BOOT small robot, BIG adventure

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 19 May 2019

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This is a charming story about finding out where you come from, where you belong and who your true friends are!
Boot is a discarded, broken robot about to be ground into pieces.  Finding an inner strength, he survives and goes on the run from a robot hating man named Flint.  Flint wants to destroy robots so they won't take his job.

Along the journey Boot meets some friendly robots who live in hiding in an amusement arcade.  They are no longer the newest, best or shiniest robots and have been replaced over time.  

Noke, Red and Poochy join Boot on his quest to find his way home to a little girl called Beth.  With only 2 and a half memories, it is a difficult journey to know where to go.  Noke is nearly out of battery, Red could burst into flames at any moment and Poochy lands on his head a lot.....but they prove themselves to be loyal and daring friends.  

This is a wonderful story of a broken robot with a big heart.  Boot is funny, loyal and brave.  

I look forward to seeing the illustrations that will join the text- if the cover is anything to go by, they will be amazing.  This is a great chapter book for those young readers wanting more than just a picture book.

With a further 2 books in the series planned I look forward to seeing what adventures Boot, Noke, Red and Poochy have, and what new robots we may meet along the way.  Although watch out for Flint as I don't think we have seen the last of him!
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This is just a lovely adventure where a little robot wakes up with 2.5 memories and a feeling he needs his owner. Boot has feelings, unlike most of his fellow robots, and is struggling to cope in the big bad world.

He meets a ragtag bunch of fellow sentients and together they face some mild peril, before a very happy ending reinforcing the value of friendship and independence.

The illustrations are mostly missing from my proof copy, but those that are there are stunning. Boot is emotive and just SOOOO CUTE!
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I absolutely love this book. Not only is it a quick and accessible read, it’s packed with ideas , humour and heart. It ends on such a moving and triumphant note and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
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