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The Women is a psychological thriller that had me flying through the pages to find out how it ends.
Samantha Fran is a uni student and lives with her best friend, she attends an evening event and meets Peter Bridges a lecturer at the university and before she can blink she is in his car travelling to his house where after falling asleep on the sofa things move very quickly and before she knows it she is living with him, having his baby and still not really knowing the real Peter. Peter is a lot older than Samantha and at first she puts it down to this that he is so particular about neatness and routines. 
After the baby is born Samantha teaches a poetry class one evening a week but starts to get strange poems appearing in her bag that are scaring her and leading her to think Peter has had many other women like her.
This was a great thriller and I enjoyed this all the way through, I liked the writing style and although at times I wasn’t keen on Samantha I did want her to dig around a bit and find out who Peter really was.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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This amazingly well crafted book took me by surprise! A thrilling suspense filled novel I couldn't put down! Just when you think you know watching to happen next it throughs you deeper! Can't believe the ending! Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for this page turning must read book in exchange for my honest review! Highly recommend! Loved it!
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OMG what a thriller. Another amazing book by this author. 
This was realistic and an entertaining read 
A must read book
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Good Reads Synopsis: 
The night she moves in with Peter, she’s so happy, so exhilarated, so in love. Later, she will remember a much smaller feeling, a tiny one percent in her gut. And she will remember pushing that feeling aside…

Samantha Frayn doesn’t know why Peter Bridges picks her – a nobody with bitten fingernails and a troubled childhood behind her – but she falls quickly. He’s older, charming, likes fine wine and French films, and his beautiful home has real art on its walls.

Peter transforms Samantha’s life in an instant. He sees the better version of herself – the one she’s always wanted to be. It’s only normal that there’s a little friction, when she moves in, over domestic matters like where things are kept, or the proper times to eat, sleep and shower. She’s lucky to be with someone who can help her find a new job, move on from childish friends, and speak with greater sophistication.

But as Samantha notices, more and more, Peter’s temper, she starts to wonder if there might be consequences to breaking the rules of the world he has so quickly built around her.

And then she receives an anonymous note that makes her ask: is she the first woman to feel trapped by Peter? Is she being paranoid, manipulated, or could she be in danger?

You can tell the truth about your life, but someone needs to be listening. Someone needs to trust you. And someone needs to save you from the man you thought you loved.

Samantha: In the first scene of this story you get such a clear picture of Sam as a strong-willed, take no shit woman. But, as the story shifts back in time you see Sam at a younger age when she is anything but those things.

Honestly. I did not like “younger” Sam at all. I remember going through the story thinking how stupid she was and how naive her decisions were. She makes so many rash thoughtless decisions. That for me really just didn’t mesh well with a woman who is also intelligent and well educated.

Peter: From the first scene I did not like this character. I went in pretty wary and suspicious of him which definitely played into my view of the rest of the story.

Lottie: While I understand why this character was necessary, I don’t believe that the plot line of Lottie “imagining” her dead child was necessary.

As stated above I did not like the fact that this intelligent woman was making these horrible, naive decisions. But, the truth of the matter is that unfortunately this the truth of so many women’s stories. So many smart, strong-willed, educated, loving women fall prey to men who hunt them, exploit their weaknesses, and abuse them. I may not like and I may have been able to see what was coming in this story but so many real life every day women don’t and they become victims of these types of men.

My opinion:
Despite my dislike of certain plot lines, I did enjoy the story. It was thought-provoking, cautionary, insightful, filled with humor and cynicism.

Would I recommend?:
I would definitely recommend this book.
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Although the premise was entertaining this book wasn't really for me.

When 21 year old Samantha falls for  Peter, a charismatic lecturer twice her age, she is thrilled by his attention as he sweeps her off her feet. But after she falls pregnant and her daughter is born things change and Sam is threatened by a series of notes and poems she thinks have been left by one of her creative writing students.

Peter naturally has had a life before Samantha and when she meets his ex-girlfriends (The Women of the title) and compares notes, things fall into place. 

There are sections early on the book about an estate agent which are unnecessary in my view, as they jar and disrupt the flow of the story. 

Fans of psychological thrillers will no doubt enjoy this addition to the genre but I didn't feel it was up there with the best. Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review The Women.
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A clever psychological suspense. The intriguing relationship between Samantha and Peter, for me had a menacing undertone. There was always something about Peter that you just couldn't put your finger on. As the plot thickens I thought I knew what was going to happen. Ha! How wrong was I?
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Thanks to netgalley for an advance copy of this book. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this story and looking back I'm not sure why. I thought it was going to be just another tale of a naive young girl who gets caught up in relationship with a control freak. A couple of chapters in I was hooked. I will be thinking about this book for a long time and it's not often I can say that.  An absolute must read!!!!
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I finished THE WOMEN over the weekend. A thriller about who to trust - your boyfriend or his ex-girlfriends. It starts a bit shaky but improves, and overall I was entertained. 

This book starts a bit rough. The first few chapters are disjointed and can read a bit overwrought. But the overall story was good and engaging. Did it thrill me? No. But I did want to see how Samantha was going to ultimately deal with everything. I was certainly entertained.
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I am an avid reader of S E Lynes books and this one was a fantastic read.  The book opens with Samantha and Peter on their honeymoon in Rome and then takes us back to earlier events in their lives.  Samantha was a naive university student when she was swept off her feet by Peter, her charming older lecturer, renowned as a bit of a ladies man.  She is flattered that he has singled her out and within a short space of time she has moved into his lovely house.  We then find him starting to control Samantha, telling her how to speak and dress.  When Samantha finds herself pregnant she worries about Peter’s reaction but he is thrilled.  After having the baby Peter persuades her to take a job as a creative writing lecturer and he looks after the baby.  But Samantha soon  starts to  realise that Peter is not the man she thought he was.  When her writing class students hand in their assignments Samantha finds an anonymous letter.  When she receives more and threats that means she could be in danger Samantha realises she needs to look into Peter’s past and all his hidden secrets.  Samantha and Peter are the central characters in the book but the other women contribute with stories of their own.  This is a story of relationships, friendships, secrets and manipulation.  A book that will have you hooked from the start and one that you will be unable to put down.  An excellent read.
Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book 
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I received this book for free from Netgalley in return for my honest opinion.

I love S.E. Lynes books, they're hard to put down once you start reading the books. This one might be one of my favorites, though they are hard to choose between.

Samantha falls in love with Peter, against her better judgement.  She can't for the life of her figure out why he has picked her.  She's a nobody.  He's older but very charming. She falls for him quickly. 

Peter completely transforms Samantha into who he thinks she should be. A better version of herself.

Samantha becomes pregnant, Peter is delighted.. he claims.

He isn't as perfect as Samantha thought he was.

Very good book. I couldn't put it down from the beginning.
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture, and S.E. Lynes for the opportunity to read her latest thriller - 5 stars - loved it!

Samantha is 21 years old when she falls fast for a 40-year-old professor she meets at an event.  He sweeps her off his feet with his gorgeous house, his vintage Porsche, and his rapt, grown-up attention to her.  She moves into his home quickly and is ecstatic.  When she becomes pregnant, Peter is so happy and life seems perfect.  However, after Emily is born, Peter pushes Sam into teaching a creative writing class and leaving Emily with him.  She then starts receiving notes in class that frighten her and make her question everyone around her.

From the first chapter that gives a glimpse into the ending of this story, this is a thrill ride of a book.  Highly recommended!
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Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy...

Oh my god! That was great book....that’s terrible and he should be in jail but some woman wanted him to suffer the pain he caused all the womens...

Looking forward to read more book from this author soon...
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At the moment I am incredibly bored with the same old plots in domestic thrillers, but I am glad I picked this one up as it just about lived up to expectations. However, the first half was rather slow going and I did feel myself rapidly losing interest, but luckily, the pace rises quite dramatically if you persevere.

There are a number of twists in the tale but many of I'm we're more than a little predictable although I was surprised a couple of times. The plot revolves around the issues of domestic abuse, manipulation and coercion and the fact that often the person being controlled is blind to exactly what is happening to them; often it takes an outsider to point it out.

It's a dark and well written psychological thriller crossed with women's fiction yet it didn't blow me away and it often felt as though the author was vilifying all men for the actions of a few. The characters are what make this book and bump it up to three stars. Each has a rounded personality and is complex just as us humans are and the women, in particular, were inspiring, strong and passionate about what they believed in. 

So, in the end, this was an okay read but nothing special or spectacular. Many thanks to Bookouture for an ARC.
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Samantha Frayn doesn’t know why Peter Bridges picks her but she falls quickly. He’s older, charming, likes fine wine and French films, and his beautiful home has real art on its walls.
Peter transforms Samantha’s life in an instant. He sees the better version of herself – the one she’s always wanted to be. It’s only normal that there’s a little friction, when she moves in, over domestic matters like where things are kept, or the proper times to eat, sleep and shower. She’s lucky to be with someone who can help her find a new job, move on from childish friends, and speak with greater sophistication.

But as Samantha notices, more and more, Peter’s temper, she starts to wonder if there might be consequences to breaking the rules of the world he has so quickly built around her. And then she receives an anonymous note that makes her ask: is she the first woman to feel trapped by Peter? Is she being paranoid, manipulated, or could she be in danger?

This book is the definition of psychological thriller! It was so good, I couldn't put it down!! I will be adding this one to my bookshelf.

Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC of #TheWomen
Pub Date: 22 May 2019
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Well written, brilliant dialogue as usual by Lynes. One which really kept me thinking. 

The first half of the book was really slow, however, and I struggled to engage at first. I’d have liked to have seen a bit more fire in the storyline. 

Still a great, solid read.
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The Women by S.E. Lynes is a psychological thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
My Synopsis: (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
Samantha Frayn is in love with an older man. A professor. She doesn’t know why this wealthy, charismatic, handsome man would pick her, but he has. He knows so much of the world, and he has so much experience. He can teach her so much. Peter Bridges brings out the best in her, transforming her life and her world.
Yes, there are a few bumps in the road when she moves in with him. He’s been a bachelor a long time, and is set in his ways. She has to learn to drink wine every evening, to set a proper fire in the fireplace, make sure everything is put back in the proper place, be ready to please him almost every night, and put up with his mood swings. But these are just a few of many small things that go with the territory of a new relationship. He may be a little controlling, and a bit of a narcissist, but that’s just the way he is.
Peter convinces her to start writing poetry so that she can be published, and she discovers that she actually enjoys teaching when he gets her a job at the school teaching a small creative writing group. Sure, she wishes it was teaching reading and writing to the less fortunate, but this is a start. The eight students in her writing class are fun, although Samantha does get anxious when she starts receiving a ninth homework assignment being turned in – unnamed. The wording on those ninth papers seem to be direct attacks on Sam, but mainly on Peter.

My Opinions: 
This book started off really slow…really slow. It was not until about 58% in, that things turned around. That first half of the book would have earned a 2 star rating. The last 42% was 5 plus stars.  It was somewhat predictable, but had one or two twists I did NOT see coming.
The theme of The Women is about power. The power that, if allowed, certain men can exert over certain women. As a woman, most of us have been in at least one “uncomfortable” position. If we are old enough and mature enough to realize what is going on, we can usually put a stop to it, even if we do it in a circuitous route. But what if we are not? What if we get in over our heads? What if we don’t even realize it has been happening? What if our own beliefs or fears make it difficult to stop the cycle? What if we don’t feel we have anyone to talk to?
This book also explores the power of friendship, and how the ones around us can give us strength.
Despite the rather slow start (did I mention that it started slow???), I ended up enjoying the book. The topic was a little dark, the problem world-wide, and the solution a little extreme.
I have read a number of this author's books, and am looking forward to whatever she throws my way next.
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I’m going to have a bit of a rant about a few things, so please bear with me...

Ok... let’s get one thing straight. I don’t consider myself a feminist. I know, it’s awful, especially in this day and age, it’s a terrible terrible thing to say.
Don’t get me wrong; I believe in women’s rights, I believe in being treated equally. I believe in having the same chances and same opportunities in life. But with that in mind, I think I’m a humanist. I believe EVERYONE should have the same opportunities. EVERYONE should be treated equally. I believe in HUMAN rights.

So when I read a book like this - ok it’s called The Women, I guess I should have known - I’m not looking for a story that paints men as all abusive, horrific, destructive characters. Every chapter there was something in it about how men are belittling women. I’ve been in positions in my working life before where a man has an advantage. BUT I’ve had women AND men on my side trying to fight it. Not all men are abusive. Not all men think women are weak. There’s a section where Samantha introduces two pieces of writing in her creative writing class by two male authors and she berates her male partner for forcing these male authors on her. What?! They’re good pieces of writing. Why should ALL men be punished for what a few men do?? 

I honestly know the majority of women have found themselves in positions like Samantha where they are distrusted and pushed around and aside by men. But why did every chapter have to have awful comments about men in general? If this was a book written by a man and all genders were reversed, it would be considered horrifying. If men said the kind of things these female characters are saying, they’d be lunched. So why is it ok for women to belittle men? I don’t think it is.

Maybe I’ve read a little bit too much into this. Maybe I’ve let my own emotions affect my reading of this (actually interesting) story. But I am mad at things about it and felt like an agenda was being forced down my throat at times.

BUT and this is a big huge but, I liked the story. A lot. It wasn’t your typical thriller. But it had a great storyline and really fantastic female characters. Although they were man haters throughout or so it seemed, they were strong and passionate women who came out fighting. They were likeable and really interesting characters. And the progression of the story was good with a few little twists and turns to keep you guessing. I can’t get over the way the men were just awful awful characters with no redeemable features at all, but the strength of the women was commendable.
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Samantha always listen to your gut.  After reading this there is no doubt that I will think about those words for years to come. The author did a great job building suspense and making characters easy to connect with and absolutely despise. I am excited to read more from this author. Thank you NetGalley.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5

The Women by S.E. Lynes is not your typical psychological thriller. Lynes reaches into some deep social issues, and leaves you gasping. 

What it's about: Samantha Frayn is just 21 when she falls for the almost forty-year-old Peter Bridges. He is older, wiser, incredibly charming, and he has a beautiful home on a hill. It's quite the whirlwind when Samantha moves in with him just days after starting a relationship. She is so in love and quite taken with his charm and sophistication, but as she spends more and more time living with him, his anger and control issues make her start to doubt her choice. Then when she starts receiving anonymous notes in the writing class she is teaching; she doesn't know what to believe anymore. Is Peter really everything she thinks he is, or is she possibly in danger?

Oh Samantha, she is so naive. I could already see where this book was going pretty early in advance, but Lynes still managed to surprise me more than once. She also delves into some very serious social issues in this novel. The Women is not just any psychological thriller, the scariest thing about this book is that things like this do actually happen. Although Sam ended up being a bit of a doormat in the beginning, I was really proud of the way she ended in the book. She was very relatable and I remember how impressionable I was when I was that age... 

The women in this book will make you mad, make you cry, and make you feel empowered. I loved the mix of characters in The Women and the way Lynes was able to throw suspicion around to multiple characters when Sam starts receiving the anonymous notes. There is also some very strong foreshadowing, a lot more than I usually see in books, which is something I really enjoyed.

Song/s the book brought to mind: A mix of Good Girl (was yelling this at Sam in the book), Two Black Cadillacs, and Undo It - all by Carrie Underwood.

Final Thought: I also want to say that it was really hard for me to rate this book. I knew I wasn't going to give it under a 4, but I also wasn't sure if I was blown away enough to do a 5. I am still brooding on this one a bit so I may eventually end up at a 4.5. I feel like The Women would be considered a mix of psychological thriller and women's fiction, and maybe not just a straight up psychological thriller. I also got a strong domestic thriller vibe. You can tell the author is incredibly intuitive and smart the way she writes about women and the issues we face with men in this novel. I definitely look forward to reading a lot more from her! 

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advance review copy of this book via NetGalley, all opinions are my own.
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I love Susie Lynes’ writing – she uses the English language beautifully and absolutely nails dialogue. I am a big fan. The Women was totally different from anything she’s written before – she is the complete antithesis to the formulaic writers we see so often! As she so eloquently puts it, “I was trying to tackle an important topic through story and the particular confines of the psychological thriller.” She certainly succeeded. In this book, Lines tackles the issue of men abusing their power, treating women like objects and using them for their own gain – highly topical in this era of Me Too. I don’t want to say much more about the story for fear of spoilers except that she manages to slowly and subtly build up a sense of deep unease. Immensely readable and recommended.
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