there even more!

Heidi decides to take Beth to Corfu to mend her broken heart. What more could be the perfect tonic, than a best friend, a stunning location, sun, fun, food and drink, oh and an old flame who is sure to turn up the heat for Beth! 

Going to Corfu is special for both Beth and Heidi, it's where they had there summer holiday back when they was 21 and care free. But times have changed and so have they. But can Corfu work it's magic and help Beth heal her broken heart, move on and have fun?

ONE LAST GREEK SUMMER is a gorgeous feel good story, it's a story about second chance romance, friendship, healing a broken heart, having fun, adventure and taking risks, all set in a stunning location.
The Characters are relatable and very well written and by the end of the book I felt like I had been on the holiday with them!

So if you are looking for a Captivating, laugh out loud moments, warm and Cosy Romance, Summer time read then you will adore ONE LAST GREEK SUMMER by MANDY BAGGOT
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Thanks to NetGalley for an early copy in return for an honest review.
I adore Mandy's stories.
Again a very good read and one I can highly recommend to others. 
I could not put this down.
Thoroughly enjoyable.
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I'll admit the beginning of this book didn't really grab me but then I was intrigued by the idea of Beth's divorce party and I am a real sucker for any novel with an exotic locations as a backdrop.I've never actually been to Corfu or any part of Greece so the thrill of the holiday and the impulsiveneess of it were of interest to me. What I loved the most was the nostalgia of the trip Heidi amd Beth had there at age 21 and the memories they relived once back on the island. 

The unfortunate incident of the roof falling down was funny in the way it was revealed but I felt sorry for the two friends that their holiday had to start that way. Alex was handsome and I found some parts a little predictable eg that he was the typical tall dark and handsome type and a handyman to boot. His kumquat business was a welcome surprise and also a unique idea so I liked that. 

The description of the food sun and sea were enticing and oh, how I wished I were there for the chocolate cake and ice cream! Hazelnut ice cream is one of my favourite flavours ever. 

One Last Greek Summer is a story of rekindling lost times and memories, enjoying friends and the small things in life. It's a light read and one for the beach. 

Thanks to Mandy Baggot and Aria for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review as well as a place on the upcoming blog tour for this title.

3.5-4 stars.
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This book was just like going down memory lane for me. As I have been to Kavos in Corfu when I was in my early 20’s and had a holiday romance. But unlike our main character I have never been back.

The Author has described the Greek Island so well I felt as though I was there with them, enjoying the sun, sea, food and drink. It’s a great read not just for the summer as it would definitely chase away anyone’s winter blues. This book also had me laughing out loud so much.

Beth’s divorce has just been finalised. So while the boss is out of the office for the rest of the day Heidi, Beth’s best friend organises an impromptu divorce party for the office. Using some of the good office champagne, when in walks the boss Charles Mountbatten CEO and Beth’s now Ex Husband. Needless to say the party stopped abruptly as it started and everyone got back to work.

Heidi, manages to persuade Beth to go on one last Greek holiday, back to the same resort that they had been to 10 years earlier when they were both 21. So they basically took up the theme that they would do what they did when they were 21 and not what they would do at the ripe old age of 31.

Beth is a bit reluctant to do certain things, until Heidi reminds her we’re 21 not 31 on this holiday. That they need to enjoy themselves and make the most of this holiday just like they did when they were younger, as all to soon they’d be back to their usual lives.

When a handy man comes to fix the villa they are staying in, they are both in for a shock. As the handy man turns out be non other than Alex (Lex) who Beth had a holiday romance with 10 years ago. Thing start to go well between them, and they both decide that what happens between them is just another summer romance with no strings attached. Seeing that Beth has just become single again.

Not long in to their holiday Beth’s ex husband turns up, putting a spanner in the works not only for the girls holiday but for Beth’s holiday romance. Heidi and Beth do everything they can to get rid of Charles, they even go on a gruelling hike in the hope that he wont go with them. Except he becomes determined to go with them, which he suffers for later in the day.

Beth knows that she needs to sit down with Charles, and tell him that they will never get back together as she doesn’t love him and that she only married him when she did in hope that his money could help her mother with health treatment that she can only get privately.

At the beginning of the book Beth really doesn’t stand up for herself, but with Heidi’s help in making Beth do things that she doesn’t feel comfortable with during their holiday she starts to fight for what she wants.

This book is so funny, and I love the Goat Racing. I won’t say anymore about this as you need to read the book for yourself to get the benefit out of it.

Even though I have heard of Mandy Baggot, this is the first book of her’s that I have read, and it certainly wont be the last! This is a funny, laugh out loud, feel good book that I’m sure you’ll want to read again. As I know I could quite easily read it again.
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I love Mandy Baggot’s stories they always manage to whisk me away from everyday life and immerse me in a fun story with lively characters and romance at the heart of it all. So did One Last Greek Summer do this? Of course it did! In this story we meet Beth who on having her divorce finalised ends up in Greece all thanks to her best friend Heidi. I have to say that I loved this pair they made me smile, giggle and wonder at what they would get up to next. I was right there willing them on in their adventure. I also loved that there was a blast from the past for Beth in the form of Alex and even after all those years there’s still a gorgeous chemistry bubbling away.

The story moves at a great pace, especially when these two best friends hop on a plane and hope to live a little and recreate some of their earlier escapades along with making some entertaining new memories! There is romance within this story but it is also about friendship and finding your way even if you might have lost sight of a few things. So overall you get a wonderful combination that had me smiling away to myself.

If you want a fun and ultimately uplifting book then look no further as One Last Greek Summer shows you that second chances are possible sometimes you just have to go out there and take that leap. With a setting that instantly made me want to jet off to Greece! Even though that isn’t possible Mandy Baggot brought the sights, the food and the feel good factor to life making me feel as if I was right there experiencing it all even though I never left my living room. I also have to say that the mouth watering descriptions of food pretty much left me permanently hungry!

One Last Greek Summer is a fun, light and gorgeous second chance romance that is an ideal summer read but it’s also a story that can whisk you away to the sun even on a cloudy day!
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If you are hunting for that last minute addition to your holiday suitcase then surely you have found it. One Last Greek Summer is that feel good holiday romance that oozes sunshine, cocktails and fun and just makes you smile while you are reading along. 

Beth Martin is 31 and newly divorced. Best friend Heidi suggests a trip away to Corfu to relive their youth and the glorious holiday that they had there ten years previously. Lex was Beth's Greek holiday romance and if she is being entirely honest he was the only man that she ever truly loved.

This was my first venture into Mandy Baggot's vast catalogue of work and if this book is anything to go by it won't be the last. Sometimes you just need a sweet and uncomplicated story that gives you a warm tingly feeling. Fun and likeable characters in both Beth and Heidi half make you wish you'd gone along with them! 

Supplied by Net Galley and Aria in exchange for an honest review.
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The story is based around a character called Beth , she has found that her well planned life has taken a drastic detour and she is now facing an unsure future.  In her thirties now  , newly divorced and at a loss for what do do she takes off with her bestie to one of their favorite past holiday destinations , Corfu , where it has the possibility of restoring her sense of equilibrium and put some much needed fun back into her life . Then add a controlling mother and an annoying ex husband and it became near impossible to put this book down . 

I really enjoyed this book , from the beautiful setting , Beth and Heidi’s banter , and the love interests for both ladies ,  it made it a terrific read that would be perfect to read on holiday or to read while daydreaming that you were on holiday :0)  Go Read This! 

I received this book in exchange for a review . This book was published on the 6th of June 2019 and will be available from all good booksellers then . Below check out some more information about this terrific book and it’s awesome author . 


About the book


Beth Martin is 31, newly divorced and wondering just what life holds for her…


Best-friend, Heidi, is adamant that all the answers lie in Corfu – the island where the girls’ partied away their youth.


So cue a trip to a sun-drenched Greek island, ouzo cocktails, a trip down memory lane…and Alex Hallas, the man Beth has never quite forgotten.


As they dance under the stars, the sand beneath their toes, old feelings begin to resurface and Beth might just have a chance to take back her life. If they can learn to love the people they’ve become…


About the author


Mandy Baggot is an international bestselling and award-winning romance writer. The winner of the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK's Festival of Romance, her romantic comedy novel, One Wish in Manhattan, was also shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year award in 2016. Mandy's books have so far been translated into German, Italian, Czech and Hungarian. Mandy loves the Greek island of Corfu, white wine, country music and handbags. Also a singer, she has taken part in ITV1's Who Dares Sings and The X-Factor. Mandy is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association and the Society of Authors and lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband and two daughters.

Follow Mandy:  

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Snigger. Mandy Baggot really is a sort, isn’t she? I mean, nobody else can pull of a storyline that threatens to turn the air blue without being too in your face! Snigger.

If you’re a fan of Greece, you will be in your element with this book. I will admit that I have never stepped foot onto Greek soil, however due to the incredible attention to detail of the Island, I genuinely felt as though I was visiting Corfu myself.

Just like Mandy Baggot’s other novels, romance plays a large part in the storyline and is written effortlessly as though anyone can hop onto a plane to Corfu and find themselves a partner just like that!

Beth and Heidi are such fun characters – I thoroughly enjoyed following their holiday of a lifetime. Alex, as well, was another memorable character due to his relatable traits and family issues.

I can’t really fault Mandy Baggot’s story telling at all – she writes with such joy that it ends up being infectious and I always end up finishing one of her books with a huge smile on my face.
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Funny sexy summer ready.  Filled with love laughter and felt you were there with them.  Brilliant summer read and bet well wrote
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How have I not experienced a Mandy Baggot novel before?  This novel has everything I love about a good summer romance; Lovable characters! A little bit of a back story! A beautiful destination! A fair share of humour and mishaps!  It was love at first glance when I saw the cover but the story itself was superb!

I think most of us occasional indulge in a little nostalgic longing for days gone by and would jump at the chance to relive it, knowing it's unlikely we'd experience it in the same way but willing to give it a go anyway.  And, that's exactly what Beth and her pal Heidi decide to do after Beth's divorce is finalised.

It didn't take long into the novel before I was fully transported to the Greek isle of  Corfu, soaking up the sun and laughing with the girls.  The beautiful setting description is really immersive and it was so easy to let the time just slide by whilst I spent time with Beth and co. 

The characters are mainly very likable and easy to relate to and each one brings a different personality to the plot.  The back story of Beth's marriage ads an extra layer of depth too.

A perfect, brilliant summer read and an exciting new author for me to devour.
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This book is the perfect beachy read! I took it on our vacation and I’m so glad I did! It was just so fun and sweet. Thank you netgalley for this book!!
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I loved how honest Beth was with herself throughout the story. Even though she knew her motivations, she was finding it difficult to move on. The 2 weeks in Almyros was the perfect place to re-discover her dreams and ambitions. Her friendship with Heidi is brilliant and I knew if anyone could get Beth on the right track, it would be her best friend.

It’s not just Beth who has lost confidence either. With Alex’ narration we find out about his familial responsibilities to his mum Margalo and how hard he works at 3 jobs. But sadly not the job he really wants to do. I was just as intrigued as he was about the money! The answer truly is a Mandy Baggot creation 🙂 I had no idea (didn’t even come close to guessing!) until it was there in front of me. Margalo’s character is perfect for the matriarch role of a Greek family and Alex trying desperately to meet her needs made me feel for him so much.

I love the way Mandy Baggot writes about relationships, including intimacy. There’s a powerful scene that had me wanting to swap places with Beth! Beth and Alex aren’t the only two who gave me all the feels either. I had an emotional attachment to all of the characters and felt bereft when the story ended. It felt as if I had spent the two weeks alongside them experiencing everything they did.

So many moments brought laughter too. Climbing down the ravine, parasailing, quadbiking to name a few.

If you’ve lost your way and are in need of a boost, One Greek Summer will inspire you. You’ll feel refreshed and confident, ready to make changes with enthusiasm.

Highly recommended.
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Favorite Quotes:

‘How long is it since you’ve had a date now?’ … ‘Almost two months,’ Heidi breathed. ‘My lady parts basically think I’ve sold them for transplant.’

‘Repeat after me…I am a woman in my prime.’ ‘Oh, Heidi, have you been going to those motivational hours at the community centre again? Weren’t you put off for good when the guest speaker was someone who had once worked with Harvey Weinstein?’

‘I’m not sorry he isn’t dead.’ She took a breath. There had been times she’d wanted to cut the crotch out of his underpants, but death seemed a little too far, even in her darkest moments, drinking his vintage champagne like it was tap water.

‘I don’t fancy you either. Never have.’ ‘I don’t know whether to feel pleased or strangely curious as to why not.’ ‘Let’s leave it as an enigma…’

All everyone says is that yiayia died of a broken heart. But my mother says she died of shame because she could not bear to live the rest of her life as a widow mourning a man who shared his penis with the entire island.

‘He was at the beach bar in Roda, a late-night drink after practice for a band he is joining.’ She shook her head. ‘He is sixty-five years old. The only band he should be involved in is one they put around your arm to monitor blood pressure.’

My Review:

Greece has been on my bucket list for decades, and although I will confess to being far too lazy to make the arduous trek, I can partially satisfy my curiosity and wanderlust by occasionally picking up a Grecian based tale.  One Last Greek Summer was quite the tasty snack with Ms. Baggot’s divinely keen sense for colorful details and vividly described scenes, I could almost hear the bleating of the baby goats, smell the sea air, and taste the delicious gyros.  The writing and storylines were engaging, action-packed, cunningly observant, and shot through with crisp levity and whip-smart humor.  The vibrant characters were appealing, well-drawn, and more than a bit intriguing - even the villainous ones that I wanted to give a pinch or ten.  

This was my maiden voyage with the cleverly amusing Mandy Baggot and I am kicking myself for being tardy to the party as she has a wicked wit and an impressive listing of twenty-four published books.  I am tempted to unhook the phone and clear my calendar for a month and just indulge in all things Baggot.  Suffice it to say, Ms. Baggot has a newly minted baklava loving fangirl.
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There is nothing better to take your mind off of life and travel around the world through enjoyable summer books at the beach. 

Baggot’s style of writing is easy and fun and the constant dialogue keeps the book flowing. Following Beth’s journey to start a new life had me laughing out loud at many points along with cheering her on to break out of her shell and stand up for herself and enjoy Corfu as much as she did ten years ago! 

A fun, flirty book with the perfect amount of humor to lift your spirits!
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