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Men… Let’s Talk Menopause

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This was a short but really informative book, aimed at men but as a woman I found it really interesting and useful. It would be worth getting as a physical book to be able to dip in and out of and refer too.

My only problem was that it came across as a bit patronising, not sure that my other half would have continued to read it. And there was a huge use of exclamation marks, I’m a big fan of them but even I thought there was too many ! 

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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I felt that this book was geared more towards the British Health System and therefore might not transfer very well into the United States Health System.  I did feel that the author made valid points regarding menopause and the symptoms.  I am also not convinced that a man would read this book.  She had good points regarding exercise and keeping your pelvic floor strong.
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This is a really simple and useful book not only for partners of those in peri-menopause or menopause but also anybody wanting to understand. I also found it very helpful in learning more about it all for myself. 

Let's face it. Menopause isn't a fabulous thing. It's tough going. We need support. I shared a lot of this information with my boyfriend and being able to explain things clearly without a lot of complicated conversation was really good for both of us. I actually learnt things I did not know from this book despite a fair bit of research and will be talking to my doctor about some options to help me during my own journey through menopause. 

Totally recommend this to any woman whether it's for yourself, to read with a loved one, share information from or have your male (or female really) partner read for themselves. One of the less complicated books on the market and a quick read. A solid 4 stars from me.
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The book is set out in short chapters with bullet points so that the information is concise, easy to read and informative without extensive medical jargon.

It lists the symptoms, both physical and psychological which can occur and there are literally heaps of helpful tips to make this time a little easier. Ruth Devlin lists lifestyle changes, diet and exercise tips as well as a factual guide to HRT and alternative remedies.

At the back of the book, there are lists of recommended further reading which is ideal for anyone who needs extra support and a handy symptom checklist. Then finally the author writes about her quest to demystify and raise awareness of the menopause.

This book is a really useful tool for anyone who is going through the perimenopause or the actual menopause. I loved how concise it was and yet it is packed full of information and links to organisations who can offer genuine help. If you are debating the pros and cons of taking HRT this book will invaluable or you may find an alternative that works just as well.

The book is aimed at men but other members of the family could benefit from this information. There really is no need for wives and mums to suffer in silence and a little kindness and understanding goes a long way!
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Thanks to Netgalley and publishers for a chance to review this .
At last a bite size , informative but entertaining “ guide” to the menopause that is useful to both sexes .
I’ve yet to show this to my husband ,  but  have myself been comforted to know that I’m not alone in some symptoms I have experienced !
Definitely recommend this and will be trying to put some of Ruth Devlin’s suggestions into practice
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This was a complimentary copy courtesy of netgalley - many thanks

As a woman of a 'certain' age in a working environment with other women of a 'certain' age - the menopause is a topic regularly in conversation.

Maybe it's just me, but people are being more open and candid regarding the menopause - it seems to be everywhere at the moment - open discussion is sooooo important too

I found this a really easy to read book.  Lots of information about what to expect - symptom wise.  What to think about re medication and remedies.

So insightful and helpful - this is a book I would happily dip in and out of 

I would recommend also as a book club book - it would be good with a wide range of ages, those not experiencing, those who are and those who have - opening discussion and women and men talking about the menopause could never be a bad thing
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Extremely useful easy to read book packed with information about symptoms, medication, and remedies. Suitable for men and women. Can be read in under an hour. Full indepth review coming on Tea and Cake for the Soul
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My husband and I had just been talking about the menopause so I thought this would be interesting for us. I found it full of information, explained in a straight forward way. I will definitely pass it on to my husband as I think the information will be of use to him in understanding the menopause.
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