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"Children think we make them, but we don't. They exist somewhere else, before us, before time. They come into the world and make us. They make us by breaking us first."

At its heart, After the Flood is a story about a mother's love, and how that love will drive a woman to sail across a post-apocalyptic world to find her lost child. A novel with real emotion and a poetic warning about climate change.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for letting me read a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is not the Margaret Atwood book! Engaging and engrossing read about an imagined future America. Gripping read about a mother and daughter struggling through a post apocalyptic world
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This book was incredible. 
I finished it in a matter of days and physically could not stop reading it.
Following a mother as she searches for one of her missing daughters. This book was quietly action-packed and also very emotional. 
It was a brilliant twist on the 'world-ending' genre.

A firm 5 stars
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Firstly, this idea is not a new one - of water rising leaving only the highest mountains as land. But I felt that this author wrote a good book with some different and new ideas, so I enjoyed reading it.
Secondly, the main protagonist was felt by another reviewer to be not very nice, but most dystopian novels have addressed this point - circumstances make you what you need to be to survive, and survive she had, with a newborn and then a small child, by herself. Wariness of strangers and not trusting people would seem to me to be a rather sensible strategy. I don't like reading books where I dislike the main character, but I thought she was a fairly realistic character, and I cared what happened and enjoyed reading about her.
The ending? Without giving too much away, it was neither rosy nor dreadful. Again, this does seem more realistic than either end of the options. I did read this book in a fairly short time, I wouldn't classify it as absolutely compulsive reading, but I kept going back to it without picking up anything else, so it did fairly well in keeping my attention. For all these factors, I'm happy to give this book 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who thinks they might be interested.
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This book had me gripped from the beginning. With climate change being in the media a lot these days it’s scary to think that this could actually happen. We follow Myra who is pregnant with her second child, Pearl, she’s been abandoned by her husband Jacob who also took their daughter, Row. Myra must find the strength to survive on the waters all alone, not knowing who to trust and keeping out of the way of raiders all the while trying to find her daughter Row...
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A thoughtful take on the impact of climate change and what our world could look like. I really enjoy this kind of book where the repercussions of events and behaviours have been given much thought. The world has lost most of its landmass to rising water levels and only a few islands remain. Mankind has lost its ability to make electricity and food is scarce, there is no farm land. The people that remain have been forced to live on water and in many ways have had to return to more primitive ways without technology. Myra and her daughter live in on a  boat together. It is not an easy way of life but they get by until Myra hears that her first-born daughter might still be alive. She is willing to sacrifice everything and anyone in her pursuit of her lost daughter. 
The author explores the many impacts and devastation that a prolonged climate change would have on our world. Its a scary possibility. However, its the impact on people, how they view the world and how their behaviours and morals change that is at the heart of this book. The fact that its all too plausible is what really makes this a fascinating read.
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This book started off so well, wrapping me in its pages and immersing me in the strange world that Montag built. However, at some point around the midpoint, my interest began to wane, as it became an amalgamation of obvious plot devices and rushed endings which I halfheartedly predicted. The later chapters just didn't live up to the first half of the book and that turned what could have otherwise been a 5-star read into a 3 star read.
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At some future point in time, the world has been engulfed by water due presumably to global warming and rising sea levels. Only extremely high mountain peaks remain as scattered islands, with small makeshift communities on them, but many people took to the sea for safety as water levels rose, and have nowhere to settle on land.

Myra and her daughter Pearl live on their boat, catching fish and trading with island communities. It's a precarious, hand to mouth existence but they're doing more or less okay. Then Myra hears a rumour about her other daughter, Row, who was taken away by her father in the early days of the flood. She'd always hoped that somehow, somewhere, their paths would cross, but now, with a specific location to head for, Myra decides to attempt to track her elder daughter down despite the vast distance of ocean that separates them. It's a voyage filled with danger and betrayals, with only hope to keep Myra going.

After The Flood started well, despite its similarities to Waterworld. Its strange flooded 'landscape' intrigued me, and the author seemed to have thought through the ways people would have found to survive. Myra's a gritty, practical heroine, fiercely attached to her daughters, and devastated to have lost one. If there's any way of seeing her again, Myra will grab it.

But somewhere along the way, my interest waned. Maybe there's a point, somewhere around the middle of the book, where the ending becomes too predictable but I didn't feel the last chapters lived up to the earlier ones. Events seemed hurried and plot devices just too convenient.
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After the Flood tells the survival story of a family post-apocalyptic.

The concept of the story is very interesting. The world has experienced a 100-year flood which has wiped out coastlines and land world wide leaving only the highest peaks to be seen. Myra, the main character has had her first born child taken away from her and has desperately spent years searching for her dragging her second child with her.

This book has many twists and turns and was not predictable at all - which I really appreciate in a book.

It draws out the massive flaws in human nature as each character is trying their best to survive which can make the characters difficult to like at times. 

Thank you NetGalley and the Author for early access to the book in return for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this post apocalyptic dystopia that focused on climate change. I love boos with this premise, but most of them fail to deliver. However, this was a nice surprise. 
I liked the writing, the characters and the pace of the book. Overall it was a very good experience.
If you like this premise, please give it a try. 

Thanks a lot to the publisher and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
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A timely and interesting tale of climate change, set in a post-apocalyptic world after the world has flooded. A bleak, yet highly atmospheric read, with believable characters and a fresh take on this style.
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'"I keep thinking grief feels like climbing a staircase while looking down," she said. "You won't forget where you've been, but you've got to keep rising. It all gets farther away, but it's all still there. And you've only got one way to go and you don't really want to go on rising, but you've got to. And that tightness in your chest doesn't go away, but you somehow go on breathing that thinner, higher air. It's like you grow a third lung. Like you've somehow gotten bigger when you thought you were only broken."'
From the persceptive of Myra, we find out the struggles of living after the great flood. A long time ago, when things were getting bad, her husband got on a boat and drove off with their daughter Row, leaving her pregnant and alone. The story focuses on her struggles in this new water logged world, whilst desperately searching for Row and also trying to keep her other daughter Pearl alive.
Montags prose is so beautiful, I noted down an unbelievable amount of quotes from this book. Going into this one after reading the synopsis, I thought I would find it difficult to suspend my belief but after reading a few chapters I was fully invested in this vibrant and scary world. The flashbacks to her old life made it all seem so real to me. I also did not expect this to be so brutal and raw, the pace was constant and I could have devoured it in one sitting if it wasn't for work and the need to sleep😂
This is a story of survival, love, revenge and motherhood. I can't recommend this one enough, people are comparing it to Station Eleven but I found that book okay, if not too tame for the setting, this one didn't hold back!
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Apologies for late feedback on this as I missed the publication date I had been saving it for. 
A good futuristic story with a likeable group of characters on the whole. Probably not exactly what I was hoping for but worth a read.
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I loved After the Flood by Kassandra Montag. It tells of the tortuous journey taken by Myra and her daughter Pearl in the aftermath of a series of devastating floods destroying much of the landscape throughput the world. They encounter many interesting characters along the way, making friends and enemies. 

It’s brutal at times but ultimately a gripping story. I couldn’t put it down and thoroughly recommend it.
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Such a thought provoking, well written story, absolutely fresh and original. This is a great new look at dystopian novels based on climate change end of days/world scenario, very apt and entertaining 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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A fantastic and thought provoking end of the world saga. Well thought out and executed and a well done set up. I would love to dive back into the lives of Myra and pearl in a further book
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I received this book from NetGalley for a honest review. 

What a original and captivating book.  I absolutely loved this it. I was so invested in the characters and found myself holding my breath as each chapter moved along. 

The main premise of this book is that the vast majority of the earth has been swallowed up in flood water and our main characters are living on boats trying to find somewhere to start a new life. The descriptions of life on the boats, life before the main floods and during, are wonderful. I actually felt like I was living alongside these people. 

I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic fiction and this has gone into my all-time favourites list. It is hard to say much about this without giving too much away but there is lots of character building, lots of intrigue and even more breath-holding moments. 10/10 for me. I cannot recommend this book enough and I will, most definitely, be looking out for more work by this author.
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It is an unspecified time in the future. The world is lost to the sea with only a small amount of land mass remaining. People have taken to boats to live and many are in fear of bands of marauding men and women who capture slaves and try to impose their rule of law. Myra and her daughter Pearl are searching for Myra's other daughter Row who was snatched away by her father before the worst of the flood came and who is now in danger of being sent to a breeding ship when she becomes old enough to bear children. 

This is a fairly typical post apocalyptic scenario but not any the less riveting for that. Myra and Pearl are excellent characters both full of life and willing to fight for it. They team up with at first Daniel, a mysterious man who seems to be holding something back and then are rescued by a boat whose captain seems to want to build a new Utopia somewhere. But of course not all is as it seems. 

This novel is apparently one of a new genre, cli-fi (climate fiction). It was hugely enjoyable and very timely but I had a little difficulty understanding the science behind it. As I understand it, even if both Polar ice-caps were to completely melt (and in this novel they don't - there are still glaciers) the sea level would rise by only (only!) 70 meters yet here we have a world where very little land is left. So where has all the water come from? Also glaciers are described as being pure white which if you've ever seen one you'll know is not the case . But an excellent read nonetheless. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Dystopian fiction is fascinating but can often go one way or the other, executed well or less so, hit or miss: Montag's After The Flood was very much a hit for me. Roughly a century from present day, the world has been transformed following the Six Year Flood leaving large expanses of water with just mountaintops protruding where colonies have begun to form. After The Flood, set in the US, follows the story of mother-daughter pair Myra and Pearl as they attempt to navigate this new world in order to rescue Myra's first daughter Row, taken by her father. There are many trials and tribulations that Myra and Pearl must face on this journey, which Montag describes vividly and effectively conveys the urgency, panic and distress felt by them and those they become involved with. There were points where I actually didn't like Myra very much, (e.g. her getting pissed off at Daniel bleeding in the water after a shark bite! He can hardly help that.) but I think this is Montag successfully conveying how, when times are as desperate as they are in this story, people change as much as they need to in order to survive. I have read other reviews that said they weren't so keen on the investigation of this as a theme but those were the parts that made me really think: how would I behave and respond in a situation like this? The ending was quite sad but there was a positive element to it. Overall, a very well written and quite gripping dystopian piece, that may have a touch of Marmite about it. Either way, it was quite the page turner as I was keen to learn what happens to Myra and Pearl, who is very endearing, and whether or not they find Row.
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It is only very recently that I have come across the genre of climate fiction (Cli-fi) and it is a genre I am now on the lookout for. If you have any cli-fi recommendations I would love to have them?!?

So I was delighted to see After the Flood by Kassandra Montag pop up on NetGalley. And after the title caught my eye the blurb had be itching to pick up the book.

Book Blurb:

The world is mostly water when Pearl is born. The floods have left America a cluster of small islands with roving trade ships and raiders.

Pearl knows little of her father Jacob and elder sister Row, who left her mother Myra when she was pregnant with her. Between them they make do, with Myra fishing and trading to make ends meet, travelling from island to island on Bird, the boat Myra’s grandfather made before he died.

Whilst their life is a tranquil one, Myra still aches for the daughter she once lost. When a chance encounter reveals that Row might still be alive, Myra packs up six-year-old Pearl and together they begin a dangerous voyage to The Valley, where rumours of violence and breeding ships run rampant.

Along the way they encounter death and strangers, finally finding solace on board Sedna – full to the brim with supplies and an able crew – where Myra feels like she might be closer to finding Row than she has ever been. But to get to Row she will have to deceive everyone around her, betraying the trust of those she’s come to love, and ask herself if she’s willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for what might be nothing at all.

After the flood by Kassandra Montag is set after THE flood that wiped out nearly all the land, people and resources of our planet. It was a bleak portrayal of the future and it was an interesting setting for a tale of survival. But very much a future I hope remains only in fiction.

“Before the Six Year Flood, earthquakes erupted and tsunamis struck constantly. The ground itself seemed heavy with energy. I’d hold out my hand and feel the heat in the air like the pulse of an invisible animal. On the radio we heard rumors that the seafloor had split, water from within the earth seeping into the ocean. But we never knew for certain what happened, only that the water rose around us as if to swallow us up in a watery grave.”

After the flood started off with a rather upsetting scene, I was intrigued but I wondered if my heart could take the heartache. Right at the very beginning a mother loses her child. One of the most painful things I could ever imagine happening and I almost put the book down and marked it – Not for me. And that would have been a shame because After the flood wasn’t just a sad story, it was certainly a little heart wrenching in places but it was a story of survival and of love. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

The writing was great – I will be reading whatever Kassandra Montag writes next. And I thought the pacing was spot on, it was a little slow in places but that suited the story. It suited the nature of the character’s journey across the perilous open waters to find somewhere to call home. But having said that the story contains plenty of thrilling action scenes.

Although Myra was the main character, she wasn’t my favourite. I fell in love with Pearl, she was born after the flood and she was clever, resourceful and special. I loved almost all the characters, the family that Myra built in a world where the moral compass was often skewed. Great characters mean great writing for me.

After the flood was a post-apocalyptic story unlike any I have read before. A conversation starter. It was suspenseful, deep, chilling, and completely gripping – it was a full five star read for me. And I would highly recommend it.

And the cover design was something special.

I received a copy of the book to read from the publisher via NetGalley – Thank you!
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