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This was a great read! I liked both main characters and read it almost straight through. Really enjoyed!
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I tried... I truly did but DNF at 52%

The first time I read it, I found myself skipping pages cause the storyline and the characters just didn't grab my attention. So I DNF-ed it at 34%.
After a few days, I thought perhaps I was being too harsh and perhaps I was had too much unrealistic expectations ...maybe?💁🏻‍♀️ Anyway, I decided to give it another go...yea... Shouldn't have bothered.
Apologies but I really did try. I hate DNF-ing a book but I just couldn't continue.
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There is a reason that Sariah Wilson is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is the best! She always has the perfect mix of romance and comedy. Sariah's latest book is yet another example of her awesome skills. 

Because of certain team rules, football player Logan and the coach's daughter Jessica do their best to keep their relationship plutonic. The sexual tension between the two, however, can only be restrained for so long. This slow-burn romance makes you impatiently wait for that ticking time bomb to finally go off.

Humor is in this book in abundance. I found myself laughing and snickering frequently at the characters' internal and external dialogues. Sariah is the queen of snark. There are plenty of warm-fuzzy and emotional moments too that keep the book from being too silly.

A couple of side plots have me looking forward to the next book in the series. Will Bash find a girl? Will Keilani and Ford stop fighting long enough to admit their attraction to one another? Hopefully we'll find out soon!
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Having enjoyed past stories by this author I looked forward to reading this one.  Even though it's NA and not even remotely as steamy as what I typically read, I really did enjoy this story.  The connection between Logan and Jess was immediate and they both tried extremely hard not to break the "rules".  

There were also a lot of witty, laugh out loud moments as Logan helps Jess win who she thinks is the man of her dreams.  It was enjoyable watching Logan grow as a man throughout the story and put his past behind him.  Great secondary characters such as Bash rounded this story out.  Very enjoyable story!
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The Friend Zone is an adorable college romance featuring one reformed player who is at his last chance college and one football coach's daughter that has turned her life upside down after a trauma. I adored Logan and Jess! First, Jess is a math nerd. I love depictions of women in Science and Math. Logan is incredibly sweet. He isn't a jerk football player who is an ego manic.

This is a friends to lovers story too! Logan isn't allowed to date anyone and certainly not the coach's daughter, Jess. But he decides to be her friend and help her gain the attention of a guy she is crushing on. Logan has some hilarious nick names for Ben (the crush) and I was laughing out loud multiple times. Both Logan and Jess are attracted to each other, but they know that absolutely nothing can happen. Logan can't lose his (literal) last chance and Jess wouldn't put him in that position. The string of "non dates" that occur between Logan and Jess allow them to really learn about one another and build a great friendship. Logan is so funny with his quippy nicknames and funny one liners. Bash, his roommate is hilarious as well with his creative ways to swear without swearing (since cussing is against the team rules).

The Friend Zone had me laughing and swooning in equal measure and I fell in love with the characters! This isn't a typically college sports romance with a jerk jock and a nerd girl. Its not a fake romance trope. Wilson didn't go for any of the "obvious" tropes in The Friend Zone and the story is all the better for it. This was my first Sariah Wilson book but it will NOT be my last!
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Romace, clean; can't wait to read the other books in this series!! OH MY GOODNESS
Logan and Jess's story is told from alternating points of view. It was so fun to see both sides of the romance through their own eyes. There story is such a great read. S.W. has sass, snark, tender moments, honest hurts and hungers, the wanting and warring hearts down so well. It is just so easy to get swirled into her novels, and this is no exception.
Logan's desire to get away from his past, to be a different person than he was, and beat the history and place he came from that was full of neglect and hunger, to take this second chance and be a player with integrity and honor, keeping the commitments he made initially just to keep his nose clean and stay on the team, but later as a matter of character. His heart-wrenching story, his fight to stay on the right side of his promise, and then choosing his heart home as his priority in his life, it was just a wonderful, magical read (sorry... seeing the unicorns and stars and romantic music and flowers just writing about this one). I always say, I loved the most recent book I have read by S.W. best, but she always creates a masterful story that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want more. She is the master of the Cinderella Story of many varieties of retelling and this is another good one.
Loved the few cameos from her previous novel of Evan Awesome Dawson (#Awestruck), and his role in this one. I knew when I read the blurb about the situation that this was the coach that was mentioned in that novel. I am a fan! Always a pleasure to be gifted a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley to read for her. My opinions are my own, but I do have some bias. Her works are the best fix!
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I just felt like this book was too high school-ish. It didn’t feel like college at all. The conflict wasn’t even really a conflict. And the characters, especially Ben and Danielle, god, they were annoying. Jess and Logan, the MCs were fine. But Ben and Danielle felt like characters that you’d find in a children’s book.
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I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as they got to know one another. Logan has got to play by the rules the coach has set forth and no dating his daughter is one of them. Which as they get to know one another as friends that rule becomes even harder to follow. I really enjoyed this book by Sariah Wilson. She has become a favorite author of mine. The more I read of her new books I want to start going back and reading the books I have not read yet. I think this is a perfect beach read or curl up on the coach and read the day away! 

I received an advance copy from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my open and honest review.
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2.75 stars.
I liked but didn't love this book. It was a sweet and innocent new adult college sports romance. I enjoyed dynamic between Logan and Jess. They were so cute together. The forbidden element really elevated the story. 

Personally, I just had a tough time connecting to the story. I found myself reading just to get though it. It definitely picked up towards the end but by then I was pretty much checked out.

I'm not saying it was a terrible story. It's just, for me, it was just meh.
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The Friend Zone was a sweet and slow burn of a romance. The chemistry between Logan and Jess was instantaneous, but due to her father's (and his coach's) rules, dating was off limits. So the two decided to try friendship. But the heart wants what the heart wants. 

I loved watching these two fall for each other. They both deserved so much to find their happy ever after everything that has happened to them.
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This is my first time reading Sariah Wilson, and I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet and sexy New Adult sports romance with its sassy heroine and swoon-worthy hero. Logan is a college football player, who was kicked off his Division 1 team and is now fighting to hold onto his dreams of the NFL by playing at a junior college. This is his final chance and he’s 100% committed to doing everything right, but he never expects to jeopardize his opportunity by falling for the coach’s daughter! The Friend Zone’s fun collegiate setting, endearing characters, witty banter, sizzling chemistry and punches of emotional intensity blend together to concoct a compelling, feel-good romance that you do not want to miss.
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Aww, Sariah Wilson always delivers great stories! While I know nothing about football and I’m not in the YA age range, I can always appreciate a well-written story, and this certainly was one. The characters were great and she incorporated her signature humorous touch to keep things light, even when there were some heavy moments in the book. It was first a story, then came the romance. I always prefer those slow-burn storylines as I get bored when the romance comes too early. There were brief mentions of characters and hints from previous stories, a nod to her loyal fans, which I found fun. I always look forward with anticipation to her new releases and I was thrilled to receive this complimentary copy from NetGalley. As always, I was not obligated to leave a positive review and these are my own thoughts and opinions. I certainly recommend it highly.
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Cute but nothing special. It's a slow burn, so if you're looking for a romance novel with immediate satisfaction, this is not for you. If you're a fan of football, college romance and young love, this IS for you. If you want realistic romance this isn't for you but if you don't care about any of that and just want a happy ending Sariah Wilson is your author!
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The Friend Zone is the first book I have read by Saraih Wilson and I can hand on heart say I loved every minute of it. It’s a real slow burner, but the chemistry is there from the outset. Even fromLogan and Jess’s first meeting. The were spellbound by one another and drew me in, from the very first sentence until the last whispered endearment.
Logan has been picked up by a last chance saloon college football team, due to him being dropped by his university. 
Now, he has to live by the rules or he’s out on his ear.
One rule is no girlfriends and that seemed easy at first until he started to want more than a simple friendship with Jess.
Watching how they navigated these stressful and sexy waters was one of my most enjoyable reading experiences this year. Definitely a contender for best book 2019 and that's saying something.
These two will give you all the feels, from laughter to tears. Hugs and kisses await you.
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This was a fun enjoyable NA read that captivated me right from the start.  Logan Hunt had been a star football player in Texas on the path to a NFL career.  Then trouble found him and now he's in Seattle at the EOL college.  EOL - end of the line and how true that was.  Screw up here and you're done for good.  All Logan needs to do is keep his head down, study hard, and follow all the million rules the coach has.  Part one and two are no problem but the no girls rule not so much.  Making matters worse the only girl he wants is Jess.  The coaches daughter.  Yeah all kinds of trouble there!

I definitely recommend this one.
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This book was addicting and delicious, I could not stop reading it once I started...bad idea to start this book late at night because I was dragging the next day, but it was worth it! 

I'm not a big fan of new adult college romances anymore. To be honest, I never really got into them too much because they always felt unrealistic and cheesy, but I could not resist reading THE FRIEND ZONE after I read the synopsis. I am WEAK for sports romances, and I've been starved for a quality football romance, so THE FRIEND ZONE was the perfect solution. 

Definitely recommend this book if you are a fan of sports romances because this one was SPICY, but the romance was also heartwarming! Will be posting a full review on goodreads soon! 

Thanks for the early copy Netgalley!!!
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Oooooh friends, this book was so yummy.  I know that when I love a book it comes out mostly in the adjective "yummy" but I just cannot help myself.  That's because this book is so good I figuratively ate it up.  And I would literally eat it up if it were actually food.  Which it isn't.  But, it did have pizza and gelato in it.  😀

This book was so much fun to read.  The dialogue was witty and flirty, the attraction and chemistry had an amazing build that became combustible.  Oh man, did it ever.  The explosions were worth waiting for.  😍🔥

There was depth and struggle for the characters and I love how they took the place in life they were in very seriously.  They trying to make good choices and live up to their potential.  Logan and Jess were easy to like and easy to root for.  I am really hoping that this is the start of a series that will include Bash!  He needs his own story!  I need more of him.

So yeah, my yummy siren is singing out loud and constantly with this book.  I would love to sit down and read it again right now because it made it me happy.  Sariah Wilson is so good at writing books that I love.  This one might be my favorite. (do I say that every time?!)  This book will be released on June 11th so pre-order it now!  I do believe it will also be on KU if you have that.

Content:  kissing, a couple make-out scenes, mention of child neglect and abuse, mention of date rape drug and almost rape with no details.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book but I have pre-ordered my own copy.
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This was such a sweet story. Tragedy has made Jess wary of guys. She’s just starting to take an interest in dating, but the object of her crush doesn’t seem to know she exists. Enter Logan. New quarterback for the football team. He has his own set of rules. Coach says no dating. No girls. 
No problem. He and Jess can be friends while he helps her gain the interest of her crush, right?
I think you know where this is going. But I loved Logan and Jess’s dynamic. It doesn’t hurt that their chemistry is off the charts. Logan is hilarious with his cutting jokes towards Jess’s crush, Ben. 
I laughed. I even shed a few tears in the end. 5 stars!!!
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This is my first book by Sariah Wilson and I really enjoyed it. I love to read sports romance novels, hockey would be my favourite but football follows a very close second. Add in that it is college based and I knew I was going to enjoy this book.
Logan and Jess's relationship that isn't a relationship was great to read. With all the rules in play from Jess's father who just so happens to be Logan's coach, the couple end up getting to know each other very well without crossing any lines. 
As this is so different to so many romance novels out there, it really made a refreshing change.
I would definitely read more from this author especially if it involves Bash.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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The perfect friends to lovers, sports romance. You can't help but fall for Logan and Jess, while watching them grow close, trying to fight the chemistry. A wonderful start to the series!
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