The Friend Zone

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I’ve had a really tough time trying to get into this one. When I’m reading, my mind is wandering. I can’t connect with the characters. I might try again down the road, but for now it’s a DNF for me. Shame, too, because I had high hopes for this book.
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I’ve never read a book by Sarah Wilson before so I figured why not start now. I loved this book. Cute concept with great characters and excitation. Really enjoyed it!
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The title says it all. I really liked this story and was hooked from page 1 of this story. it had it all.
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I really enjoyed this one. Jess and Logan had chemistry, but a relationship was forbidden. So, they did everything but "officially" date. I loved the way they got to know each other as friends. I loved Logan's Ben one-liners. I laughed way too much. Bash's psuedo-cursing made me giggle too. I could use some of his tips. This book was sweet and hilarious, and I loved it!
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The Friend Zone is an adorable college romance featuring one reformed player who is at his last chance college and one football coach's daughter that has turned her life upside down after a trauma. I adored Logan and Jess!

I fell in love with both lead characters. There's Logan, the swoon-worthy quarterback who is determined to do more with his life than the dysfunctional parents who raised him. Logan is strong and ambitious and totally driven to achieve his goals, but he's also incredibly caring and sensitive, not to mention hilarious and totally gorgeous. He's not looking for love, only for redemption and the chance to fulfill his dreams, but then he meets Jess and realizes how much he needs someone to care about him. And then there's Jess, a woman who has survived both the death of her mother and a vicious attack and betrayal that sent her spiraling into an identity crises. She hides behind her trust issues and overprotective father as an excuse not to put herself out there. That is, until Logan Hunt comes along and she finds her heart healing and her ability to trust and open up to someone returning.

The romantic tension in this story was through the roof- how could it not be when two people wanted to be together and yet couldn’t? The plot was good, with two people becoming friends and fighting to stay that way when they both want to be more. I loved the author’s way of switching first person perspective between Jess and Logan. It brought the book to life, especially with the skill the author had in writing from a girl’s AND boy’s perspective.
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“The Friend Zone” is about second chances, but not in a romantic way. It’s about disgraced but talented football players who were kicked out of their Division 1 schools and stripped of their sports scholarships.

College quarterback Logan Hunt was one of them. A huge mistake cost him everything and that was the reason why he found himself in Seattle’s little known EOL college under the mentorship of Coach Stan Oakley who was willing to give him and bunch of other misfits like him a second chance for football greatness.

But, there is a cost… or to be exact, a long list of rules – no drinking, no drugs, no swearing, maintain your GPA and many more. And the hardest of all, no dating! 

That was okay for Logan. He was serious about getting his degree and playing football, i.e., until he met Jess Oakley, math whiz and his math tutor. Notice the last name? Yes, Jess is Coach Oakley’s daughter. Ah, what a conundrum. 

Though classified as a romance, “The Friend Zone” is actually a coming of age story. Both Logan Hunt and Jess Oakley have to make peace with the pasts so that they can face their future. To use an old saying, “one step back, two steps forward,” because that was the only way they can reach true adulthood. 

The topic is actually very serious, but it does not mean that “The Friend Zone” did not have those laugh out loud funny moments. Author Sariah Wilson has a wicked sense of humor and great in one liner puns. My favorite, when Logan and Jess saw a middle age couple kissing, Logan said, “Talk about Fifty Shades of Gray” an obvious pun to the infamous book wherein the last word is spelled “Grey.” 

Puns aside, there are a lot of clever lines in the book. If Sariah Wilson tires of being a novelist, she can write jokes for one of the late night talk shows.

“The Friend Zone” is a leisurely read that will tug at your heartstrings. All the characters, from the lead to the supporting ones are three-dimensional complete with back stories. This book should on your To Be Read list.

“The Friend Zone” is Rated T for Teens. There are no sex scenes. Parental guidance is strongly advised due to some adult situations.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this book! First book by this author, and I really enjoyed it. Good writing, college romance, slow burn, with enough depth to keep me hooked from start to finish. I really recommend this one!
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I've read this author before and have enjoyed the wit and honesty in her books, but this one felt a little off for me.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy the book, just that I wanted there to be more to it.

There was plenty of tension and healing found in this book, but I thought that the deception angles went a bit too far for me.  Jess and Logan were good characters, fairly easy to relate to, but slightly difficult to connect with enough to care about them.  The book felt more like a high school romance, rather than an actual college/new adult one.

While this one missed the mark for me, it hasn't lessened my enjoyment of the author's writing.  I'd be interested in seeing where she goes from here.
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I loved every minute of this book!! From Logan and Jess's first meeting to the very last sentence, I was engrossed in their story. I loved that Logan and Jess really got to know each other because of the "rules"
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Football and romance, the perfect combo for Fall. 

Logan Hunt is down on his luck - star football player kicked out of school for anger issues stemming from his past. He gets a chance to play for a new school with a new coach- one with lots of rules like no drugs. drinking or girls.  Jess is the daughter of the coach and the math tutor. 

She and Logan have undeniable chemistry. The story was at the same time sweet and yet deep. The characters have troubles in their past and true connection. A quick read and HEA.
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The Friend Zone is a great NA romance.  I love Logan. He’s a troubled character who’s fighting for redemption.  His friendship with Jess is beautiful as it develops and grows. It is touching and romantic. And then there’s their chemistry. 
In all the fun of a good forbidden romance, they aren’t allowed to date and have to fight their feelings. 
I love this book. It’s a fantastic college sports romance!
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This book had a great start, a slow middle and a good ending. It was strange to follow it through, in the middle I really thought about giving it up. Thankfully the ending picked up just enough to make this book enjoyable.
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It was a cute start to the book, Jess was like wait till you hear the rules from coach. After why happen to her at a former school I can totally see why coach made the rules for his team. When you are dealing with guys and giving them one final shot to play a game they all love following the rules is the only way to maintain his respect on this team. The ending is super sweet and Logan and Jess just feel so real in this story. The middle was a little slow but the author wrapped up the story nicely.
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I really enjoyed this one! Fun plot, likable characters and well written. I always know when I pick up a book by Sariah Wilson that I am in for a fun read. She has a great way of keeping things light, but also gets you thinking. Swoony romance is always a great bonus as well.
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Book Review- The Friend Zone by Sariah Wilson

I love this author.  I’ve read several of her books.  I was excited to read this one.  As I started reading, I could actually picture the characters as real people.  Logan, being a football player getting a last chance to play.  He signs up with a great coach with a lot of rules to follow.  I like how Logan tries to stick to the rules.
Jess is the coach’s daughter who had an incident happen at a party.  She was devastated and trying to move on but her past keeps being thrown in her face.  She has a crush on a fellow math tutor.  Logan decides to help her land her crush as payment for tutoring him in math.
Of course, you know as you read the book that they will fall for each other.  Jess is confused about both boys.  Logan wants Jess but she is completely off limits.  There is lots of football dreams that Logan is chasing.  I love how he puts things in perspective in the end.  I also like how Jess comes to her own conclusions about life and what she wants.  It is a great story and I LOVE THE ENDING SCENES! I can’t wait to read more.  I give it a 4 out of 5.
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This had potential but in the end fell a little short for me.

It started off well, with Logan getting a second chance after getting kicked out of school.
Jess is the daughter of the coach giving him a second chance and totally off limits.
They hit it off from the start with some barbs and sarcasm to hide how they were really feeling.

I liked how the story started developing, with their friendship, their heartache at various things that happened in their lives. 

Towards the half way point though I felt like the story was losing its way.
The second half just felt very rushed,  and whilst I enjoyed the first half the second half I felt it was just okay.

I enjoyed the happy ever after conclusion, I would have just enjoyed a bit more of a lead up to the "I love you" bit
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I enjoyed this story about two people coming together, first as friends, before falling in love. Logan tries to help Jess win over Ben. He and Jess deny their attraction to each other because they are both very aware that Logan is banned from dating.

It was lovely to read a romance that had the couple actually liking each other and falling in love - not just falling into bed overpowered by lust - not that they'd admit that to themselves to start with, let alone each other. Recommended.
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This is my first read by Sariah Wilson and it was a nice surprise!This is a love story between Logan, a football player who gets second chance finishing his degree and also play ball in collage and Jess, coach daughter who has been trough some stuff at her former collage and stays away from athletes. This book was so much fun to read. The dialogue was witty and flirty, the attraction and chemistry between the characters was something else!I loved Logan, he is great book boyfriend material!This story took some twist and turns I wasn’t expecting and I loved  the writing a lot!
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This story kept me interested throughout and I found it very enjoyable. The storyline was well written and the characters were very likeable. I enjoyed reading this book.
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This was a cute, sweet, slow burn read and one that, while I was reading it, I did enjoy. But it was also a read that I had no trouble putting down in favor of doing something else. So it ends up in that strange gray area of a story I simply liked, but not loved in the way I was hoping to.

I liked Jess and Logan. These two are good people who went through some pretty bad things and are doing everything within their powers to move forward and be more. I loved their bantering and even though they were both fighting their attraction to each other ~ for a multitude of reasons ~ it was blatantly obvious that there was so much more going on and could be something amazing if only they let it be. The roadblocks in their way were many, some of which they had no control over, while others had me rolling my eyes, I did really like where they were at in the end.

These are always the hardest reviews to write for me because the writing was engaging and I did enjoy the story and characters overall, but that need to keep reading regardless of what was going on around me, that feeling of irritation at being made to put the book down when you don’t want to, just wasn’t there. But it happens from time to time. There were some triggers in this one, but they were handled with a light hand when they were brought up. As for the secondary cast of characters, I loved Bash and Keilani and though Coach did go to a couple of extreme’s, I couldn’t help but understand. So, if you are looking for a sweet, slow burn sports romance, then I’d give this one a looksie.
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