Come Back to Me (Seal Island 3)

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Full of grief and remorse after the death of his wife, Matt, is in desperate need of a place to escape to and heal. When a good friend sees his distress he offers Matt the chance to get away from it all and head to the remote Seal Island.Matt grabs it and heads off to find some much needed peace and the chance to settle his mind.
Grace is the Island's Doctor. She loves being such an important part of the Seal Island community. Its is a lot quieter than her previous bustling practise in Edinburgh but the quieter life suits her and she does love the beauty of the Island.  Although she does have some regrets from her past that keep resurfacing and she is finding increasingly difficult to ignore.
Rose is laying in a coma in Seal Island's hospital. She is desperately trying to piece together her memories of what happened to her and wake up from what feels like a nightmare.
What follows is the story of the three of them trying to get their lives back on track, forgetting what's happened in the past and living for the here and now. Giving them all the chance of a new beginning.
I really loved the setting for this book. it sounds like the perfect place to get away from it all with some very dramatic scenery and a fantastic community feel. I loved reading about all of the quirks  that people have on the Island and how they all have a way of supporting each other and those within the area.
This book is very well written and has a way of drawing you in especially with such fantastic characters who you feel a real connection to. perfect for some escapism.
This is book three in the series however it can be read as a standalone read.
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I was given a copy of Come Back To Me by Daniela Sacerdoti by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is the 3rd book in the Seal Island series although it can be read as a stand alone book. It tells the story of Matthew whose has just been released from prison after his wife was killed. He moves to Seal Island. The story is also told by Grace the island doctor. Parts of the story go back to a character called Rose and the relationship between her and her adoptive brother. 
I didn't enjoy this book as much as the others although it was still a good read.
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Oh my goodness me!

Daniela hooks me in from Page 1 EVERY SINGLE TIME. Her writing is exquisite, her words warm, comforting, atmospheric, beautiful. There are not enough adjectives to describe how she makes me feel when I’m reading one of her books.

Seal Island, in the Outer Hebrides, is so beautifully created, that it makes me want to jump on a ferry, go there immediately and never leave. You easily drift back into the ways of Seal Island, and the characters who live there.

This was no exception to Daniela’s amazing novels. Compelling from the very first page, she creates three main characters that you want to learn more about, you want to know every little detail of their life story and you want to jump right into the book and be part of their lives and help them to work through their problem and come out the other side.

Matt, Rose and Grace, are three deep and intriguing characters with back stories that you can’t help but be fascinated by, delving deep into their emotions and feeling every single one.

Come Back To Me is a completely mesmerising, captivating and just purely stunning read from a truly gifted writer that always make you wonder about reality and the magic of something else that could possibly be out there, guiding us through life. A wonderful, beautiful, entertaining addition to this fabulous series that I never want to end.
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This is an atmospheric read which skilfully weaves together the stories of three very different people and which manages to move back and forth through the years seamlessly. The fictional island is ever present and emphasises how remote their lives there are. Seal Island is a place to retreat to, with a calmness which seems to nurture those who live there.

    There are moments which have an other worldly aura and which have a mystical, ghostly feel. The story is told at times through some haunting and atmospheric language and the general tone of the writing is sad and regretful. It is emotional and certainly keeps you turning the pages to the end. Above all, it is an enjoyable read which I was fully involved in. 

In short: A mysterious and atmospheric read. 

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, haven’t read any of the others but felt like I wasn’t missing anything, in fac you felt immersed in the book straight away. Great writing, wonderful plot and characters, a great read all round. I really recommend this and I’m going to be reading more from this author now.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This is a wonderfully atmospheric tale about three very different people, each facing events that have left them broken and filled with grief.
Consumed with guilt over the death of his wife, Matthew Shearer moves to Seal Island to heal and rebuild something that resembles living.  He soon begins to find a place for himself within the small group of welcoming locals and escape from his life in London.  Yet as much as he craves the isolation the Island offers he feels alone and desperately misses his wife Mia who was killed there years earlier in a car accident.  When a young woman appears at his door in the middle of the night, disorientated and soaking wet, saying she has a message from Mia, Matthew begins to question his sanity and the depths to which he has sunk into despair.
This is my first visit to Seal Island and indeed my first encounter with Daniela Sacerdoti but I have to say I felt like I was returning to an old friend.  She writes beautifully and has built up an incredibly memorable set of characters and I will definitely look back at her two previous novels set in this harsh but beautifully landscape.  In this, her latest, he weaves the stories of these three characters, each dealing with their own heartbreak and challenges, and brings them together in a haunting tale that is expertly crafted.  I love the imagery and the hint of magic that simmers beneath the surface for you to find.  The Island and it's small community are a major part of the story and add so much intrigue and atmosphere to events.   I couldn't help but be enchanted by them.
I enjoyed reading this moving tale ever so much and now that I have fallen in love with Daniela's writing I very much look forward to reading more of her novels.  Oh, how I love discovering a new author!
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Fabulous book, thoroughly enjoyed. Daniela writes so beautifully, and captivatingly . Although this is the third Seal Island book it also works perfectly well as a standalone book. The characters are ‘real’ in that they are totally believable and each has their own story , a story of loss, heartbreak, romance and optimism. Just beautiful!
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There are many types of reading experiences, the ones that leave you feeling happy, sad or angry. Now and again you get a book that reaches from the pages and takes a piece of you, even if just for a moment.

It may give you a sense of peace, a few seconds of indignation or fill you with rage. It doesn't really matter what emotion or thoughts linger, but if they do then the author has done their job by extending a hand to invite you inside and you entering their house of words, staying for a while and leaving with some of their powerful words imprinted in your memory forever.

Sacerdoti evokes that kind of magic with her story. It is a perfect fictional exploration of grief, forgiveness, accepting life and the obstacles it throws in your way, and finding your own type of happiness.

This is the third book in the Seal Island series and the focus is on multiple characters who become connected through the island. Matthew is still riddled with guilt after the death of his wife. He welcomes the isolation of and on the island. Grace keeps herself busy to avoid thinking about her all her regrets, about the life and family she should have had. Then there is Fergus and the strained relationship with his teenage daughter, a young girl who feels abandoned and neglected by both parents.

The story of Rose runs alongside the others, but takes place in the past, as we see her navigate the complicated oppressive relationship between herself and her brother.

On the surface that may seem like a normal contemporary story about family, relationships and love, but the author makes it stand out from the crowd by adding a layer of magical realism to the story. It falls over a certain character like a soft, soothing and healing blanket.

It's a contemporary read with elements of magical realism combined with the concept of what family is for each of us. It's a lovely read.
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Enchanting. Haunting. Magical. 

   Daniela Sacerdoti has written a lyrical story that will completely captivate you. Her words had such a musical quality to them. This is a story that gets into your heart, your bones, your soul. I had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up, but it exceeded all my expectations. This is the third book in the Seal Island series, but it can absolutely be read as a standalone. And can I just say I was thoroughly bummed out when I found out this is a fictitious location?

   Beautifully told the story has an element of magic to it that will require you to suspend belief a bit. Three characters find themselves on Seal Island, all of them dealing with their own guilt and grief. Mathew has recently been released from jail, convicted of manslaughter. He is riddled with guilt for causing the car accident that killed his wife. Grace has taken a job as a doctor on the island, she is single, childless, and convinced that it is too late for her to find love. Grace and Matt are neighbors on the island and forge a friendship. I think they both saw a kindred spirit in their grief. The third character in this book is Rose. Rose is in a coma and reliving events that led up to the accident that put her in a coma. Rose had a complicated relationship with her brother who had some anger management issues that impacted Rose’s life and her family. Now as intriguing as I found Rose’s story I had no idea how it fit into the rest of this book. I knew the story threads connected I just didn’t know how, but all is tied up in a beautiful bow at the end of the book.

   The book is full of emotion and vivid language that fully immerses you in these characters lives. The grief was palpable, but the hope was imminent. I really loved all these characters but I think I connected to grace the most I really felt for her and her desire to be loved. This book ended perfectly and left me with such a warm feeling in my heart. I noticed that this is not publishing in the US, and I think that needs to be remedied! This is a well told story that will appeal to people on both sides of the pond!

*** thanks Headline for my copy of this book ***
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This is book 3 in Daniela Sacerdoti’s Seal Island series, but it can be read very well as a standalone. A beautiful and moving story of love and loss that’s laced through with an atmospheric sense of mystery. 

I loved this book. It weaved its magic and touched my heart in a way I never expected it to. Exquisitely written, the lyrical prose drew me in from the very first page and kept me enthralled right through to the end. With characters you quickly come to care about, I was sad to leave the people and places of Seal Island behind. I hope the author revisits them again in the future.
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Come Back To Me' is the third book set on the fictional Outer Hebrides island of Seal, this time Daniela gives us three compelling narratives in the form of Matthew, Grace and Rose.

Matthew has come to stay in a cottage belonging to the only person who stood by him whilst he was in prison for causing death by dangerous driving. His 3 year sentence is only the beginning, he intends to punish himself for a lifetime for causing the death of his wife Mia.

Grace is his next door neighbour and island doctor, hiding from the world and love as she has been hurt too much in the past, yet part of her still longs for the family she never had.

Rose is a girl in a coma, relating the events that led her to be in that state, something to do with her foster brother, Jacob, whose arrival turned her family's lives upside down.

All 3 of them need a bit of the magic that Seal Island has in its very soil, they just need to hand themselves over to another power and believe...

What ann incredible, amazing book! It is lyrical, descriptive, without being overly wordy so that your mind can fill in the blanks. Juggling a multiple narrative tale is not easy as the voices of the narrators could become entangled, however, in 'Come Back To Me', all 3 of the main characters are present and disctinct.

It's also not overly sentimental, there is a quiet grace and dignity in the way that each character's loss is conveyed, the emotional involvement comes from the reader connecting with this through the pages.

You do not need to read books one and two (but I would suggest them, as based on the high quality of writing , they will be a worthy investment of your time), all you need to bring to Seal Island is a willingness to believe...and be ready to enjoy your time there. All of these characters live there to escape wider society but is an island really an escape? Or are your fears, wishes and dreams exposed to the surface due to the introspective nature of island life?

This is the thrid Outer Hebrides set novel I have read this year and all 3 authors have done a sterling job conveying a unique sense of place and time., It was a pure pleasure to read!
Thanks, once more, to Anne, Daniela and Headline for my gifted copy as part of the blog tour.
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There's something very special about having a Daniela Sacerdoti novel to read; I just know I'm in for a treat!

Matthew can't come to terms with his wife's death; when the chance to live on Seal Island is offered to him, he has nothing to lose. A young woman lies in the local hospital, in a coma following an accident and unable to either return or move on. Grace, the local GP on the island, is very happy with her life there but she mourns having missed her chance of motherhood. These three stories are interwoven in a manner the reader could never foresee . . .

This is so good! There's an almost ethereal quality about this author's work and Seal Island is a magical creation. The story unfolds at it's own pace, pulling the reader in and getting you really invested in the characters. I didn't get the connection between the characters until the very end; I was too wrapped up in events and enjoying the wonder of the island. As always, this is a beautifully created novel; well-structured with good, solid writing and an array of believable characters who somehow manage to touch the readers' soul. A sparkling read, and completely worth a full five, golden stars.

My thanks to publisher Headline for my copy via NetGalley. All opinions stated are entirely my own, as always.
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Come Back to Me is the third novel by this author set on the fictional island of Seal in the Outer Hebrides. I have read both the others and really enjoyed them but this can be read perfectly well as a standalone novel, although you will spot some familiar faces if you have read the other two novels.

There are several key characters in this book whose stories overlap and intertwine. Grace is the island doctor who moved there from Edinburgh. She is single, has no children, and with past hurts buried deep inside, is afraid to entrust her heart to anyone. Matthew has recently come to the island and is burdened by guilt and grief following the death of his wife. He is trying to rebuild a life while feeling like he does not deserves one. Selena is a mysterious character appearing only to Matt, often at night. There is an ethereal, unreal quality about her and Matt feels strongly that she has a message from beyond the grave from his late wife. 

In a setting familiar to Daniela Sacerdoti fans, we also meet Rose and Jacob in Glen Avich. Jacob is the adopted older sibling of Rose. Over the course of some years, we watch them grow and witness Jacob’s anger problems and Rose becoming fiercely protective of him. We see the effect Jacob has on Rose’s family and her life but it is unclear, and therefore intriguing, what their connection is to the rest of the story.

What always strikes me from the minute I begin reading a Daniela Sacerdoti novel is her beautiful, poetic use of language. Her creation of Seal Island reveals it to be a place of refuge, a place to heal, a place which works its quiet magic on the lost or lonely souls who find their way there. Her descriptions of the island’s wild and solitary landscape evoke a sense of beauty yet danger.

There is a lot of sorrow and heartbreak throughout this book. Your poor heart will be well and truly put through the wringer! Ultimately though, there is satisfying resolution to each of the storylines. Come Back to Me is a mystical, haunting and atmospheric read. It is a beautifully romantic story which will touch your soul.
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A beautiful story of love, pain and mystery.
It tells us the journey of Grace, Fergus, Susie, Matthew and Rose in a most intriguing, touching and moving way. I was glued from beginning to end, I’d read the two previous books and this one tops them all. The author has a way of drawing you in and touching you as if the characters are members of your own family. 
I believed halfway through I knew what was going to happen and how they were connected but I was so wrong, pleasantly so. I do hope we will visit Seal Island again, a truly magnificent and magical place to escape.
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This is a book that I didn't want to finish. So very beautifully written, and with such an emotive story line.
Matt comes to Seal Island after a terrible tragedy in his life, for which he cannot forgive himself. Grace, the Doctor  on the island sees that he is torn apart, and they become close friends.
The story of Rose, to begin with a tiny bit confusing, is woven in and out of the book, and one soon realises that her story is as important as the others.
I had not read the previous books on Seal Island but will be doing so, simply to enjoy the beautifully written descriptions of the place and people.
Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy.
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After suffering a terrible tragedy, Matthew flees to Seal Island to try to come to terms with his grief.  Grace is the island’s doctor, her wish is to find someone with whom she can share her life. Can the magic of Seal Island help Matthew and Grace find what they are looking for?

Woven throughout the book is the story of Rose; there are glimpses of Rose’s past life, but what is her connection with the present? 

Come Back to Me has an intriguing storyline. It is an emotional rollercoaster with a several surprises along the way and a perfect ending.
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Daniela Sacerdoti is one of my favourite authors and I was eagerly awaiting the third book in the Seal Island series. 
I really enjoyed this book every much as the two previous ones set in Seal Island.
Grace is a doctor on the Island who has been unlucky in love and is searching for someone to share her life with.
Matthew is a man who cannot live with a terrible tragedy and arrives in the Island to try and forget.
Can the Island work it’s magic and help these people to start over?
A feel good book with wonderful characters.
Thank you to NetGalley and Headline for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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