The Silence

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. Jenny, left physically unable to speak after a violent childhood attack, is pursuing her dream of becoming a concert violinist when she moves into an old house in Blackheath. There she lives with Bridget, her landlady, and Jonah, her new roommate. As a result of the aforementioned attack, Jenny is a bit dependent on painkillers, and as a malevolent energy seems to invade the house, she begins to spiral out of control. Soon, the three are fighting for their lives, as well as their sanity. 

This book started off really slowly for me, and it took a lot longer than I would have liked for it to speed up. I really appreciate the changes in perspective as the story progresses, each one revealing important tidbits about the protagonists. We get insight into Jenny's mind and how she lives her life with a disability, as well as getting isight into Jonah's slightly darker mind (from a slightly different point in time). The inclusion of excerpts from the perspective of the house was honestly some of my favorite chapters in this novel. 

When the story does pick up speed, I can appreciate the direction it goes in. However, despite the great writing and depiction of the characters, this did not feel quite like a thriller to me.
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Perfect psychological thriller!  It moved at a fast pace with twists and turns throughout!  I couldn’t put it down!  Highly recommend!
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After reading Joss Stirling’s other books, I had to read this. As usual Joss Stirling’s writing manages to capture you in an amazing and unpredictable story. With every new chapter came a new bit of information that had all of your previous thoughts and predictions completely disregarded and bringing forth a million new questions. I could easily have sat and read this in a single sitting but as you’re reading there are a lot of things to process. This novel deals with a vast range of dark and mature topics but still manages to balance them with both humour and great storytelling. Both the suspense and the shocking revelations will have you still thinking about the twists and turns of this book days if not weeks later. Thank you Joss Stirling for another fantastic read.
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From the start this book was amazing, I was hooked with every turn of the page. It was utterly brilliant and well written. The whole plot of the book is well imaged, you can imagine it in your head.
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Not a bad storyline but the character felt too much "oh woe is me" for me to enjoy it any further. Way too much of a martyr.
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Very well written.  Kept me gripped and wanting to keep reading. Devoured in one rainy cold weekend. Loved it and will be recommending to others
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The Silence has a strong premise and goes from strength to strength in the second half. Initially, I disliked the house chapters but the switch in perspective soon became a refreshing and interesting way of portraying the history of the house. I enjoyed the development of the main characters, especially Jenny and how her disability is portrayed as not holding her back from her dream career. Unfortunately, the strong main characters highlight the weakness of the side characters who seemed much more two dimensional which reduced my empathy for them. The references to the opera in the names of the parts that separate the book seemed forced and unnecessary, contrasted with the more casual and realistic references to Jenny's violin pieces. I also felt that the treatment of sexual assault was very insensitive, unrealistic, and casual, which ultimately removed the dramatic impact that this should have had and ultimately let down the potential these characters had for being vulnerable in ways other than sexually. Once the slower first half of the novel had passed, I couldn't put it down and despite the issues I have with some aspects, overall it was a suspenseful and interesting read.
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with the ARC. This was great! I love thrillers especially ones that can catch me off guard at some point. This had great writing, relatable characters, and some good twists! Will read more from this author in the future!
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THE SILENCE by Joss Stirling is a great suspense novel. I am glad I was picked to read this one because it is amazing. It has bit of everything, suspense, heart and great characters.
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Sadly I found this thriller lacking in actual thrills or suspense. The characters felt hollow and some of the dialogue was heavy-handed and insensitive. 

The chapters about the history of the house were distracting and baggy.  It affected the pacing of the story.  They actually made this reading experience feel like wadding through treacle.  Had I not been given a review copy from NetGalley, I would’ve have given up on this a few chapters in.  This story and the writing style just weren’t gripping me but I can see from the other reviews that it will find an audience.
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What a book. I was hooked just from the cover and description. Thankfully I was not disappointed. This is a fast paced read. Easy to read. Your on the edge of your seat wondering which way it’s heading. Fantastic read
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Well, this was a little different to what I was expecting - in a good way, I hasten to add! 
Jenny is mute, her vocal chords having been damaged during an incident from her past. She is a concert violinist who also works as a waitress to make ends meet. With scant wages coming in, her living arrangements leave a lot to be desired and she is beginning to really hate her shared house. Then, one day, an opportunity to move lands at her feet. There's an eccentric old lady, living in a big, old house who takes in "artists" as lodgers, charging a very small rent. So, Jenny moves in with Bridget and her current other lodger Jonah, an actor. But she soon realises that that grass isn't quite as greener as she thought and her personal demons have not only moved with her, they are getting more power over her. From the opening scenes, we know that something horrible has occurred as Jonah finds himself being interviewed by the police. But what exactly happened in the months leading up to the incident? And is Jenny's past about to become her present?
I raced through this book, at a rate of knots. I needed to know both what happened leading up to the opening scene and also what happened to Jenny to make her mute. And, oh my, I wasn't expecting what the author delivered! Shocks aplenty, I can tell you! Some a little more obvious than others, but some really great "aha" moments that gave me clarity!
Characterisation was great, as well as a great plot, we had some really interesting and intriguing characters who kept me on my toes throughout. I was especially fascinated by Jonah and his, shall we just say, chequered, past. Some of his scenes had me cringing and in stitches at the same time!
And then there's the house itself and the history that Bridget is writing about it. She definitely has her own style of storytelling, the way she weaves the history into her own narrative! With chapters of this, her book, interspersed throughout the main story, it's not obvious at the time of reading what the actual point of inclusion is, but, like a lot of things, it all comes together at the end, nicely.
Pacing was good and the twists and turns along the way were satisfying, and the story was delivered without the need for superfluous padding. Jenny's own downward spiral was well handled, as was Jonah's past. Bridget was a bit of an enigma throughout and her story was mostly contained within the pages of her own "book". 
All in all, a good solid read that delivered exactly what I need from a book of this genre. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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When Jenny, a concert violinist, moves to an atmospheric old house in Blackheath, it seems like the answer to her prayers after grubby house shares and a broken relationship. The eccentric owner, Bridget, is keen to share her house with like-minded artists so also living there is Jonah – charismatic, volatile and pursuing a career in acting. But his past continues to dog him, both a curse and a blessing as his edgy persona gains traction in the acting world.

Jenny is herself battling demons; unable to speak after a catastrophic incident when she was a teenager, she is reliant on strong painkillers to dull the constant pain. Gradually, an insidious addiction takes hold and Jenny’s life spirals out of control. A malevolent energy has gripped the house and Jenny, Jonah and Bridget find themselves battling to save not only their sanity, but also their lives…

Started off kind of slow but when it took off, it really took off! There are some crazy twists that you won't see coming. It was a great read that was a bit creepy!

Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC of The Silence by Joss Stirling
Pub Date: 29 Apr 2019
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A bot of a slow burner, I found this quite hard to get into a first and is definitely a book of perseverance!

A dark and twisted, quite spooky at times physiological thriller that leaves you guessing throughout.

I do feel that the subject of sexual abuse could have been covered a little more sensitively but was dealt with well.

The story is told from three perspectives, Jenny, Jonah and the actual house. I've never come across this before and it worked well.

I love the way Joss Sterling has positively portrayed Jenny's disability and used it as a major part throughout. Jenny shines through as an independent and highly intelligent young lady who's life has not been put on hold by disability or injury.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC and the opportunity to read such a refreshing yet twisted book.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I will most definitely be ordering it in to sell to customers at my work!
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Another amazing read by the fabulous joss Stirling. Loved the characters and found this book very gripping. Can't wait to read more like it
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This was a very creepy and atmospheric read, not my usual type of book and I found it hard to get into at first, a little on the slow side. However, I am pleased that I persevered as this really did become a hell of a book

It begins with Jenny, who is a violinist, and she has moved to a (low rent) mansion called Gallant House, which is supposed to be a place for struggling artist types. Jenny soon forms  a friendship with another tenant, Jonah, who is an upcoming actor. As the time goes on, strange things start to happen in the house and soon Jenny is in a living nightmare! 

The book is told from different character perspectives - the landlord, Jenny, Jonah (and the house) and this really gets the brain ticking 

Highly recommended this book!
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Joss Stirling has returned with another triumphant novel. The Silence is a book that will have you hooked from the very first sentence, to the last word. Be prepared to lose sleep, this excellent page turner will leave you dying to know more about Jenny and her dark past, as each chapter unfolds before your every eyes. What lays in store for our protagonist at Gallant House? Well, you'll just have to purchase a copy of The Silence to discover the twisting tale that lies within...
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'The Silence' is a gripping psychological thriller with twists and turns to keep even the most avid 'detective' guessing!
The story is told from three different characters' perspectives during a highly significant time in their lives when they reside together in an ageing house with its own unique history. Alongside this, various chapters written from Gallant House's perspective are included, which greatly contributes to the book's inventiveness. I honestly could not put it down! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the author's positive representation of disability and injury throughout 'The Silence'. The character of Jenny, who is rendered mute due to an accident, is shown as an independent, intelligent woman, which is incredibly refreshing, and also highly realistic. It was enjoyable to read a book that proves that having a disability or injury does not limit people to following their dreams, much like how Jenny continues to play the violin, regardless of the pain she is in. 

However, I feel it should be noted that the book deals with extremely mature issues that may be triggering to some readers, which I personally did not feel was initially conveyed when researching into the book's synopsis. I also personally believe that the topics revolving around sexual abuse could have been portrayed in a slightly more sensitive way. The characters would clearly be affected by these issues in many ways, but I feel their psychological and physiological responses to this were slightly understated. 

Overall, 'The Silence' was a thrilling read from start to finish and I look forward to Joss Stirling's future work!
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What a good read this book was it was slow to start but once you got into it the book had you gripped until the end will be looking out more by this author.
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