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Chibi Art class is a fantastic, comprehensive guide to drawing Chibis! I know my skills have improved since starting it!  The book starts with a detailed list of items that will help your drawings, even showing why you should use a regular pencil and not a mechanical one. From there, you learn about proportions and techniques like finding the light and shading.  After that, detailed body and hair instructions are given.  There is also a step by step practice guide as well as a lot of inspiration which I found very helpful.  Overall this is a great instruction book! 

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is a great for beginners and those wanting to get into Chibi drawings with traditional media. It gives a lot tips on which materials and how to use them. It also has a lot of practice drawings to following along, with a base at the end of each little tutorial to practice what you’ve learned; just like a class!  This book will only provide you with basic tutorials though. Don’t expect details about form (which should really be in more anime-style art books), or in depth guides of how to draw clothing etc. Just short and simple guides, so you can dive right in. I do wish it showed how to blend ink pen colors, as most of her drawings have this. I have a lot of trouble trying to find colored ink pens that won’t bleed, or ones that even blend that well.
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I am new to drawing and doodling, and have always loved the cuteness of Chibi art, so I was thrilled to get the chance to try out this book. 

Even for someone with my limited abilities, the tutorials are easy to follow. I enjoy trying them out and practicing them to improve my talents. I highly recommend this to anyone with any level of interest in drawing.

I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I am finally going to learn how to draw Chibis because this is by far the best Chibi drawing book I’ve ever seen. I have a few several Chibi drawing books and have browsed a few others, but none of them welcomed me with such encouragement and explanation plus an abundance of step-by-step tutorials. Chibi Art Class is a very well organized and user-friendly book. It is just like taking a class in learning to draw Chibis and I can’t wait to go through the multitude of tutorials.

I particularly appreciate that nearly 30% of the book is dedicated to Chibi Basics (more on this later), something that other books cover in only a handful of pages. Yoani starts from the beginning and goes step-by-step through everything you need to know. One of the best features of this book is that for each of the 19 tutorials, Yoani provides an outline of the posing Chibi for the reader to complete by adding its features, clothes and then coloring.  In fact, seeing the outlines allayed much of my anxiety about being able to draw Chibis and I figure that once I get the basics perfected by doing all these tutorials, I will feel more confident to draw the outlines.

After a discussion of the supplies,Yoani gives a thorough review of Chibi Basics — how to draw the body (including proportions), face, hair, clothing, etc. Next, we learn about coloring Chibis and Yoani explains how to choose colors and how to do shading. She even recommends which colors are best to use for shading specific colors, something I have never seen before and it’s inncredibly useful. There are two practice Chibis in which Yoani goes step-by-step in pencil and then coloring.

Part Two consists of 12 adorable Chibi tutorials with each one representing a different month of the year. The Chibis have different poses, expressions, clothes and props so you will get a lot of experience by doing all of these tutorials. There are 5 more tutorials of cute Chibi beasties. Following that is the indispensable Inspiration Gallery, which provides the budding artist with 20+ varieties of eyes, hairstyles, clothing, props/accessories. and ears/tails. The last section has a bonus of 12 Chibi outlines in different poses and 6 completed Chibis ready for coloring).  

Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group - Race Point Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a temporary advance e-copy in exchange for my honest review. I will definitely be buying this book.
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Chibi Art Class is probably one of the cutest drawing books I’ve seen!  It’s also great for beginners.  You get the basics of chibi drawing and there is a step-by-step tutorial for 19 different characters.  Twelve of those are for each month of the year.  I really enjoyed how the book was in color and there were additional pages of different hairstyles, eyes, and clothes.  The hardest thing for many people to draw are hands and feet. Luckily, chibi drawing doesn’t require too much detail with those! 

 There are practice pages where you can complete the outline of the characters.  So, this really is a must buy in print.  You or your young artist will enjoy learning how to draw these types of characters. The author did a great job in explaining the steps of each part so you can see how it comes together in the end.  Nothing too complicated or too detailed.  Simple drawing techniques for either beginners or intermediate artists.  Recommended for ages 8 and up!

 *Received a DRC for an honest review.
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I loved this guide! I liked that unlike a lot of "how to draw manga" books, these drawings are actually cute and not creepy-looking or something that looked more like a cartoon than anime style. It was easy to follow and gave me some good tips for my own drawings!
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What a great book! 
Let me tell you something: if you don't have any drawing skill, you should know this book isn't going to make miracles, you'll be drawing everything as bad as before... except Chibi art! This book is so great that actually can make you draw some cute Chibi characters! I love Chibi, I think the art is cute and funny, and this book is a great way to develop some of you artistic skills (even if you think you have none, just like me). 
It's a step-by-step guide, so you can learn to draw from the most basic forms to an entire character. Also, you will learn about the tools you'll need. I think is great for everyone, no matter their age (I think children will love it!), and it's a book you have to read with a paper and a pencil, you must practice your newly adquired skills from the very beginning!
I've read the digital copy (thanks, Netgalley!) but I think this book will be even better in paperback.
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|| Book Review - Chibi Art Class ||
3 Stars, ***/5

I wasn't at all familiar with Yoai prior to receiving this book from @netgalley and Race Point Publishing for review but I am very familiar with chibi art. I'm obsessed with the cutesy styling and bubbly characters.

I think this book makes some assumptions about the reader's starting point in terms of artistic skills. I have next to no art experience or drawing skill and some of the instruction seemed a bit beyond what I currently know how to do. However, the steps are clearly written and illustrated and it definitely covers beyond just the basics.

There are a lot of examples, samples and templates on which to build a chibi character. Yoai's explanations for the art style are clear and concise. The illustrations are, obviously, extraordinarily cute.

I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in chibi art, fans of Yoai, fans of illustration and cartooning and folks looking to learn a new skill.
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I absolutely loved this! It is encouraging and inspiring, plus it has all the knowledge necessary to get into the chibi art. Yoai's style is really lovely and her guidance makes everything seem so simple. 

I loved the step-by-step projects and from the many art books featuring step-by-step drawings, this one really makes it easy and starts from a base and builds on it step by step (like any step-by-step project should). 

The references at the end are really helpful too!
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A cool and adorable intro to drawing in the Japanese chibi style. Useful for beginners to advanced artists or just those curious about the art style.
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Chibi Art Class made learning to draw a little easier. I'm new to drawing but always thought Chibis were cute. This books walks you step by step and leaves you room to practice and color in on your own. The pre-made dimensions of the bodies made it easy for me to learn the starting shape. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who wanted to learn to draw Chibis.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  														
From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.														
In Chibi Art Class, renowned anime artist Yoaihime teaches you the art of chibi, step by adorable step.

Anime artist Yoai has captivated a huge audience with her adorable chibi drawings, and now she's ready to share her secrets with you! Chibi is Japanese slang for "short," and that's an appropriate description for these tiny doll-like creatures.

In this book, you'll find tutorials on recreating their signature features and props, including dreamy eyes, mini-skirts, vibrant hair, colourful bows, and boba cups! You'll also practice drawing, colouring, and shading fully-formed versions of these vertically challenged, baby-faced characters and their kawaii little companions.

As a bonus, several pages at the back of the book will allow you to create your own original characters and add your own colour and shading to several colourless cuties.

With Yoai's expertise and step-by-step guidance, you'll learn the art and technique of cuteness in no time!

The only great thing about chicken pox at age 52 (and being a super- speed reader) is you can easily read and review four+++ books a day..and this was an excellent book to have spent an hour or two (or many more on your side) with.

This is a great book for the artist in your life, whether they be a child or an adult who loves cute little things - great instructions and exercises will get you drawing in no time. 	The drawings are cute and easy to draw as the accompanying illustrations will get you drawing in no time flat!												
As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis (outside of their incessant use by Millenials on Instagram and Twitter) so let's give it 🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭 (mice are cute ... just like Chibi!)
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I love Chibis. I love their cute faces and adorable eyes and want to hug and squish them!


I have tried to draw Chibis but somehow they never seem to come out right
for me. Well, now that’s changed, with Yoai’s book on drawing and colouring Chibi figures.

She manages to really pinpoint what makes a chibi cute and has you practicing the skillset over and over until you get it right. However what really did it for me was the shading techniques. I get fed up of my chibi being black and white and okay looking and then once I’ve coloured it, it still looks flat and uninteresting.

But Yoai shows you where you should be shading and what colour to use to make
your character really come to life and that blew me away. Excellent attention
to detail and the simplicity of the characters made it so easy to follow.

The only thing is, obviously, she uses copic markers and I have yet to take out a mortgage so I can afford them.
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I’ve been struggling with arts and crafts books lately.  Too many feel like you’ve seen them all before.  Chibi art books aren’t something I’ve been burnt out on, so this is definitely one of my faves in the last year or two.  Super cute characters.  Easy steps with a good blend of pictures and text.  Plenty of tips.  Easy guides.  I’ll definitely be returning to  this one soon.
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Chibi Art Class is a new tutorial/technique guide from artist and youtuber Anny Zhou (yoaihime). Due out 2nd April from Quarto on their Race Point imprint, it's 144 pages and available in paperback format.

I love to draw and doodle. Despite not being super advanced and skillful yet, I find drawing very relaxing most of the time. This is an accessible guide full of techniques and cheerful upbeat advice. The drawing style itself is completely adorable (chibi ちび translates to 'little'). They're big eyed and round faced with tiny hands.

About 10% of the page content covers an introduction to tools and supplies. This is a very basic and informal guide to some of the tools available. Roughly the next 20% covers specific ratios (with roughed in stylized ratio drawings) showing the relationship in size between realistic anatomy and chibi anatomy. There are some warm-up guided tutorials in this chapter as well, showing faces, props, backgrounds and more.

The next chapters progress to specific character types including anthropomorphs (<3), and the book concludes with an inspiration gallery and practice pages. The inspirations and practice pages include a sort of mix and match details and DIY tutorials to make your own.

The author's writing style is welcoming and informal. This would make a superlative library or classroom choice.

I really enjoyed this. I will use these to decorate journals and notes for friends. I see some chibi style science stuff in my future (chibi microscope, chibi lab, chibi test tubes)!

Four stars.
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This is hands down the best Chibi art book that I've personally come across.
I love the style, simple step by step instructions and exercises and the inspiration gallery at the end.

This is a fantastic resource and I can recommend this to anyone who's interested in learning how to draw manga Chibis. Also recommend it for children and teenagers.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an eARC of this chibi art book. It's cuteness overload and I can't wait to try out my new watercolors on one of my chibi sketches.
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The kids in my class will LOVE this book! Simple enough instructions, and lots of advice for pens etc, should they want to make their sketches even better. I know a few of them will be fighting over this book - I might have to get a couple of copies!
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This is one of my children's favorite styles to draw.  It is a good reference for anyone who prefers to draw Chibi figures.
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Loved this walkthrough. All the drawings were very cute and I loved how it went into detail when it came to shading and clothing. There were plenty of examples and different types of media suggested for use
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Bright colourful handy guide to drawing Chiba.  For those who don’t know chibi are miniature versions of anime/manga characters and as we know anything small makes it extra cute. This is really useful ices you what you’ll need at the start, covers things like basics , bodies, proportions, expressions etc.  Really good for the beginner or experienced artist alike. Clear and understandable plain English . I recommend this to anyone wanting to draw chibi. More cute is always needed.
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