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The Deathless Girls

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Adriana P, Bookseller

An original gothic vampire origin story told from the POV of one of Dracula’s brides, giving it a feminist voice that is so refreshing for gothic fantasy!

Kiran’s beautifully written poetic prose conjures the reader into a vividly imagined world of Travellers and slavers that feels utterly believable and palpable, then it ever so gradually moves from realism into more sinister suggestions of unnatural evils, then before you realise the shift, you’re reading full-blown fantasy. Deftly done! And the characters are so much more convincingly alive for it. Which makes the ending that much more heart rending.

This is an outstanding start for new YA imprint Bellatrix. Millwood Hargrave has cunningly woven many contemporary themes, such as white male privilege and heteronormativity, into an ancient story and brought it to life anew.

I’m always eager to read Kiran Millwood Hargrave and this may be my favourite so far. She has set the bar very high indeed for Bellatrix. Will be keeping an eager eye out for what comes next from both!
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