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I am so excited to read this book! Joshilyn Jackson is a favorite and this just serves to make me definitely want to read this!
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I think I knew when I started reading this, I would like it but not love it. I just didn't connect with the main character. I found the gossipy way the book club starts off-putting and instantly made me not like many of the characters. I liked the mystery and the way the story unfolded and did find myself pulled into the plot. But it did hit a point where I was just done already - ready for the plot to move forward and and finally finish the story out.
Liked it, didn't love it.
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No official review, as I only read the extract. I don't think this will be a book I pick up, though. There was a bit too much women hating on women and I am not really interested in 300+ pages of that just to see if Amy cheated on her husband and with who else's husband. I did like the writing style, so I may still look out for other novels by this author.
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This was a great start to a novel that I would love to finish reading... thank you for the excerpt; now I must find this book so I can read the whole thing! I'm giving it 4 stars for starting off great!
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On the basis of this sample I bought the book. A great read. Plenty of twists and a gripping thriller.
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Thanks to Netgalley for sending me the first chapter of this novel... I have to say the author has got me hooked. I loved the quick introduction of an interesting, almost predatory character into a group of what could be considered 'banal' book clubs mums. The intrigue is high right from the start and this chapter has definitely left me wanting, no... needing to know more about this woman and the narrator too. This is definiteky right up my alley and it's one I absolutely want to see through to the end! In one word - alluring!
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This is an incredibly enticing extract of the book. It has me wanting to read MORE. I was disappointed when the extract finished. The premise is so interesting and hooked me in. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.. When I do get my hands on a copy of the book. I will leave a full review and provide links below.
Never have I ever read such an instantly gripping and captivating book! This book had my attention from page one. Wondering what was going to happen and how it would all come to pass. I found this book to be original, engaging and thought provoking. Who was going to win this battle of wits and cunning? How would she beat Roux at her game? This was a well written and thought out page turner. Highly recommend.
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I’d not realised that it was just the start of the book (my fault), and was wondering how it could conclude in such a short number of pages. 
After reading the start of the book, I would be really interested to read it all. The story sounds dangerous and exciting, and I think it would split friendships, uncover hidden secrets and lies. I’d thoroughly enjoy reading the full book.
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I went out immediately to get the book! The preview that was sent was excellent. I can't wait to finish the book!
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I liked the premise of this book very much but when it got going, it fell flat for me. A book club meets and a new mom to the neighborhood joins yet everyone just about at the meeting isn't friendly to the newest potential member. Then this new person wants them to play Never Have I Ever game and it goes south from there. Meh.
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Review of full book

A thrill ride of psychological warfare between two women who are matching wits and perfecting their lies in a game of "chicken" that has ever escalating stakes. 

It's never a great idea to combine lots of alcohol and a group of women getting together away from husbands and kids for an evening of book club. The group is usually kept on track by Charlotte who prints the questions and runs the discussion. On a particular night, however, the usual meet and chat is interrupted and thrown off course by a new neighbor, the bewitching Roux. Instead of the typical lackluster discussion on a book that few have actually read, on this evening, Roux takes control and soon has the members drunk and revealing their secrets. Secrets are the currency that Roux uses to manipulate and control and she has set her mark onto Amy Whey. And the secrets Amy has been keeping for years can't be revealed, but what will it cost her to keep Roux quiet? NO SPOILERS.

This was a slow build of tension leading to quite a few interesting revelations, and a surprising turn of events at the end made the conclusion quite satisfactory. I was really unable to anticipate where this was going to go and it took me places I never expected. I really enjoyed the information and description of the deep sea diving in particular. The characters were quite well developed and the writing was excellent. The premise was quite intriguing and, though you'd never catch me out playing a game such as that one, I know that others like that sort of thing for some reason. I like my privacy too much! "There was such solace hidden in confession." Thank you, but no, I think there is nothing that could compel me, but Amy has no choice as Roux already knows Amy's secrets. It's definitely a new twist on blackmail technique! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did -- it's a very quick read and hard to put down.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for the e-book ARC to read and review.
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You know you are in the hands of a master storyteller when you read a book in a non-favorite genre, just because you have liked other books from the author,  and you absolutely love EVERY SINGLE PAGE! 

Amy Whey lives a happy, but quiet, life when trouble walks into her living room. A charismatic new neighbor who hijacks the book club getting everyone drunk and playing a version of Never Have I Ever. From the moment Roux walks through the door, Amy knows her secrets are under attack and her happy life threatened. Twist after surprising twist will keep those pages turning until the final resolution. Highly recommended!
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Joshilyn Jackson writes such rich scenes, characters, and ultimately storylines.  This one will keep readers flipping pages well into the night.
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Amy, a diving instructor, lives in Florida with her husband, step-daughter and baby, Oliver. She has a lovely house, a wonderful family and a best friend, Charlotte close by. She and Charlotte run a book club together and one night, their sedate chat is interrupted by the arrival of Roux, a woman who has recently moved into the street. Rouz is a sexy, glamorous alpha woman who subtly takes over the evening, leading the group into a game of Never Have I Ever revealing secrets and scandals. For Amy, this is the worst thing that can happen – she has an awful secret in her past and Roux is about to uncover it.

This is a great psychological thriller with two strong females at its centre. There is a cat and and mouse game between Roux and Amy, with the former toying with Amy. She threatens to reveal all to Amy’s husband unless Amy pays her off. really enjoyed the interplay between the two women and how they circled one another both trying to win a battle of wits. They are more than a match for one another, choosing to hit each other where it hurts and be more conniving than the other to get on top.

Flashbacks to Amy’s past bring us up to speed with the darkness she is hiding and unlike other books where the reveal is protracted, we find out relatively quickly. The point isn’t to work out what happened but to see how Amy will get out of this situation against an adversary like Roux who will seemingly stop at nothing to get her way.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some thrills and spills along the way – it is a psychological thriller after all. I read this at the same time as a friend of mine and we sent more than one text to each other exclaiming at some of the developments. It is intricately plotted and has a unique writing style which I admit took me a while to get my head into – I very nearly abandoned it a couple of chapters in but I am pleased I persevered.

Never Have I Ever is dark and dangerous and I really enjoyed reading about two complex women who are pushed to their limits. The strong characterisation combined with the plot make this a page turner of a book – I just had to know what happened next.
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I enjoyed reading this book. I am reviewing an advanced copy and this has been on my list for a while. Some parts were a little slow but the ending made it completely worth it! Also enjoyed reading about scuba diving and how that played into the plot.
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I was only given access to the first chapter of this book and I was definitely intrigued. The mystery is set up well, although the descriptions in the first chapter were sometimes excessive, I’m reserving judgment on that since until I read the full book as those descriptions may prove important to the book as a whole. The narrator was definitely an interesting voice and hard to read, which makes for an excellent set up for a thriller.
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Thank you netgalley! I got just the first chapter preview but a as lucky enough to grab the ebook from my library right away. 

Story: During the monthly mommy book club meeting, the new airBnB resident, Roux, stops by. She ends up taking over the whole club by playing a twisted version of “never have I ever”. Roux is after one person at that club, Amy Whey. And Amy has dark secrets that she’s spent years hiding. 

Thoughts: I literally loved this read. The author has a wonderful way of ending each chapter with one simple sentence that makes you want to keep going. It had such good twists and was an addictive read. I even enjoyed how she learned to deep-water dive so she could write about it authentically.
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An intriguing extract, but with so many good books on the market I'm not sure it was interesting enough to tempt me to buy the book.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this extract in exchange for an honest review.
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I am fairly new to NetGalley and didn't realize that an extract meant I was only getting a sneak peek. I am very much looking forward to reading this book and so prefer to hold out and purchase the full copy. Thanks NetGalley!
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I read this in one straight sitting. I had to keep going to know what happened in the end and I wasn’t prepared to wait to find out.

Amy Whey is loving her life. She’s the epitome of a middle class mum. She lives in suburbia with her steadfast if unexciting husband Davis, their new son, Oliver and Davis’ daughter and her step-daughter, Maddy.  Amy teaches diving at the local school but is on maternity leave.

Her best friend Charlotte lives nearby and together they have a group of friends who get together at Amy’s house for a regular Book Club.

When we meet Amy it is Book Club night and she is looking forward to an evening with the girls. Then her world changes. A newcomer to the area, a single mother, renting a house locally arrives and asks to join the club. And just like that, it as if the Garden of Eden has been infiltrated by the poisonous snake.

Roux is slinky, dangerous and attractive. She has a certain something that makes men want her and women envy her. And she has an agenda. That agenda is Amy. Because Amy has secrets and Roux is going to make her pay to keep them quiet.

Told entirely from Amy’s perspective, Never Have I Ever is a fast paced thriller that takes two strong characters, both women, and pits them against each other in a battle of wills where only one can be the victor.

Jackson’s writing is spot on. Pacy, biting, and wholly character driven, she writes characters that get inside your head and whose actions you can’t predict but you can certainly understand.

This is sharp, focussed and intelligent prose that takes you in directions you didn’t know existed and thrills you all along the way.

In a fight for everything she holds dear, Amy must prove herself to be a stronger adversary than Roux, and it could cost her everything to do that. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she needs to pin that snake down and get rid of its poison.

Jackson’s plot is terrific; original and compelling it had me engrossed and I had no idea how it was going to end, though I guessed it would be explosive and goodness me, wasn’t it just!

Verdict: A terrific, exciting, thrill of a read that you won’t be able to put down.
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