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I felt like this book lacked adventure, excitement and rushed.  It's about a Princess name Charlotte who is arrange to be married to Prince Young of Vires. She tries to do everything to avoid marriage by running away and even by attempting to murder him. Once Charlotte was introduced to Young she instantly was attracted to his brother Minseo and Milly (Charlotte's friend and servant)  falls for Young. 
A war has broke out and Young is asked to care for Charlotte and  Minseo has been captured. Charlotte has brave characteristics she kills 2 soldiers which Milly (Charlotte's best friend) is taken back by (which confuses me because would you rather die or have you best friend save you).  While at war Young sends his friend and best solider Leon  to save Minseo while he takes Charlotte to the Southern castle where it's safe. 
During their travels they come across Prince Emmett who leads Charlotte and Young to his castle where she meets her mother and now forced to marry Emmett. Young has been sent to be executed for treason and because of that Milly tries to kill the Queen. 

Prince Emmett find Minseo and Leon is and convinces them to go back with him and that he will set Prince Young free. Young and Minseo reunites. Mineo want to go back Vires and Young wants to stay and be with Charotte. Mineo gets upset and punches his brother in the face. 
Young challenges Emmett for Charlotte hand in marriage. Emmett has the upper hand and is forced to stop right before he kills Young because Minseo showed up with army and Emmett is forced to leave, but before he leaves he kills a servant and poisons the King and Minseo which kills the king and leaves Minseo bedridden. While healing Charlotte makes it to his room every night to read to him and just to comfort him. He then falls in love with Charlotte. Young and Charlotte gets married and she becomes the Queen and Young becomes the the King. Minseo battles Young for the love of his wife and finds out that she is pregnant and will all this going on Prince Emmett is on the way with his armies. 
Prince Emmett kills almost everyone in the kingdom to get to Charlotte, Young and Minseo. He has even killed her mother. Prince Young saves Minseo and Charlotte by telling them to run into the pipes while he stays to fight Emmett and unfortunately  dies in the process.  Charlotte kills Emmetts and is the hero . 
This book was really rushed and was difficult to connect with  any of the characters.
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I found this book very enjoyable. I feel like it would be pretty easy to go at this book for not being the most developed with the most amazing prose, but I honestly enjoyed reading it. It had a fast, action-packed plot and is a great introduction to anyone looking to get into political fantasy. It has love pentagons (or political arrangement pentagons lol), passion, murder and more, all wrapped in a short, less than 300 page, package. It's easy and fun to read. This book would also make a great guilty pleasure or just an easy read to get you out of a reading slump.

I say this is a good introductory book because first off, it is short and a fast read. It's like this because it doesn't go into crazy amounts of depth into political deception and plays. There's a surface level simplicity to it which makes this such an easy book to read. It covers a lot of political schemes in a short amount of time. It doesn't feel that underdeveloped either, which is nice, because the story takes place in a pretty short time frame and there is a lot going on. Also, there's a not a huge magi system or belief system to get accustomed too.

A few things did seem odd, like how unaware other kingdoms were of what was going on and how easily some kingdoms were mobilizing their armies. I did, at time, find myself craving a map and a deep look into the military and political mindset of the various kings, queen, princes, servants, and princess who were playing a role in the story. I wanted to know the marching conditions and how in was enabled/troubled by the land and how the kings worked out alliances and etc, but then I was quickly shocked by the next plot twist and made to keep reading more. This book kept me on my toes and I liked that.

I don't have much to say on the romance for once. Lots of it was political arrangement, which meant that politics were a bit more at play than emotion in the beginning, but it eventually became an emotional play. There was more of a point-to-point development, some of which could have used more expanding and development, but nothing seemed random or out of the blue.

It also has a great ending. I actually really liked it. I can't wait for the next book. It'll be on my radar for sure.
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This cover is absolutely gorgeous. And that's what attracted me to the book at first.

Although the main character wasn't as lovable as i would have wanted it, she did bring a certain element and dept to the story.
The story is a bit all over the place at sometimes, but still very easy to read. It has some typical young adult elements in it which isn't a real surprise anymore
But still was a nice read and I would recommend the book.
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I started off really enjoying the quick pace. The author has a talent for keeping things moving, so you don't want to stop reading. Her style is engaging and entertaining. In a few instances, the pace became a bit too quick for me -- I think as a reader I just wanted to dive deeper and experience some of the events that were only mentioned quickly.

I also found the multiple POVs to be a bit distracting. I would have liked to have only 2 POVs of the main couple. I really think we could have witnessed almost everything else by them observing the behavior of those around them, like MIllie, Emmett etc.

That being said, I enjoyed the very final reveal in the last chapter and liked that the book also reads as a standalone, so you are not left with any cliffhangers. Major points for that!

Read this if you like stories about royalty and medieval ya romance. No magic, though, just bear that in mind and enjoy!
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I just finished this book and I loved it.

Princess Charlotte is set to marry Prince Young but chaos breaks loose. What will Charlotte and Young have to survive if they are to get married?  This book had some kind of fighting the whole time the story was unfolding. People catching feelings, people getting feelings hurt. There were two guys who didn't want Prince Young to have Princess Charlotte.

I loved Princess Charlotte but didn't particularly care for any of the male characters. Part of that was because I had looked up book 2 in this series halfway through this book and there was a spoiler. So would have probably had a fit if I didn't know how it would turn out. I still really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the next two books in this series!
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The characters  blended together. The POVs were very confusing and I couldn't  tell who the speaker was.  I think if the book were fleshed out  a little it could be great.
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I'm always game for anything Arthurian. It is one of my dearest loves....I enjoyed this book its a light YA genre novel it goes back and forth between MCs but I liked the execution. Also I adore the book cover. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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Kingdom Cold is an easy and fast-paced YA fantasy novel set against an Arthurian back-drop. Brittni Chenelle has a nice writing style that flows easily, and allows the reader to fly through the book pretty quickly.

However, I felt like this novel could have done with some heavier editing. There was one too many POVs in Kingdom Cold and, with none of the character’s voices feeling particularly distinctive, it sometimes became a little confusing if I forgot to check whose chapter it was when reading — especially when a fair portion of the first part of book was dual-perspective, and then suddenly three more perspectives were added out of the blue. The pacing was also an issue for me, with the timing making little sense (like how fast journeys were made), and many of the scene changes feeling clunky and abrupt.

Lastly, Kingdom Cold suffered heavily from insta-love, which I really can’t stand when reading novels. Plenty of YA authors have managed to write realistic, fleshed-out romances without resorting to this awful trope, and I wish more would take note. I also found it difficult to connect with the characters, and that made their adoration for each other all the less believable.

Overall, I think Kingdom Cold had the potential to be a decent YA fantasy novel but, in the end, fell short and failed to bring anything new to the table.
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I liked that this book included characters from different ethnicities but the execution just didn't do it for me. After reading the description, I was excited to read this book because I'd never read a book with such a premise before. Unfortunately, this book didn't live up to the hype. The main character was a little too childish for me and the tension between her and her mother seemed manufactured to me. I wanted to like this book but it wasn't done in a way I would have liked.
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I received a digital ARC of Shadow Frost from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The language seemed far more appropriate for a stereotypical high schooler in present day than a YA fantasy book and seemed juvenile at times. The character development left a lot to be desired and the POVs for side characters seemed unnecessary most of the time.

A lot of parts seemed rushed or barely fleshed out, leaving me to feel lost or like I missed something.
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It's not bad at all. I just couldn't finish it because it wasn't really my kind of story. I wished the characters were a little aged up. I liked Prince Young he was a really good character. As for Charlotte, she annoys me from time to time but over all this book as far as I have read (75%) was okay I was just not feeling it. I wanted there to be something more.
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Kingdom Cold does a decent job for a self-published YA novel – interesting premise, fast-paced narrative, and an overall light read. However, it could have benefitted from the discerning eye of an editor, especially for pacing and reining in the number of POVs. 
The blurb promises a romance amidst turmoil within a kingdom – “should she save her kingdom or her heart?” The actual story, though, suffers from a bit too much middle school “romance” where characters declare love for another - even going so far as to forsake their god or challenge a loved one to a dual - with little interaction or explanation to justify such grand emotions. It reads as juvenile instead of intended for a youthful audience. 
Pacing of the story from a time-passing perspective did not ring true. How could whole armies move across regions in Arthurian times in a matter of a week? Plot pacing overall needed the aid of additional beta readers if not a true editor – the book read as an outline only partially fleshed out with key scenes. POVs seemed to be used as a crutch to explain plot elements faster but not necessarily effectively. 
Overall, a mediocre read. It will help pass the time and contains a good basis for an entertaining story. It needs more work and the aid of an editor who can guide author Brittni Chenelle to achieving that fully entertaining end. Two stars for the attempt.
*Digital ARC from NetGalley provided for an honest review.
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This was a quick fast paced novel which shows real promise for this writer. I personally prefer older young adult novels but found this quite enjoyable.
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I am very grateful for getting a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. However, I didn’t not like this book and I found it boring. The main characters were very bland and I did not like the romance. 
I did, however, like the style of writing and the worldbuilding
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My rating: 3.5 stars
Hmm, where do I begin?

If someone would have asked me about 3, no, 4 chapters from the end, if I would read the next book in this series, I would have said "No, most likely not." But once I finished this novel, my opinion changed.

Going into this book I did not know it was Arthurian. Reading the little tidbits were fun and, I believe, added to the story.

If I had to chose a favorite character, it would be a toss up between Charlotte and Young. I enjoyed reading there chapters. In the beginning, Charlotte really irritated me with her behavior, but eventually she grew on me.

At first, It was a little weird to me that the princess made several attempts at murdering her marriage partners, but I don't think I could blame her too much. Not only was she being forced into marriage before she was ready, but it was also with someone she didn't even love. 

I really liked the transformation of Charlotte and Young. There hate-to-love relationship was cute and heartfelt. 

They were pretty much the only characters I liked. Which might have been the authors point. (?) Young's brother, Minseo, was a crummy person. Sleeping around with different people, and even trying to convince his brother to as well. And then, when he was trying to "get over his feelings" for another character, he slept with someone else! What a scum-o.

Don't even get me started on Milly, Charlotte's maid.

This book was in all honesty, a page-turner for me. I wanted to know what happened next! But for a while I felt very, meh, about the book. I can't quite put my finger on it. It might have been how some of the scenes did not change smoothly. At times, it felt like one big scene that just suddenly had a different setting.

But it all changed when it came to the ending. If you like your heart being ripped into a bunch of little pieces, and feeling all the feels, then read this book. And because of said ending, I will most likely be reading the next book in the series. 

In conclusion, Kingdom Cold was a dramatic Arthurian story about love and duty. Even though there were things I disliked or disagreed with, the story was undeniably a page-turner, worthy of staying up late into the night to find out what happens next.
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I had to DNF this because all the characters were starting to blend in together with all of their whininess and instalove going on. The cover is gorgeous, and I wanted to read it for the cover alone. Although I loved how there are different representations for the characters and the settings, I could not finish the book because the characters were starting to feel like the equivalency of pulling teeth.
The best part of the book is when Charlotte shot the arrow at the prince, and he thought it was an ambush. I laughed so hard when I discovered it was only her...

2 out of 5 stars

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This book was very entertaining and engaging and I ended up finishing it in a night because I could hardly put it down. The characters are intriguing and not everybody is who they seem. Charlotte, the main character, definitely sees some character development, as well as most of the other characters. This is always a plus since static characters are boring and typically lead to an undeveloped story. This story developed quite nicely though and held my interest throughout.  

I was surprised by the ending and the story as a whole was a lot darker than I originally suspected. There is a lot of death and grief for the characters. However, it is still YA appropriate, with no graphic violence scenes. 

A few things I did not love: 

The tone of the voice was very 21st century. The timeline is obviously much, much earlier than the present but the way many of the characters talked and their arrangement of words was not true to the time period. 

While entertaining, it wasn't very descriptive and some more background on the characters would have been nice before plunging head into the action. The writing itself was good, just a bit too concise for a YA.  It felt a bit rushed. I honestly would have liked many parts to last longer. The end especially was extremely quick, which left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. 

The ending. As I said before, my biggest issue was how quick and disconnected it felt. However, it was also darker than I was expecting or wanting. There was an epilogue of sorts that I suspect was supposed to make it a bit happier but it actually made me more depressed to be honest. I had to read another book before going to bed because I really didn't want to go to bed feeling that miserable.  Being able to move the reader to feel particular feelings while reading is a very good thing, it just wasn't what I was wanting to feel. She set it up for more books and has said she plans on continuing the series but I just have a hard time seeing this being able to go to a happier place, but I am anxious to see what happens next. 

Despite what I didn't  like about the book, it was written well and fits well with trending genres. I feel it will be enjoyed by most who read it!
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* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own * 
DNF 30% 
 I had so much hope for this book. It had the potential to be something great, but the execution wasn't there. The writing was really choppy and kept pulling me out of the story, the characters weren't memorable and they fell flat. There was absolutely no world building, and for a fantasy book that's pretty important. I tried to push myself to finish, and I'm sorry to say that I couldn't.
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READ IT! Oh wow, this is a rare find. The story was mind blowing, I loved it. If I could choose a book to give an award to, it would be this one. The author has absolutely outdone themselves! Not only did it touch me in ways I can’t explain, but it really made me open my eyes to a whole new reality.
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The cover design is absolutely stunning. The plot was interesting and, at times, contained exciting plot twists. There was potential to be a page turner; however, the character development of Prince Young and Princess Charlotte felt rushed and I struggled to develop a connection with them from the beginning. The inner dialogue and character development of Prince Young felt more natural; whereas, Princess Charlotte was over the top emotional then extremely was an uncomfortable roller coaster ride within the first few chapters. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect enough to finish this one.
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