The Women

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I would firstly like to thank Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

While the read definitely gripped me in and did keep my interest from start to finish, unfortunately, for me, there was just a bit too many unrealistic elements to the story and the main character. Her actions were very questionable. 

The premise of the story were still very intriguing regardless so this one is worth a read, but it isn't this author's best.
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EXCERPT: He knows she's seen the scarf. he is offering up his alibi before she challenges him so that his innocence is beyond doubt.

Clever, she thinks. Very clever.

But she is no slouch on the brains front either. She turns over, kisses him on his lying mouth.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: The night she moves in with Peter, she’s so happy, so exhilarated, so in love. Later, she will remember a much smaller feeling, a tiny one percent in her gut. And she will remember pushing that feeling aside…

Samantha Frayn doesn’t know why Peter Bridges picks her – a nobody with bitten fingernails and a troubled childhood behind her – but she falls quickly. He’s older, charming, likes fine wine and French films, and his beautiful home has real art on its walls. 

Peter transforms Samantha’s life in an instant. He sees the better version of herself – the one she’s always wanted to be. It’s only normal that there’s a little friction, when she moves in, over domestic matters like where things are kept, or the proper times to eat, sleep and shower. She’s lucky to be with someone who can help her find a new job, move on from childish friends, and speak with greater sophistication.

But as Samantha notices, more and more, Peter’s temper, she starts to wonder if there might be consequences to breaking the rules of the world he has so quickly built around her.

And then she receives an anonymous note that makes her ask: is she the first woman to feel trapped by Peter? Is she being paranoid, manipulated, or could she be in danger?

You can tell the truth about your life, but someone needs to be listening. Someone needs to trust you. And someone needs to save you from the man you thought you loved. 

MY THOUGHTS: Clever, I think. Very clever. Even a little sly Ms. Lynes...and a trifle wicked. Not at all predictable. Secrets, lies, bluffs and double bluffs, it is so easy to lose track of who is telling the truth, if anyone is!

The story starts slowly, but having read everything this author has previously written, I knew that something surprising would be coming. The unrelenting pace in the second half of the book more than makes up for the meandering of the first half. This is not a criticism, because that is just the way it is, a necessity to set the scene for what is to come. And the denouement? - delicious. Absolutely delicious. 

Read in one sitting.


THE AUTHOR: S E Lynes is the Amazon best selling author of psychological thrillers, VALENTINA, MOTHER, THE PACT and THE PROPOSAL.
After graduating from Leeds University, Susie lived in London before moving to Aberdeen where she worked as a producer at the BBC before moving with her husband, Paul, and two young children to Rome. 
In Rome, she began to write, snatching time where she could. After the birth of her third child and upon her return to the UK, she gained an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University. 
She now combines writing, mentoring and lecturing. She has also published two children's books in Italy.

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I really enjoyed this one. The cover did draw me to the book along with the blurb however I was unsure to begin with as I’ve not read anything by this author before. On the whole it was a great read. Thrilling and full of suspense. I didn’t love the ending but all in all it was a decent read and I would recommend it.
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A less darker one of S E Lynes novels but gripping and hard to put down! Well written characters and twists and turns. An enjoyable read thank you
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This book caught my interest from the first chapter and it never wavered. Samantha and Peter have a relationship that unfortunately does happen, and I was interested in reading this version.

Thank you to NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I knew it was going to be good but not how good! Literature pure storytelling I loved every moment hated to finish.
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Incredibly well written thriller with great characters that kept me turning the pages! Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advanced reading copy.
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This is a story of relationships, friendships, secrets and manipulation.  A book that will have you hooked from the start and one that you will be unable to put down.  An excellent read.
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Great book, loved the storyline and the journey the main character takes. Would definitely recommend
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Nailbiter!! Brilliant read. A must for all. Thank you netgalley. Booked from the beginning again. Made me think for sure.
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This is the latest psychological thriller from Susie Lynes, a book of love, danger, deceit and revenge. I was hooked from the first page and could not put it down. The writing is fast paced, never predictable, taking you from joy to terror and much in between. I loved it from start to finish.
Samantha Frayn is a student at UCL reading English and one evening she meets the handsome History of Art Lecturer Peter Bridges. Overnight Samantha's life completely changes as she moves into Peter's home and becomes his partner. In a whirlwind romance this charming, debonair, sophisticated older man sweeps Samantha off her feet and she falls totally in love. But is Peter Bridges all that he seems? Is he really so caring and attentive or is he narcissistic and controlling? Only time and his jilted ex-lovers will tell.
A fabulous read from this great writer.
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What appeared to be a little light reading turned into a psychological turn twister. Following the story of a young, impressionable girl lured into the web of a serial womaniser. A well spun tale that started off with a flash forward, which left me wondering where it had begun. You will soon find out. 
I am a fan of this author and this book didn’t disappoint. Look forward to reading more.
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I had heard so much about this book and I can completely understand why. It was a wonderfully gripping read that I found difficult to out down but also a read that stayed with me long after
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This book was gripping from the start. There are so many twists and turns  that I had no idea how it could possibly  end. I loved it. Highly recommended
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This had me hooked from the beginning. 

Thoroughly enjoyed this psychological thriller, complete with plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing. 

Looking forward to the next book by SE Lynes.
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I liked how the book began. It really grabbed you from the beginning and sometimes that's the worst part to get through. This was definitely a great thriller that was easy to read and had you wondering what was going to happen when you were forced to put it down to go to work. I must say this is absolutely in my top 5 for this yea. Also, love the cover work on this. Beautiful, delicate flower against a dark background, very fore-brooding. Genius.
Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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What a great psychological thriller. The characters were believable, the storyline was compelling. You will be asking yourself a lot of questions. The characters are very realistic . This is a book full of lies , revenge, secrets your essential thriller requirements. A little bit of manipulation thrown in too!!
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Superb!!! Dark, creepy and uncomfortable... with thrills and spills and reveals along the way. I worked out most of it but absolutely loved the atmospheric writing. Another fine specimen from this talented author!!! #fivestarread
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This is a brilliantly tense, slow-burn of a psychological thriller. 
With the opening showing us a future moment, we then go back to the start and follow Sam and Peter from the beginning of their relationship to find out how they got to that point. From the moment young, naive Sam meets charasmatic, older man Peter, she is swept off her feet into what she thinks is a whirlwind romance. But she slowly realises that the relationship is not as it seems and Peter is certainly not the person she believed he was.
As well as being a very good read, The Women is also a worryingly believable insight into how sometimes what you are led to believe, is nowhere near the truth.
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Another Susie Lynes book which I could NOT put down. Exciting, scary, moments of unease and “Can’t you see what he’d doing to you?” A thoroughly recommended read.
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