Mr Dog and a Hedge Called Hog

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 5 Oct 2019

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I loved reading this to my children and they really enjoyed the story! I found myself tongue tied on a number of occasions which they found hilarious!
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This time Mr. Dog is taking part in a different adventure. He travels north as a stowaway, and whilst hiding in a crate he discovers that hedgehog hunts are taking place on the Isle of Evan.Mr Dog is always up for an adventure, especially if it involves helping other animals. Along with his spiky friend Hog, he sets himself a task to find out why the innocent creatures are so unwelcome on the island. However, first Mr Dog and his adorable new friend must outwit a pack of hunting hounds!

I can’t really recommend this series of books highly enough. Mr Dog is gentlemanly and charming, displaying kindness, especially to animals in danger. The books are exciting, suspenseful, funny and informative with beautiful illustrations to bring the story to life. Children will learn the importance of preserving wildlife and that kindness always prevails. As an adult, it is an absolute joy to read, and this book will be a bedtime favourite for so many children.

Ben Fogle has added a sweet little chapter at the end of the book which explains how we should all take care of our hedgehogs (just like Mr Dog did!).
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My 8 year old son loved this book and read it very quickly. It seemed to be a good level for his reading and he gives it 5/5 stars.
His favourite character was the main character, Mr Dog, and he said there were a few really funny parts. He also liked all of the illustrations. He says he looks forward to reading more ‘Mr Dog’ books.
Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for an advance copy in return for my (my son’s) honest opinion.
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Mr Dog has travelled north for an island escapade. But when a local hedgehog problem seems set to threaten his new friend, Hog, he knows he’ll have to act quickly to save his prickly companion…

This was another delightful book in the "Mr Dog" series by Ben Fogle. This time, starring hedgehogs, Mr Dog is tasked to solve a problem involving the local hedgehog population. With rich and descriptive language, and some "new" words to talk about, this book will leave children wanting to read more about Mr Dog's adventures. 

A great book to use in the classroom, not only to read to children, but for young readers starting their first chapter books. Mr Dog and a Hedge Called Hog is an ideal text to use when discussing wildlife issues with children, in a thoughtful and non-threatening manner. 

I will look forward to the next installment in the life of Mr Dog!
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What a lovely book! I enjoyed reading this myself and I have started to read it to my 4, 6 and 10 year olds, and they really enjoying the adventures! 
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Mr Dog is on the road again, or in this case, on a boat travelling to an island.  As he is a stowaway, he is using his nose to help him figure out what is happening in this new place.  There seems to be some mystery involving a hedge.  A chance encounter with a basset hound named Dandy, leaves Mr Dog with a mystery to solve about hedgehogs.  
Mr Dog loves an adventure and sets off straight away! 
It turns out that Dandy, his owner, and their dog sniffer friends are hunting hedgehogs.  The gentleman Mr Dog cannot let this happen- he is a friend to all creatures. 
Putting his own sniffer to use, he soon meets Hog, a young hedgehog.  As night draws near, they realise they are in incredible danger from Dandy and his gang.  
It’s going to take more than hiding out to avoid being captured or worse.

Hog and Mr Dog work together and put their trust in each other to make it to a safe destination on the island.

I continue to be a huge fan of Mr Dog and love his kindness to all creatures, his willingness to save them and his elegant red and white hanky around his neck.  He is indeed handsome and could perhaps become Sir Dog!

An excellent book series for younger readers and those who love animals.  Ben always adds a special informative page about the focus animals to help children know more about them.
There is a sample of the next book in the back so I am already looking forward to that!  Keep them coming Ben and Steve.
Illustrations by the talented Nikolas Ilic
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A lovely story with beautiful bright illustrations that for perfectly. Engaging and great to read/act out with kids. Adorable.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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