Almost Adults

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I wanted to enjoy this novel but it was not for me and so I could not finish it.  It will appeal to a twenty something readership but I could not identify with the characters.
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I was excited to read this book, but I couldn’t engage with it at all. The characters in this novel have deinitely been through the wringer, and, though they present as stereotypes, I believe they could have developed into really interesting storytellers if the plot was a little more engaging.
Pantony’s writing is a carefully calculated concoction of methodical description spliced with overly articulate paragraphs that belong in a misguided (but well-meaning) self-help book rather than a novel. The setting was described beautifully, and it’s clear that Pantony did tremendous amounts of research on the declining seaside town. Reading from the perspective of four tired archetypes gets stale quickly; but if you’re up for non-escapism in a novel that’s as mundane as popping down the chippy on a Friday night, pick up Almost Adults.
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This was a sweet, quiet book about the transition into early adulthood, and the different paths life can take. It's not an original concept, but I enjoyed the banter and the friendship between the characters. and even though they were flawed and sometimes annoying, i found the, all to be relatable in different ways.
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Almost Adults is a feel-good story of four friends, Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat who are in their twenties, begining their ‘proper adult life’. It is refreshing to read about people whose life are so similar to mine, I am too in my twenties, struggling to figure out my personal and professional life. I am also the almost adult.

The group of friends shares such a varied pool of experiences that most likely every reader will find something they can truly relate to – break up, still living with parents and struggling to find a job, happy relationship that maybe is going stale, therapy, day drinking, career decisions and more. In each of the girls, there is something that can capture your soul, and make you cheer for them in a silent hope that if they can make it you can also make it. At some level it is a self-help book, helping you to understand the whole adulting thing in a caring and entertaining fashion.

The author does a great job of bringing all the characters to life, and making us care for them. I’d say Nat and Edele are the ones experiencing the biggest character development, their lives seem to turn around in the year this book presents. I’d love to see more of Mackie’s life, as I was really invested in her dedication to career, even over her love life. The thing that bothered me in the book are the time jumps, that are a bit wonky at times and cut in a scene at awkward moments.
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In Almost Adults nothing out of the ordinary happens, it is a story of a group of friends navigating their way through … life. Relationships, breakups, unemployment, grief, and a lot more besides. I loved the dynamic of this group and found myself envying their friendship. I liked the whatsapp messaging they used to communicate too. I found I could relate to every one of them in some small way, although Edele is definitely me. One thing I felt was that some of the thoughts and dialogue were cliched and written in to give the story some morals. There is also a lot of drinking in the book, which could be triggering for some.
As an Almost Adult I loved this book, it was easy enough to read in one afternoon and there wasn’t any of it I didn’t enjoy. It’s modern, it’s true and the characters are great.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Loved it! A really well told story, that hops between the 4 different women in the friendship group. Each woman is flawed, real and so easy to love. It's more apt to say I consumed this book that read it, I wanted desperately to know what was going to happen next. It felt like they quickly became my friends, and I was slightly bereft to be leaving them when I finished it!
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4☆ Uplifting and Heart Warming Must Read!

Almost Adults is a heart warming Coming of Age story of Second Chances, Friendship, Relationships and growing up.

The story is about four best friends Nat, Edele, Mackie and Alex, each juggling adulthood, life and relationships, but even when things get tough they are always there for each other to help pick up the pieces, support each other and make each other laugh with a lil help from booze, fun, drama and mayhem.

Each of the four women are so very different but their quirky loveable personalities all compliment each other's flaws and one thing that shines through is the strength, bond and loyal friendship they have for one another. 

The chapters are told by each girl's points of view. Which I really loved as the all have their own stories, dramas, fears, worries and I really appreciated getting to know each one individually. At the same time all of the stories weave together seamlessly.

Almost Adults is a heart warming, Uplifting and Compelling Story about the power of friendship, the highs and lows of becoming an Adult in your 20s, The trials and tribulations of Relationships, Life, Work, Family, Living Alone and Moving on.
Each of the characters are relatable, strong, well grounded and developed.

Expect Laughter, Emotion, serious subjects, plenty of drama and oodles of girl power friendship.
So if you are looking for a Feel Good, Uplifting Read then pick up a copy of Almost Adults.

Thank you to Ebury Publishers for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A very easy read with a perfect title that sums it up.  Believable characters and a good pace.  I enjoyed the fact that each of the characters had their own voice throughout and that the narrative built on this.  All the aspects covered are things that are encountered in everyday lives.
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I thought I would like this book as it was revivals a funny chick lit but, I’m afraid I didn’t find it very funny. In fact I found it very unfunny and I disliked all the swearing ini it which seemed to occur very often.
I am not adverse to the odd swear word as you hear all the time on the films and on the television but, this seemed far too much in this book.
The story was good but unfortunately I couldn’t finish it.
My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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So my plan for today was to be so productive and really smash through the day, full of energy and ticking off those goals. Reality? I woke up late, left the house late, overran my time at the gym, got stuck in traffic getting groceries, couldn’t find a parking space and ended up having breakfast at 11:30am having done no work. Best laid plans and all that.

So in short, ALMOST ADULTS really resonated with me because basically it is me! I’m in my mid-twenties, starting to think I’m getting the hang of this world but then life likes to throw you curveballs that undoes all your hard work. However, much like the brilliant girls in this book, I have a super support network who are my rock and keep me sane when my attempts at being and adult don’t quite go to plan. You know who you are :) This was a fun, light and entertaining read that explores the values of true friendship and the strength of those oh-so important bonds. Perfect for a weekend snuggled up on the sofa or a holiday read under the sun, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Thanks to the author and @eburybooks for a free copy in exchange for a review. #gifted #review 
P.S. This photo was taken in a fabulous window seat on our Tasmania trip. My new adult goal is to have a window-reading -seat!
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There's a lot to like about this book. 

I'd say 3 out of the 4 point of view characters are relatable and have strong voices and personality that come across on the page and keep you reading. It's a story about messy love-lives, drinking with friends, a support network of women with strong bonds and a boat-load of humour. 

I tended to glaze over during the Emma point of view chapters because not much seems to happen in these and maybe she lacks the sass of the other characters, but the rest was enough to keep me hooked and reading.
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This was a great story about friends being there for each other through good times and bad.

Relatable characters and situations that kept me turning the pages
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I really struggled with the way this was written
Each chapter follows a different character which meant I was forever  turning back pages.
The story was also fairly repetitive.
Not for me.
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I really liked this book and can relate to it.  Four friends together forever in the same area or so they thought but circumstances change in their mid twenties.  The book has some really funny bits Edele being my favourite of the girls.  It is also sad and emotional and that adds to be delight.  It did get a little confusing with four girls and each having a chapter to themselves and then moving onto the next girl but I felt that this added to the dimension of the characters themselves and gave insight to them on their personal level.  Highs and lows but more importantly a lovely read
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This book was perfection. As a girl in her late 20s still trying to get everything figured out, it really spoke to me. The characters were so relatable, and reminded me that no one is perfect. Some days we smash life and sometimes we don’t. And that’s okay. I’m already recommending this to my friends.
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I downloaded this because this is the exact kind of book I've been looking for as a mid-twenty something reader and I found it very enjoyable and relatable. Whilst life did seem to end up fairly neatly for these girls, the struggles that all of them went through from relationships to therapy, house-shares to living with the parents were things that my generation of readers can definitely empathise with.

Fun, relatable and timeless, this story is for young women who are looking to find their place in the world and feel like they're cocking it up no end.
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I would say this was more 3.5 stars. I liked it, was very readable my only criticism there wasn’t anything that made it stand out from other similar books I’ve read.  Still worth a read
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Oh to have a group of friends .like these! 

We all had a "lifelong" friend/s at school, but how many of us continue to be friends, after school and/or higher education finishes? Not many, that's for sure.

This group of 4 friends are amazing, going through thick and thin together, and truly having each others backs. I laughed and cried with them until the end came, all too quickly.

A really enjoyable book.
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What I liked about the sound of this book was the way it seemed to question when exactly we are considered grown up members of the adult community. I think this is different for all of us depending on so many different things.

The four women at the centre of Almost Adults are navigating their way through life as best they can. One of them comes up with the term that gives the book its title and it’s a very apt description for them. They’re in their late twenties. Natasha and Alex seem to have it all sorted out, living with their respective partners. But just when they think they know which direction their lives are going in something happens to shake them up. Then there’s Edele who still lives with her mother and brother, looking around for a job and earning money from her mum for washing her car. The fourth member of the gang is Mackie, who is very switched on, very career and health focused, and yet there is that little something missing from her life.

I really liked all the women but I think Mackie was my favourite. Maybe that’s because she wasn’t chaotic like the others, she knew where she wanted her life to go and was very organised. The strength in this story is the solid friendship between them all and how that is most important to them, although as the book ends they might just be making that transition from Almost Adults to fully fledged ones and with that comes change and new priorities.

This is a book that made me smile quite a bit and guffaw once or twice. Despite the fact that I can’t personally relate to a lot of it, I still found myself drawn into the lives of the very likeable characters and wondering where life was going to take them next. Each chapter is from the point of view of a different character and I liked how this both enabled them to put across their story and also allowed the reader to see the other characters through their eyes.

Almost Adults is a really lovely story of friendship, the kind that doesn’t always come along very often, people who have your back, would drop everything to help you, to comfort you. It’s also about getting through job interviews, dealing with relationship break ups and working out what you want from life. I thought it was a really engaging debut from Ali Pantony.
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I was too old for this book. Four female friends find they can rely on one another when the going got tough and their friendship came across well. They did disagree, but always found they could forgive and move on. their lives were played out among other family members, but always the strong bond of friendship shone through. A book for Millennials, not middle aged women!
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