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The Body in the Mist

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A mystery with a difference. Expect the unexpected from the accused and the accusers and you won’t be disappointed. Would you do the same if you were faced with the same dilemma, I am not so sure? A tease and a must read.
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Another really good read that's good from start to finish!
You really get into the story!  Fast paced, not boring, captivating from page 1. 
Well developed story, good plot and twists...  attention to details, police procedure...  Keeps you interested until the end! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Canelo for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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Great read ! Fast paced and holds your interest with the twists and turns .  Strange mad cap family all turn up and Poor Craig has to deal with it 

I didn’t guess the ending! Recommended
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I have read all of Nick's books as I find them very well written and a bit different. They always keep you guessing about who did it and even some red herrings sometimes. The cheaters are superb and just right for these stories. How long until the next one?
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I enjoyed reading this book.  The plot was enjoyable and the characters good. 
Overall I would reccomend this book for others.
I will look out for other books by Nick having read this one.
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Enjoyable detective story with a twist of human interest.  What families will and won't do to save each other.  who or what is morally sound.
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Another great book in this series. DCI Craig Gillard is dragged into a problem within his strange, argumentative and sometimes violent family. This is so well drawn and the threads linked together in such a way you can't help trying to work it out before you get to the end. I found myself getting very angry on Craig and Sam's behalf because his family are selfish and expect him to pick up the pieces even though he isn't close to them. When Sam questions Craig about his diffidence is telling her about his past, he finally allows Sam into his very upsetting secret. I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading more.. My thanks to Nick Louth, Canelo and Net Galley for my ARC.
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This book is a fascinating story and will keep you reading right up to the final word. I enjoyed the twists and turns and did not anticipate the outcome until close to the finale. Definitely recommended.
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Absolutely fabulous read, another triumph for Nick Louth. For anyone who loves police procedural/crime novels it’s definitely a must read. Highly recommended.
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This was the first Nick Louth book I had read and I enjoyed it. Good plot, good characters, all in all a good read. I would recommend it! 

Thanks to NetGalley for my free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Devon police investigate when a hit and run victim is found on a quiet country lane. The body has no identification and the labels in his clothes have been removed. Unfortunately for DCI Craig Gillard, the car involved belongs to one of his aunts and he and wife Sam travel down to Devon to help sort out the problem.  As he delves deeper, he discovers family secrets from the past which were better left unknown and gets drawn into the mysteries uncovered.

This was my first Nick Louth novel, however the story works perfectly well as a stand alone tale. The characters are well created and I found myself drawn into their lives and keen to learn the truth. In some ways the title body got pushed aside for the more historic crimes revealed, but the story flowed well and all was revealed at the end. I particularly enjoyed the final few pages of the story.

Definitely not the last Craig Gillard adventure I want to read!
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This is the third in the DCI Craig Gillard series and the first one I have read.  I loved it.  The plot is clever, tense and at times wickedly funny.  Craig Gillard and his wife Sam visit Craig's family in Devon for a weekend only to be sucked into a crime that could well implicate his Aunts and Uncle seem wonderfully dysfunctional.

The storyline is well presented and the characters are all engaging and well developed.  The court scene towards the end of the book is edge of the seat stuff and the denouement is just brilliant.  I hope to get hold of the other two books now in this great series.

Highly recommended
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My first Nick Louth book, but definitely not my last.  I'm always looking for a new DCI series to read, but somehow missed DCI Craig Gillard. 

This was a fun read! 

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.

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"...very few people are all good or all bad. That combination is what makes us human."

DCI Craig Gillard is about to find out just how messed up his family really is when he and his wife, Sam, visit his two aunts and uncle in Devon. The body of an unidentifiable male is discovered on a road south of Exmoor National Park. He appears to have been the victim of a hit and run -- and the suspect vehicle belongs to Gillard's Aunt Barbara. Gillard's aunts deny driving the vehicle that day as they claim to have been playing Monopoly with his Uncle Philip who lives in a care home and seems to have his own secrets. It's a complicated case outside of Gillard's remit, but he offers to help DI Jan Talantire of the Barnstaple police with the investigation since he wants to help his relatives. There's a lot going on in this police procedural and murder mystery -- NO SPOILERS. 

This is the third book in the series and I didn't like it quite as much as the first two. It seemed to take me a huge effort to really get into the story and to keep all the different threads straight. I do like the main characters of Craig and Sam and will be interested in reading the next book which I hope is set back in their home turf, Surrey. DCI Gillard definitely has a dysfunctional family and Sam is about to find out more about her husband. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Canelo Digital Publishing for the e-book ARC to read and review.
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Great book - great story - great characters.  What more can a reader ask for?  Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to read more by Nick Louth.
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A hit and run, in Devon sets the tone for this.  DI Jan Talantine is on the case and a very complex one it is.  The body has been severely injured and his face is no longer there.  With no ID or labels in the clothing it is next to impossible to find out who this is.

DCI Craig Gillard and wife Sam, head off to Devon to see his aunts and an uncle he has not seen for years.  Little did they know that his estranged family were somehow caught up in this drama.

His aunts Barbara and Trish live near each other in the Barnstaple area.  Barbara runs the family farm, Trish is still grieving her husband who left her a few years ago, and uncle Philip is in a residential home.

The investigation begins, and Crag's two aunts are eventually under the spotlight.  They have many secrets between the three of them but Craig is the one who decides he needs to keep digging until he finds out the truth.  Devon is not in his constabulary's jurisdiction, so he has to liaise with DI Talentine with his enquiries and findings.  This is a complex case, but so well thought out.

It is another of this author's brilliant works and the reader is drawn in until the conclusion.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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A man's body is found in Devon a victim of a serious hit and run with no identification, mobile phone or labels on is clothing. . Craig Gillard and his wife Samantha are asked by his aunts Trisha and Barbara to visit them and also visit his uncle Philip at a nearby nursing home. The family's history starts to come out drawing Craig and Samantha into an investigation.
This book is well worth reading with lots of darkness and lies leading to deaths and a court case with both aunts ending up on trial . The ending is more surprising than you would expect. Great book.
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I love a good crime book and for me The Body in the Mist was exactly that.  

Detective Inspector Jan Talantire is called out to an unlit country lane where a body has been found lying face down in the ditch.  When sealing off the crime scene she finds human remains further up the road by the phone box and smeared on the tarmac; indications of a hit and run.  With no ID on the body and a disfigured face, trying to identify the victim becomes a laborious task.  DSI Craig Gillard receives a call from his two aunts in Barnstable asking for help, the car involved in the hit and run belongs to Barbara, one of the sister.  There unfolds a web of deceit, family secrets and a cold case that needs solving.  

Whist this is the third book in the DSI Craig Gillard series it can be read as a stand alone novel.  I was hooked from the beginning.  With alternating chapters, a host of colourful characters and two murders needing to be solved it kept you guessing till the end.  And what an ending! 

On a personal level I loved the setting.  Having lived in Surrey most of my life and then moving to the West Country I really appreciated all the references to both locations, it brought the book alive for me and added to my enjoyment.  I could really see this as part of a television crime drama.  I will be recommending this book to others as well as reading the previous books in the series.  Thank you to NetGallery and Canelo for my copy of this book.
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This is the third of Nick Louth’s DCI Craig Gillard crime stories - I gave the first two five stars, and this one is every bit as good. I seem to recall that in one or other of the previous books there was some reference to Craig’s dysfunctional or unconventional family - this book reveals some of the extraordinary characters, and these are at the heart of the story. Also the drama takes place in Devon, where Craig has no jurisdiction, which adds further interest. Ultimately the presumed perpetrators of the murder in the title get to court and we have an interesting chapter or two of the court proceedings and a judgement is made, but is this the end of the matter, or are there still surprises to come? A really good read - don’t miss it.
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This is the third book in this series but is a good stand alone book .It is set in Barnstable Devon  and starts with a particularly gruesome hit and run with a badly damaged body with no identification .DCI Gillard of the Surrey Police finds out that his Aunts may have a connection with this incident.We learn what a dysfunctional family Craig has with lots of hidden secrets .The descriptions of the characters are fabulous ,batty old Aunts and a dodgy Uncle ! A very enjoyable read with an ending that actually made me gasp !!! Many thanks to the Publisher ,the Author and NetGalley for my copy in return for an honest review .
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