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Lisa Jackson writes a sterling, top-notch novel that deals with some serious issues in this gripping psychological thriller awash with glorious tropes of well-kept secrets, infidelity, ghosting, revenge, menace, paranoia, guilt, deceit and lies.

Fifteen-year-old Rachel Gaston and her friend Lila, along with her older half-brother, Luke and a huge crowd of their classmates are planning a teenage game of cat-and-mouse believing they will be using soft pellet guns. Hoping they won't be caught by their parents, they all sneak out of their respective homes late at night and meet up at the eerie and spooky fish cannery warehouse. The fun and excitement begins in the darkness but in the confusion and mayhem something goes badly wrong and Luke is injured. He is taken to hospital but is deemed to be dead. Rachel was nearby at the time of the accident and believes that she fired the deadly shot but her memories of the precise course of events that night are vague, confused, jumbled and hazy. All of the schoolkids gave statements stating that it may or may not have been Rachel that fired the deadly bullet in the midst of all the mayhem. But if it was not Rachel, then who was it?

Ever since that horrendous time, Rachel (Gaston) Ryder has suffered from terrible trauma and horrific nightmares, despite receiving counselling. Now, twenty years on, her friend Lila is determined to hold a class reunion, though many of them don't want to live through those terrible times again and need no reminding. Her anxiety contributed to her divorce from Detective Cade Ryder, though he blames himself too. When connections surface between new murders and Luke’s death, Rachel realises there’s no escaping from the past and the truth may be darker than her worst fears. 

As Rachel’s high school reunion nears, she feels her imagination playing tricks, convincing her that objects in her house have moved. Then there’s a hint of unfamiliar cologne in the air. Added to that, she suspects that someone is tailing her car, as well as watching her home.

Paranoid definitely did not disappoint! It had everything I would expect from a first-class psychological thriller - a great plot, well-drawn characters and terrific pacing. Even though I have read quite a few books with a similar premise to this one - Paranoid really stood out for me. It was a great delight to read, with an abundance of fascinating characters, but I think I just about managed to keep track of all of them without being overwhelmed! As well as Rachel and the watchful and vigilant Cade, there was seventeen-year-old Harper Ryder, reckless and impetuous; furtive and smart, fifteen-year-old, Dylan Ryder; and self-centred, persuasive and Lila (Kostas) Ryder. It was these characters that stoked not only the main plot with excitement and high drama but also the sub-plots and added vivacity to the twists and turns that kept me completely enthralled. I really appreciated the smooth writing style of Lisa Jackson and it was easy to connect with the characters - to imagine them, sympathise with them, love or hate them. There was oodles of suspense and it was definitely an enthralling reading experience that had me hooked throughout.
The action and pacing really picked up in the second half of the story which was a deft touch by Lisa Jackson, paving the way for an enthralling denouement. I would love to read more from this gifted story-teller and I have plans to read another of her books - Liar Liar - in the near future.  I am happy to recommend Paranoid and do so without any hesitation.
 I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Mulholland via NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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A huge Thank You to The author, The publisher and Netgalley for providing the e-arc in exchange for a unbiased review of these works 

this book is packed full of tension and suspense, made for a very good read
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I am a fan of Lisa Jackson's books and this latest one did not disappoint. 
The plot was full of twists and turns and is written in her usual articulate and engaging style. 
Twenty years after the death of her brother Luke at her own hand, Rachel starts receiving text messages which she's meant to belive are from her brother. Then more people start to die, all of them having been present on that fatal night when Luke died.i
Is Rachel's life at risk and can she work out what really happened on the night her brother died? A role coater of a read to find out!
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With thanks to Netgalley and Hodder and Staughton for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

I can normally read two books a week quite easily.  However It took me a week to read this which should tell you what I thought of this book.  I really had to force myself to read every day and actually skipped one day all together.

The plot should of been interesting filled with secrets, lies and paranoia.  The storyline was set in a small town, in fact Rachel `s ex mother in law Lila was her best friend in high school!!

Unfortunately I thought The story dragged the chapters could of been shorter.  I liked Rachel and Cade but I thought Xander and Keighley were unnecessary characters.  

I also disliked Rachel`s son Dylan and could see him being a potential cyber stalker in years to come.

This was OK read but I wouldn't recommend it.
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My thanks to Netgalley and Mulholland Books for a copy of Paranoid for an honest review.

Unfortunately this book just wasn’t for me. From the synopsis it seemed to be the sort of book I would enjoy. I have tried other books by Lisa Jackson and her style of writing does appeal to me.
I have given an average score because I’m sure others would enjoy this.just not my cup of tea!
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Lisa Jackson knows how to write Good Suspense. I do especially enjoy when I don't see whats coming.
We join the story at the beginning. Kids having fun at an old abandoned Cannery. Its dark and kids are shooting at each other with air pellet guns. Rachel reluctantly participates with her friends. Only for the unthinkable to happen, when her half brother Luke jumps out at her. She shoots, only to hear gunshots and Luke bleeding. Fast forward to twenty years, many still believe Rachel killed her brother. Rachel is now a mother of two teenagers and divorced. The trauma of that long ago night has left its mark. Once of Rachel's classmates has arranged a class reunion. When one of the women that was at the Cannery that night is found dead. The tension ramps up even more. Then Rachel starts to feel like she is being watched. Is she ? Or is she being paranoid? This book will have you on the edge of you seat. ARC requested from NetGalley in exchange for a voluntary review.
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I have read most of Lisa Jackson’s book and have loved most of them. Some of them as part of a series others as standalone novels. This one is a stand-alone book.

Rachel is a divorced mum , trying to raise her two teenage children, whilst trying to keep her ex husband away as far as she can. She is a little over protective of her children terrified that something is going to happen to them.

During a childhood game in her past Rachel had shot and killed her own brother, or did she? 

Rachel is very jumpy throughout the book but I guess that’s why it’s called paranoid as that’s what she is. She started receiving mysterious text messages, then she gets jumpy around the house thinking someone is stalking her. Are they? Is she right to be paranoid. Twenty years after her brothers death one of the people who witnessed his death is murdered. What is the connection? Is there a connection or is it coincidence?

Some of the story was good the. Bits of it seemed to lag a little being drawn out. Rachel is virtually jumping at her own shadows. Why did someone wait twenty years before murdering one of the witnesses. This is one of those psychological thrillers with a twist at the end. The killer is the last person you would have expected.

Another good read from Lisa Jackson
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After reading the blurb I could not wait to read this book. Unfortunately the writing was not good, at times I HAD TO keep on rereading as it did not make sense. There is a lot of repetition and Rachel's children wre so annoying. I did finish this book but I must admit it was a struggle. I am sure other readers will enjoy it more. Just not for me. Almost three stars and an okay read. 
I would like to thank the author, Hodder and Stoughton and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review.
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A fantastic thriller. Quite literally scared me! A great and innovative story. Fast paced and suspenseful xx
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What an amazing book! Really good description of characters and a good storyline. Highly recommended. Kept me guessing.
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This is one of those books impossible to stop reading. The fear crept up slowly and took hold of me and all I wanted to know was: Who would do such a thing and why? Maybe Rachel isn't as innocent as it seems and has everyone fooled? And who is the one talking to the therapist? And can the killer in the past be the one in the present? Loved everything in this book and enjoyed it tremendously. Highly recommended!
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I’d picked this book up based on the reviews and the fact that I’d read and enjoyed Lisa Jackson before, but this one didn’t quite live up to expectations. There was some decent suspense, but the writing and plot/setting made it very hard for me to get into it. The first was the premise of the accidental death of a teenager 20 years ago — intriguing in itself, but the characters seemed to be stuck in a time warp of events that had happened 20 years ago, still quite teenage in their interactions. The second was the writing — a lot of repetition and telling (instead of showing). There some weird phrases I stumbled over, like, ‘She had borne him a son’!

And the thing that really annoyed me — Rachel’s teenage children were horrible creatures.

(Review copy from NetGalley)
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Absolutely fantastic book!

This book will keep you on tenterhooks throughout the story, all the time second guessing what is happening and who is involved. I found this so heard to put down and even found myself reading it at 4am for no reason other than I needed to know how it ended!
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I loved this book from the get go. Totally invested in the characters  from the beginning, almost like u knew them from a story before.

The twists and turns in the book kept me hooked and I didn’t want to put it down.

A great read, thank you for letting me read it! It was an absolute pleasure x
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This book was not really for me if I’m honest. I enjoyed the story arch of an accidental murder when after twenty years strange things start happening but just couldn’t really get into it sorry but that’s not the fault of the book it’s just not for me.
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Edgewater, Oregon - A small town where everyone knows everyone and where nothing remains a secret for long. 

The story begins twenty years earlier and features a young Rachel and her best frenemy Lila heading to the cannery to meet up with Rachel's half brother, Luke and their friends to play a 'shooting' game with soft pellet air guns. 
In the blink of an eye what started out as a bit of fun leads to Luke getting shot dead by Rachel... or is that what we're led to believe? 

The questions begin from the very beginning of this novel, did someone replace Rachel's playful gun with the deadly weapon that took her brother's life? How will the family move on from such a tragedy? 

Bringing the reader into the present Lisa Jackson takes us through the trials and tribulations of the friends who were in the cannery that day. Rachel, now a Mother of two and an ex wife of the local Detective Cade Ryder suffers with terrifying nightmares which in turn feeds her constant overbearing protectiveness of her children. And then... twenty years to the day after Luke's death Rachel receives a spine chilling text message; 

I forgive you.

The main characters of this story all have an air of stress, anxiety and of course, paranoia surrounding them. Each of the girls have edged out themselves different paths in life and yet all are connected by that fateful night in the cannery twenty years earlier. 

If I were to pick my favourite character I would go for Lila. A girl who lost the love of her life, at the hands of her closest friend she ensured she set herself on the right path, whatever the cost. She's self absorbed, narcissistic and hides the most secrets out of everyone. She is dangerous and it's incredible when you find out why. 

Overall I would say that I enjoyed reading this book albeit I feel in some areas there were 'jumps.' I would be reading about one character and all of a sudden I was reading about another somewhere else, I didn't find there was a definitive break between each section but to say that was my least favourite part of the book shows that it was a very good read. 
Another thing to bare in mind is for the reader not to expect murders left right and centre. Lisa takes her time to tell the story and you've got to go along with the ride. 

I would certainly recommend this book to those who love a good mystery. The ending will absolutely blow your mind!
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I just love Lisa Jackson's book's. Have been reading them a long time and eagerly await a new one...and this as been well worth the wait. Great detail to characters and background. Fantastic suspense and edge of the seat excitement.  Was a great twist a the end! Fabulous read. Loved it. X
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I was amazed to discover that I didn't write a review for this book. And although I usually really love Lisa Jacksons books, I think the fact that I even had to re-read a part of the book says something. Yes, it is well-written. Yes, I can imagine the killing of a young boy leaves trails even twenty years later. But what a strange story this is, with far too many characters. A bunch of people that never left the small village, who all married each other or each other's family, with divorces and lots of kids and always, like a black cloud, Luke's dead hanging over them.
So I'm sorry to say, it didn't leave a big impression on me.
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I really wanted to enjoy this book as I'm a big fan of Lisa Jackson, but I found it pretty hard going.
I felt that going over and over the events of 20 years ago when Luke was shot was very repetitive and I just couldn't bring myself to care about any one in the book. 
I really struggled with this one which is a shame
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This is my first novel I've read of Lisa Jackson. A twisty psychological novel. Twenty years previously, Rachel Garston shot her step brother Luke in a tragic accident. She has never got over it.
I found it a little hard to get into and there are many characters, but persevered and it is a tense suspenseful story with a brilliant ending. I tried to guess 'whodunnit' but I was wrong. Good novel !!
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