In a Jam

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 1 May 2019

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I received this arc from NetGalley for an honest review. I felt that this book moved a bit slow at times though it was a decent love story. Will be enjoyed by many, just not a favorite of mine.
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Sometimes I think you need to escape in these cheesy sickly sweet romance novels for the feel good factor. A really fun summer read, no great depth to the story or characters but it is nicely written and is a light and easy read
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In a Jam us a fun, humorous, heartwarming, charming love story.   I loved the characters and the writing style.   Pick up this quick eady read and enjoy!
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This sweet romantic tale left me smiling at the small town happenings  and the up and down romance between two people. This was a quick fun read for me.
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Enjoyed this book.  I found it to be funny and entertaining.  A must read and very well written.  I would recommend this book.,  Thanks to Net Galley for the read.
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Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. I tried really hard but I can not finish this book. I had high hopes for this story and I love that it takes place in the south but I can not connect with the main character.
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Heartwarming and all the feels. have to love a small town and how they care.  It had it all. Really liked this story and will read more
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Throughly enjoyed this romance.  It is well written with a fun plot and setting.  Romance fans will enjoy this book.  My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my digital arc.  This is my unbiased review.
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A loner and a drunk, Andie has just found out that she is the beneficiary of her grandmother's will and lottery winnings. Her grandmother has just passed and the money is hers... if she can get her act together and earn it. To get the money she has to move on down to Georgia for six weeks in order to run the little coffee shop her grandmother owned. She'll be expected to live in the little apartment above the shop, attend church multiple times a week, stay sober, and fit in with the locals. For Andie this is a tall order, especially considering most of the small town is waiting to see her mess it all up. And if she does? All the money will go to the church and Andie is out of luck. Throughout the book we follow Andie as she tries to follow the guidelines left for her. Can she make it through the six weeks? Will she fall in love with the small town life and stay when everything is through, or will she decide to sell and return to her life in Boston?

This is a fun and amusing book to read if you're looking for something to get lost in that is not too thought provoking. A good choice for a beach read. A bit longer than it needed to be, but the ending of the book is great and just really brings everything togethers so that it makes those extra pages worth it.

Although many of them were cheesy, I did enjoy the characters, and there was quite the cast. Every character has their highs and lows and has the opportunity for their own redemption in this book and I really liked that. In some books, most of the characters feel so much like a part of the scenery. But we see so much of the different characters in this book, that it really helped to add to the small town vibe where everyone knows everyone else's business. But oh boy, they need to learn to c o m m u n i c a t e. So many issues could have been resolved instead of drawn out out if people just spoke and listened. Lots of peer mediation to get anyone to see sense.

Cliche city, everyone. From the Southern hospitality and lingo to the Boston accent and city lifestyle, the small town gossips with their blog to the potting ex with the black heart. A lot of thigs were blown out to charicature level proportions.The innuendos were cheesy and overdone and detracted from the story at times. The characters came across as really immature because of it and I felt more like I was reading about teenagers than grown adults. The staring, blushing, drooling, and adjusting of pants at the smallest provocation got a bit tedious.

Lastly my biggest problem with the book: Andie's alcoholism is really trivialized and I couldn't make my piece with that. This girl is a fall-down, black out drunk at the start of the book, she is literally waking up in a jail cell due to her drinking (and it's not the first time). Alcohol is the only constant in her life. And I'm supposed to believe that the offer of some money is all it takes to completely put her on the straight and narrow? Besides a couple off hand comments about feeling shaky and craving the taste of liquor, she is suffering no ill affects from going sober. Because...alcoholism is something you can turn on and off at will? Okay then. And when she cheats on her sobriety, the one person that was warned about her past and specifically asked to look out for her is barely concerned and doesn't do anything to try to stop her? I know this is a contemporary romance novel and  you're not really supposed to ask too many questions., but the alcoholic main character just felt like lazy writing to make sure our lead had a hurdle to jump over.

I received a copy of this book from Kobo Writing Life via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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A captivating, small-town humorous romantic story that held my attention. Well described southern characters. Well written book, I enjoyed reading, it's a pleasure to review. I received a free ARC copy of this book, am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Andrea wakes up in the drunk tank again. But, she doesn't have a plroblem with alcohol. Right!? She meets her grandmother's lawyer and learns the term of her will. She has to stay sober, run Granny's coffee shop, and go to church, every service.

Andrea's attitude and the writer's depiction of Southern life lost me within three chapters.  It took fifty plus chapters to find out that Andrea does turn her life around, stays sober, makes friends, develops a conscious, and finds her true love. Not my style, but others seem to like it.
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I found this book funny and entertaining. I wanted a light read and this book was perfect.
The pace is sometimes slow but the characters are well developed and the plot is engaging.
I will read other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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'Andie Carson has to do three things to inherit her grandmother’s lottery winnings—sober up, spend a month running her grandmother’s Georgia coffee shop, and enter homemade jam in the county fair. If she can’t meet those terms, the money goes to the church, and Andie gets nothing'.

This is my first read by this author. Andi and Gunnar’s romance does not run smooth especially with his ex Willow on the scene. Andi has to abstain from alcohol and run her deceased Grandmother’s coffee shop ‘In a Jam’ in order to inherit her money. 
This has a Southern American feel to it with my favourite characters being the Jackson sisters. 
Some of the language was really interesting and different for me. As a result I kept rereading some phrases. 
The story made me chuckle for the most part while being a tad emotional in parts. 
Would recommend this as perhaps a holiday / beach read.
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Title: In A Jam

Author: Cindy Dorminy

Genre: romance

Andie Carson has to do three things to inherit her grandmother’s lottery winnings—sober up, spend a month running her grandmother’s Georgia coffee shop, and enter homemade jam in the county fair. If she can’t meet those terms, the money goes to the church, and Andie gets nothing. She figures her tasks will be easy enough, and once she completes them, Andie plans to sell the shop, take the money, and run back to Boston.

After a rough breakup from his crazy ex-fiancée, Officer Gunnar Wills decides to take a hiatus from women. All he wants is to help make his small town thrive the way it did when he was a kid. But when wild and beautiful Andie shows up, Gunnar’s hesitant heart begins to flutter.

Gunnar knows that Andie plans to leave, but he’s hoping to change her mind, fearful that if her coffee shop closes, Main Street will fold to the big-box corporations and forever change the landscape of his quaint community. But convincing her to stay means getting close enough to risk his heart in the process. Even though Gunnar makes small-town life seem a little sweeter, Andie has to decide if she’s ready to turn her world upside down and give up big-city life. One thing’s for sure—it’s a very sticky situation.

My thoughts  

Rating: 4

Would I recommend it? yes

Will I read anything else by this author? maybe

For a romance it was ok , kind of slow in some places but still a good read, there was times I just didn't like Gunnar because of how he thought he knew Andie and thought he know what type of person she was. But as the story goes on you start to see him change . Still it was a good story to read , with that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it ,exchange for my honest opinion
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This book was a great cross between romance and women's fiction.  It definitely had a great plot like I like from my women's fiction reads, but it definitely had excessive flirty and sexy innuendos!  

Andie Carson finds herself on the wrong side of the law and they know her by name, this isn't her first interaction with them, but this time may be the last as she is presented with an offer.  Her grandmother has passed away and left her a business and a trust, but she has to clean up her act in order to receive it.  So Andie must go home and get her S*&* together and inherit it all!  Of course with the romance genre involved, there will be a hunky guy who could be a distraction!

This was just one of those good ones to curl up with during a summer weekend.  I can't seem to remember if the romance made me blush at all, so forgive me, I can't say if you tend to avoid books with a lot of sexy times, I can't remember anything being over the top.  

I may have to go check out Cindy Dorminy's two previous books and try another from her.
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