Midnight Beauties

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I loved the first part, it was intriguing, a nice change and a nice twist on the story although sometimes a little bit confusing for me. The sequel continues where Grim Lovelies left off. After their battle Anouk is closed inside her townhouse, some of her friends being held captive by Rennar. Then in a twist of fate the prince appears and asks for help.
The story was fast-paced, interesting and captivating. Anouk making a deal wizh the "devil" surprised me, especially her failing to make her dream come true. This book has some serious twist and turns you don't expect comjng at you, and this can be very refreshing. Although I cannot say I am too satisfied with the ending. It left so many things open, and the romance... Why am I always on the bad side?...
Anyways all in all it was a fantastic read, perfect for young adults.
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It's really refreshing to read a story that's not part of a long series. Two books, and you're done. For this reason, I feel that it will really appeal to reluctant readers as well as people not wanting to invest so much time into a completely story. Series and trilogies are so popular right now, but can be very overwhelming for some readers. This story is so unique, but with the second installment I wads't as impressed. Some of the magic was gone, and there was a larger emphasis on the romance aspect of the story. Many of the characters also changed, and did not have the same connection I felt they had in this first book. I'm glad I read this, but I'm also glad it's over now.
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I received a free copy of the ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

There were parts of this book I totally loved and other parts I found sorta boring. I loved the action... it felt like a lot of stuff crammed into the 3 or 4 days of the story line. I appreciated that not every situation turned out as i was expecting. I definitely liked this one better than book one. There's a weird semi sort of relationship triangle that does work itself out... there was a lot more development if the characters' relationships in this one, which helped. Still, some of the scenes seemed to take forever to build up to the crescendo point. The magic system seemed to make more sense to me this time around, and I'm not sure if that's because of the help of this book, or because it wasn't completely new, since I've read book one before. 

There are people who would enjoy this story. I'd recommend it to readers who enjoy very fast paced books. I didn't find it particularly deep, but it's not quite "fluffy" either. Someone looking for a quick but action packed adventure may find it here.
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Struggled a bit with this one.  I enjoyed Grim Lovelies enough to continue with the second book, but this installment felt little uneven - don't get me wrong,  I appreciate a good romance, but not at the expense of the storytelling and the magic and the world building.  Shepherd is such a beautiful storyteller and world builder - but I felt like some of that was lost to compensate for the romance.
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Like Grim Lovelies, this was another fun and unique story. However, I wasn't super excited about the additional romance as it distracted from everything else going on.  Also, I wanted to see more of Beau and Anouk together!
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I was hoping to find here a book that my younger students would read that included themes the YA books did on our shelves. I think I found it, I don’t know if I did, I would like to test out how it works in the library before I review it to the full extent. 

The plot was good but sounded typical from other plots that I’ve read before. I did not go into it as excited as I wanted to be because the plot really just felt like it’s been done before (the first in the series) but I continued to read on and found the story to be something I enjoyed enough to test out with my students. When getting to the second book here I had to see if it was worth getting the second one for my students. The first was a semi-success with my younger students but could the second be much better then the first? 

As I got into reading the second book I actually felt more at ease with the story and felt that it held my attention just enough to finish. The characters were a little bit more developed in the second book which is GREAT because not always do the authors continue to work on the characters as the books come out. Shepherd did a great job in doing just this and I believe the students will work with these characters as they grow. 

The storytelling here in the second book is on par with the beginning of book one and I am indefinitely enjoying book two.
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I liked this book and while I had to go back and re-read the first I think book 2 was just as good as the first. That is hard to say at times but the author did a great job at capturing the reader and holding your interest.  3.75 stars
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What can I say about this wonderful book?

The author is so magical and splendid that I feel inside her book with every word and scenario she wrotes. This is easily one of the best 2019 fantasy books, and as a lover of this genre I feel in the need of say that she's one of my favorite authors now.
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I loved this first book, and for a second book in a series, this is good. I just had a harder time connecting to the plot and characters this go around. I did like the pacing a lot, I feel like it read a lot faster than the first book. The cover is stunning, and is equal to book One. I did appreciate the world building, and of course loved the Haute couture, that makes this series stand out amongst its peers. lol!
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Midnight Beauties picks up right where Grim Lovelies left off, and like that book, this one is action packed. Anouk is still trying to become a witch and finds herself in a quest to save the world. There's a bit of royal intrigue, Rennar being a prominent figure, and a little romance too, but mostly it's about Anouk knowing and accepting herself in order to get the things she most wants. I'll miss the characters, but a biology was the perfect length for this story and I'll be looking forward to whatever Shepherd comes up with next. Review from e-galley
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I liked Midnight Beauties more than Grim Lovelies. I really enjoyed the characters and I think they were much better written in this book than in the first book. 

I liked Anouk so much more in this book than in the first one. She stood up for herself a lot more and it was refreshing. I also really liked how quick and clever she had become. I think over the course of the two books she went through a lot of development and I really enjoyed it. My favorite characters were definitely Petra and Rennar. I also still think Beau is annoying and I disliked him even more in this book. 

Shepherd's writing wasn't my favorite but I don't think it was bad. I didn't really like the way she wrote her dialogue. It felt kind of stilted to me. Her writing wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst I've ever read either. 

I really enjoyed the way the book started. I thought it was a good place to start and I immediately felt drawn into the plot. I think the events in this book were so much more interesting than in the first book and I felt so much more connected and invested in the characters. I was actively rooting for everyone to be okay, even if that wasn't what happened... 

Overall this wasn't a bad book. I just didn't like it as much as I had hoped it would. I do think everyone should give it a chance though to see if they would like it.
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I did enjoy reading this book. I love this take on Magic! However the book seemed very choppy to me. There didn't seem to be any kind of easy rhythm. And I didn't find myself drawn to any of the characters. I was hoping to find more attachment to the characters in this book, as apposed to the first, but it never happened. This might have something to do with the fact that they have no past. The imagery and adventure however was very good and kept me reading until the very end.
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3.5 / 5

A satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable duology!  
Midnight Beauties picks up right where Grim Lovelies left off, with Anouk wanting, and needing, to become a witch so she can save her fellow beasties (animals who are enchanted in to humans) from being forced to remain in animal form.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and Anouk makes a deal that has her walking through fire (literally) to achieve her hearts desire of freeing both her friends and unlocking her true magical self.

I really enjoyed all the parts of this that took place in Bavaria where Anouk undergoes deadly trials to become a witch.  Really exciting to read and dove into the mythology behind this world which I found interesting.  Some parts of this novel moved a bit slow for me and the big twist at the end felt a bit unnecessary but all in all I enjoyed this and would recommend the duology to YA fantasy fans.
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Great follow up to Grim Lovelies!  It was just as good as the first book.  Definitely need to look for more Megan Shepherd.
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Grim Lovelies was one of my favorite reads earlier this year. I couldn't wait for the sequel to come out! Luckily, today is the release date for Midnight Beauties, and I am so happy that I received an Advanced Reader Copy. Midnight Beauties picks up right at the end of Grim Lovelies, where our beasties have just battled it out at Montelimar. Our main character, Anouk, is determined to save her friends. In order to do so, she pledges to marry her sworn enemy, but only if she survives the trial of fire to become a witch. I have truly enjoyed these books. I love how Midnight Beauties continues to show Anouk's strength and commitment to her friends who have become family. There is plenty of action, drama, and heart in Midnight Beauties. I can't help but root for these underdogs! I am not surprised that I enjoyed this book, after falling in love with the Grim Lovelies.
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Megan Shepherd's Midnight Beauties is the final installment in the authors Grim Lovelies duology. 6 weeks have passed since Anouk learned she has access to magic. Pretty surprising from what she came from. She fought and survived the siege of Montélimar, while her friends (Beau, Cricket, Luc, Hunter Black) have all reverted back to their original forms before they were human. Now, Anouk has to find a way to become a witch so that she has the power to bring her family back.

Anouk is approached by Crown Prince Rennar of the Shadow Royals with a deal that she cannot refuse. Unfortunately, it results in her agreeing to a political marriage that will see her go from a beastie, to a maid, to a witch, and end up as a Princess. If that wasn't enough to tempt you, the Royals of London have disappeared, the Coven of Oxford have not only unleashed magic on the city, but technology is fighting against magic which isn't supposed to mix. But, before Anouk can save the world, she needs to survive the Cottage.

Anouk is joined at the Cottage/The Schwarewald by Petra, who wasn't exactly an ally the last time they met. Anouk isn't exactly welcomed with open arms by the man in charge, Duke Karolinge, who tells Anouk that the school is a graveyard for the soon to be departed. In fact, the woods are filled with the dead who never made it to the front doors. In order to become a witch, one has to find their own cruxes, while also surviving a final walk through fire which not many girls have survived in recent years.

With Anouk's marriage to Rennar, her friends are returned to their human form, and the Shadow Royals have to put their hatred of each other behind so that they can work together to defeat the chaos that is tearing London to pieces. The beasties pretty much have carte blanche in the ability to kill witches without any sort of penalties. Truth be told, the time Anouk spends at the school isn't all that long. The fight and battle for London was absolutely the best part of the book and readers will be in agreement that Anouk is definitely a star who has done some amazing things over the course of this series.

Midnight Beauties is a high-stake, action packed thrill ride with a bit of romance thrown in to keep even the most harden critics happy. I do, actually, believe there is more to tell in this world. There are characters who have found themselves in interesting situations, and there is a war on the horizon that Anouk and her family can join in, or walk away and let the chips fall where they might. Plus, the fact that she is a force to be reckoned with, makes for some interesting new storylines.
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❥My Review: When I first read Grim Lovelies last year, I was in awe of how wonderfully written a fantasy book could be. It was one of my favorite reads last year, and when I heard about Midnight Beauties I was so ecstatic! 

It is everything I wanted and MORE! It was FILLED with plot twists.. Bam, Bam! Wait whaaaa???

Worth every gasp, and confusion lol. It was definitely perfect for me. 

Perfect for readers who love fairy tales, magic, fantasy, and the underdog hero.

It’s definitely the perfect sequel to Grim Lovelies. A great duology overall. 

Sad it had to end here, but in all honesty I do feel the ending was not a major closure for me..

Could there be more novels in the same world in the future?

Whooo knows? I guess we will wait and see.

Go out and get your copy today, I can’t recommend this series enough.

Worth the read, I PROMISE!

Thank You #Netgalley & #HMHTEEN for giving me access to this beautiful #galley copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.. #Partner
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A duology that actually left me wanting more, and I’m grateful to NetGalley for allowing me to read this prior to publication.
Anouk is desperate to save those she loves, and her resolve has her making bargains with those she feels little for in order to try to get things back to how she wants them. Determined to save her friends, Anouk heads to the wilds so she can take the test and prove herself worthy of magic.
Nothing is quite what you expect here, but it was a story that became increasingly interesting.
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The ending of Grim Lovelies left me hanging and felt unfinished. This book made up for it and brought with it some necessary answers and conclusions. I think it would have been stronger as one larger book than the two smaller.
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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read this book because I didn't finish the first one. The characters within this world don't feel real to me and they are all rather forgettable. The magical elements of the world are confusing and seem to be fluid, but they also aren't really explained. Overall, I do not plan to continue this series.
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