A Fatal Game

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I don't repeat the blurb - you can read that. Quite enjoyed this very contemporary tale, although the ending was a bit of a let down,an anti-climax, if you will.  Definitely worth a read for insight into the work of agencies tasked with our safety.
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Couldn't really get to grips with this one. Gave up around 65% as it hadn't caught my attention. I found it a bit heavy going and confusing at times.
That's my opinion.
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I like it when an author does not get typecast and every book Nicholas Searle has written is totally different - but of equally high calibre.

I really enjoyed "A Fatal Game", a tense thriller dealing with the terrorist threat that faces us all today when nobody is quite sure who he or she seems to be.

Is the mole within the terrorist cell playing the intelligence services or is he really trying to help them?

The secret is not revealed until late on in what is a captivating and well plotted book that never fails to thrill.

Highly recommended.
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Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book.  I didn't like how the author told the story.  I couldn't finish this book.
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