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The Dictionary of Difficult Words

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This is the most awesome book I've come across. Don't let the title fool you; within its pages is something that's more precious than difficult words. This book not only sets out how to use a dictionary, it explains the difficulty with language.
I can't wait for this to be published so I can have a physical copy to call my own.
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I will be buying and recommending this book to every school I know.
What an amazing new way to learn and discover words from the past and present, not to mention the only way to ensure they remain in the future.

I love the concept of this dictionary- it doesn't set out to list all the words but it has some carefully chosen ones to make you think, read more and try to pronounce and use in a sentence.  Thank you for adding the pronunciation key.  It was an absolute must for many of the words.

The words are interesting, funny and captivating.  I wanted to write them down to use in my next conversations with people and it would be wonderful for children to practice using some of the words and seeing if they can catch people out.  What,for example, is "spaghettification" and how can you use that in a sentence?  Do you believe "Hurdy-Gurdy" is a real word?  So much fun to pore over and read word by word, 

In the first pages, there is a guide called "How to read this book"  and it could be applied to any non fiction book. 
Read it in order, backwards, silently, out loud, in the dark or on random pages.  I would want to print this page out and give it as a guide for helping families with reading at home. It should be fun, it should be led by the child, it should be enjoyable.  

My children loved the illustrations, as did I, and we felt they really made this a book to enjoy.  It wasn't a typical dictionary with photos and diagrams but a fun new way of learning amazing vocabulary.  The illustration have a wonderful vintage feel and the colours leap off the pages.

Wonderful and 5 stars from me!
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