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The Mother's Mistake

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The Mother's Mistake is a psychological thriller that will capture your interest from the start.

One of the premise's of the book is that everyone makes mistakes but  does everyone deserve to be forgiven.

Claire , Matt and their baby daughter move to a cottage on his mother's property.  Ruth isn't the nicest of mother -in-laws and things quickly begin to go wrong.  

Claire is suffering from postpartum depression and makes some crazy decisions.  At the same time , she is receiving notes, someone is gaslighting her and she begins to doubt herself.

There is something in her past that you know is a huge factor but it is unclear what it might be.

You feel sorry for Claire at the same time you are saying don't do that.  She is like most new moms sleep deprived and everything is amplified.

Who should you trust in this story,  her new friend Emma, her husband Matt, Sarah his ex girlfriend ?

The book draws you in and keeps you turning the pages because you want to see  what will happen to Claire.  Twists and turns though a bit predictable still a great read.

Good story, strong characters.  I look forward to reading more by Ruth Heald.  

Thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture (always a favourite publisher of mine) for the opportunity to read The Mother's Mistake.
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The Mother's Mistake by Ruth Heald is a stunning debut that will have readers tearing through the pages in a desperate search for answers.  Full of suspense, intrigue, and an unsettling trust of the narrative, this is one fun ride.

Claire and her husband Matt have moved out of London for a fresh start with their infant daughter, Olivia.  Claire is struggling with postnatal depression and seems totally unable to form any type of bond with Olivia.  Past experiences with mental health issues and alcoholism are alluded to, and the reader begins to question Claire's reliability as the narrator of her own accounting of events.  When an ominous note arrives through the letterbox telling Claire that she does not deserve her daughter, everyone in her small circle becomes a suspect, from her mother-in-law to her newly acquired best friend.

The story is told almost exclusively from Claire's point of view, with the exception of the intermittent and recurring voice of a mysterious first person who has suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her husband, and who, like Claire, also has a young daughter.

This novel was one that I could not put down until the source of Claire's torment was finally revealed, and what a shocker!  I cannot wait to read more from this exciting new author.  Highly recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for this wonderful ARC.
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Although I guessed where this book was heading fairly early on I did thoroughly enjoy reading it as it kept my interest throughout. I look forward to reading more from this author in the near future.
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The Mothers Mistake is well written and has suspense but it was predictable. If you've read ANY thriller it's easy to work out who the antagonist of the story is. I only finished this book because I was hoping there would be a big twists which proved my suspicions wrong.
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What an amazing thriller! I loved the character development and stayed up way past my bedtime to find out what was going to happen next. I highly recommend this author.
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