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This was an action packed crime thriller that was hard to put down. 
Many thanks to Into The Void and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I don't know why this book took me so long to read but BOY was I missing out. This was the fast-paced, 'almost thought Tarantino wrote a novel" thriller I didn't know I needed. Set in LA, Eddie is sent to collect money from someone who owes his boss a lot of money, but when Eddie accidentally kills him.. Eddie becomes the one most wanted. If you're a fan of dark humor, this will make you cackle, but be sure to start it early in the afternoon or you're going to be up all night reading. I loved this book and I need to get my hands on a physical copy. I highly recommend Nobody Move!
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The book opens with three men going to an apartment for a collection. It should be simple. Turns out not to be that way when the man they were to collect the money from is killed and then Eddie Vegas has to kill a woman that was there also. Eddie is not a killer and does not know why he had his finger on the trigger, was just to scare the man into giving them the money. From there everything only gets worse from boys seeing them bury the bodies to Eddie meeting who he thinks is someone he could love until she finds out a horrible secret about him and the person she is looking for.
Every character becomes entwined with another one who shows up in town. The detective who is on the case is working on dealing with her son and being single with hopes that her ex will come around for help. She catches the case and is frustrated on the way it is going with no LEDs and one she gets one it seems to be a dead-end or sometimes just dead. You go through the story wondering how it is going to end and you are not disappointed. This book is a journey of good storytelling with excellent characters and a wonderful book all around. A very good read.
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A solid crime thriller.  If you like Pulp Fiction type noir, then you will dig this.  Elliott doesn't have the same ear for dialogue Tarantino does, but the book was entertaining all the same.  This is one of those books where no one really wins.  I am curious how this will continue into other Angel City novels as it wasn't clear where this could head in the future.
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Action filled and exciting.
It's a shame the author decided to put in so many derogatory thoughts.
All the hateful (women, LGBTQ & wildly racist) comments were really off-putting and completely unnecessary to the story.
This could have been really good had he decided to just leave all that crap out.
Thank you NetGalley and Into the Void for my DRC.
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Fast paced and, at times, very funny, this noirish take on the underbelly of L.A. will appeal to many.
Slick dialogue and constant action make for a good read and the characters are well drawn., a real page turner.
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Nice feel good book. It flowed very well. was easy to read. Nice characters. Good storyline. What’s not to love.
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Nobody Move (Angel City) by Phillip Elliott is a diamond. A precious gemstone in a genre all too frequently bereft of terrific writing. Nobody Move (Angel City) is an absorbing, addicting, and picturesque novel that depicts people, crime, and life as they are.
Not to say that there is not violence and grotesquery. Read along and see what it is like to kill a young girl caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, find out how it feels to kill someone with a knife instead of a merely prosaic handgun. But here is the beauty. We do find out how it feels to do all of this and more. 
Nobody Move (Angel City) has a gravitas that sparkles. A seriousness that lingers on each page that disturbs and invigorates the characters and the reader of this wonderful book. Let’s hope that Mr. Elliott has a long and brilliant career.
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As a fan of the cult classic Pulp Fiction, I thought this book was pure genius. I was disappointed when it came to its conclusion. Surprisingly enough, it was written with the right amount of action, murder, suspense and drug dealing to make me feel content to be along for the ride. 

To provide a brief synopsis that I took from Amazon: Eddie Vegas made a terrible mistake. Now he has to pay the price. After a botched debt collection turned double murder, Eddie splits, desperate to avoid his employer, notorious L.A. crime boss Saul Benedict, and his men (and Eddie's ex-partners), Floyd and Sawyer, as well as the police. Soon he becomes entangled with the clever and beautiful Dakota, a Native American woman fresh in the City of Angels to find her missing friend--someone Eddie might know something about. Meanwhile in Texas, ex-assassin Rufus, seeking vengeance for his murdered brother, takes up his beloved daggers one final time and begins the long drive to L.A. When the bodies begin to mount, Detective Alison Lockley's hunt for the killers becomes increasingly urgent. As paths cross, confusion ensues, and no one's entirely sure who's after who. But one thing is clear: They're not all getting out of this alive.

This story was so action packed I felt like I was watching a movie. The only piece that gave me pause was the use of the n.word. Now granted, I get that this was a Quintin Tarantino type of plot, but I cringed every time I heard it. I gave it 4 ⭐️ stars because of that alone. 

There were so many murders throughout the book that I had to take a mental note of them all. It got a little confusing especially since everyone were participating in some type of murder. From Rufus to Eddie. ALSO, *mini spoiler* - I could have sworn the guy Rufus killed with the “long blonde hair” was Larry and NOT Sawyer. I felt like the author did not do Sawyer justice. He could have come out as the victor in this whole thing, in my opinion! 

To conlude, this was a nice read. In stores now 
Thanks @netgalley and In the Void for providing this digital ARC.
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I was unable to complete this book because I am not a fan of casual swearing. I can ignore it and move on if they are few and far between, but there was more than my quota in this story. It might have been a good book, but not my cup of tea. I did not know of that possibility when I requested the book. I will not be able to review these on social sites since I did not finish it.
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 Great debut for fans of fast-paced crime novels.. It's definitely headed in a different direction than most in this genre... I will definitely check out the author's next book. !
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One of my favourite reads of 2019 so far. The synopsis just sucked me in and from reading the very first paragraph I knew my choice to delve into this novel was a good one. Time just flew by and I lost track of my life as I read this exceptional novel. I could never forget this book. It kept me up all night long turning the pages. This one got me on so many levels.

This one gets 5 stars from me and goes straight to my Top Reads of 2019 and will be a hot contender.
I can't recommend this one enough.
Go grab it readers!

I'd like to thank to the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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4.5 This is a sardonic black comedy filled with outrageous characters and snappy, quick dialogue. There’s shootings, car chases, even a bank heist! The Tarantino influence is clear, right down to the epigraph. I also enjoyed musical references peppered in throughout. While I’m aware that Eddie and many of the characters are criminals, I couldn’t help but root for them. Which is messed up! 

What I like about the book is that it‘s not afraid to take a moral stand and combat stereotypes by bringing up race, homosexuality and the mistreatment of Native Americans. The ending is perfect and though this book is marked as the first in a series I can’t imagine where it’ll go next. Bonus material - the author made a soundtrack playlist on Spotify which gives you an idea of what the book is like. Very cool!
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This "L.A. Crime" novel sort of turns the expectations of Los Angeles Noir on their heads, with a Feckless Hero who is actually too good at heart to save himself from a misguided life. Eddie Vegas reminds me of Hollywood's "heart of gold" "ladies of the night" of 1930's and 1940's films. So too does his "love interest," Dakota, a Native American searching for her long-lost sibling. A different Eddie would be more cunning, more fortunate, or a better decision maker; but he wouldn't be Eddie.

Prepare for harsh language, gratuitous violence, some nasty villains, some skewed but hilarious "bad guys," and one very determined and very clever female police detective.  

NOBODY MOVE is a debut novel and a promising takeoff.
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Nobody Moves is reminiscent of the 90s - early 2000s Tarantino movies, so if you liked those, this should be right up your alley. There's twisted, crazy action tempered with dramatic conversations, and the settings are wonderfully drawn. There is a lot going on, and it's a lot to keep up with. It made me think of a game of chess as the characters make their moves toward and away from each other. Then we have the relationships between the characters, some known and some not, and how they come together in some unlikely circumstances. This one doesn't give us many truly good guys, most of the players in this twisted game are varying degrees of bad, depending on what they'll do and how far they're willing to go. I realize I'm being incredibly vague, but it's near to impossible to give details about this first Angel City book without giving anything away, and this is one that needs be read spoiler-free. Suffice it say that Nobody Moves is full of murder and mayhem, and it moves at break-neck speed from start to finish.
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A rollicking rampage of wise guys, sassy strippers, hard-boiled detectives and cold-blooded killers, Nobody Move easily adds up to near-perfect pulp fiction. A simple shakedown turns into homicide then escalates as an angry mob boss despatches a contract killer, with Eddie the hapless protagonist eventually being coerced into a multi-million dollar bank heist while trying to save the girl (whose best friend he murdered back at the beginning. Oops). What could possibly go wrong?

Eddie’s story is a freight-train of good intentions which get shunted onto the fast track to hell. He’s not an altogether bad bloke (for a mob enforcer who collects debts with menaces and spends all his spare time in strip joints), but his lazy complicity has led him a long way into iniquity. You don’t end up murdering a couple of swells entirely by accident.

In fact, few of the characters display much in the way of redeeming features. Eddie’s chaotic bank-robbing colleagues – who require a heavy metal soundtrack to make a successful getaway – are disloyal liars. Sadistic crime boss Saul is brutally bad to the bone. Diego the hitman comes with zero conscience, serious firepower and no compunction about killing absolutely, positively every sucker in the room.

Only Dakota – a young woman seeking the truth about her missing friend – and LAPD detective Alison Lockley are unambiguously on the side of the angels. And both of these women aren’t above bending the rules to suit their righteous purposes.

In some ways, the purest character in this entertaining ensemble piece is Rufus, the almost unstoppable former assassin who returns from retirement to avenge his dead brother. Think No Country For Old Men, but minus the nihilistic bitterness – there’s a solid streak of glee running straight through this melange of mischief.

Author Philip Elliott throws absolutely everything into the mix and saturates his snappy dialogue in so many musical and cinematic references that the pages almost shake from the soundtrack pounding. At times Nobody Move reads just like a screenplay and there’s no escaping the comparisons to Tarantino or the Coen brothers.

Mind you, I could’ve done without the long lecture on the plight of Native American young women or the strident outbursts about calculated chauvinism. There’s definitely a place in crime fiction for discussing serious social issues, but these long-winded detours sat uncomfortably alongside the pell-mell pace of the galloping narrative. Combining heartfelt moral commentary with black humour, a rising body count and frantic action is a tricky balancing act: let’s hope Elliott has plenty of opportunity in future to perfect that skill.

A flickering neon nugget of first class neo-noir.

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This is a crime novel with so much crime that it's pulp. It's so close to ridiculous that it's actually amusing, and at the same time it points at some serious issues.
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The cover of the road, a classic old neon sign, and a couple big palm trees, snagged me immediately. I knew I wanted to read this book just by that tease..
So it seems that Eddie Vegas has screwed up big time. Now it's time to pay the piper. A botched debt collection went so badly that there is now a double murder.Eddie splits town to try and evade his boss and the boss's henchmen as well as the police. 
He meets a smart, sleek, sexy Dakota, a hotty from LA, who is also a member of a Native American tribe. Dakota is here looking for a long lost friend of hers; and as luck would have it - Eddie just might know something about it. Meanwhile, back in Texas, a former assassin named Rufus, is looking to exact a severe dose of vengeance for his murdered brother. Rufus packs up his weapon of choice: daggers, for one final time. Rufus then gets on the long road to L.A. When the bodies begin to stack up, 
Detective Alison Lockley’s time on the hunt for the killers becomes a pressure cooker. Suffice it to say, varied paths cross, confusion ensues, and no one’s entirely sure who’s after who. But one thing is understood crystal clear: They’re likely not all going to get out of this escapade alive. 
Philip has a style slightly reminiscent of Elmore Leonard. A nice entertaining summer read that moved at a relaxed pace.
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Follow these crime capers in the first of a series set in L.A. There’s murders-a-plenty, crime, car chases and everything else in between as Elliott certainly creates a novel reminiscent of a Tarantino film. True, there are some references to this famed director, but I could easily see for myself the traits that Elliott has written within this plot.

Personally, I wasn’t too blown away by the plot and feel that the type of crime being described wasn’t too engaging. There’s a lot of underhand actions and the key characters of Eddie, Floyd and Sawyer felt like cliches of so many caricatures that have already been described in popular culture. Along the same lines, the revengeful nature of the plot was quite predictable yet, the fast pace of the narrative meant there was little time to feel bored.

The bodies naturally stack up on this novel and I enjoyed how several parties eventually converged into one meeting place. The finale “shoot out” was the most enjoyable part of the story to me and I could really picture it happening in my head. Like many of the scenes, it felt like I was reading something that could easily appear on the big screen. This reflects the quality of Elliott’s writing and how effortless it was to follow the story.

There is nothing too offensive in this story and, whilst there was a lot of murder, it wasn’t too gruesome. I found Eddie’s sense of his mortality quite an interesting character trait, although for the rest of the time I felt he was quite weak and predictable. He is easily swayed by the more dominant characters around him, thereby landing him in hot water all of the time. His relationship with Dakota is obvious and soppy; I could not fathom how the writer would create a future from it and believe that the ending was totally justified.

In conclusion, this was an average read for me: I enjoyed some elements of the plot but the outrageous, overblown, revengeful nature of the story were a bit far-fetched. Reading like something from a film, the characters were “safe”, with nothing too different to offer to the story. If you like Tarantino films then definitely don’t miss this one. Otherwise, for those of you seeking a fast-paced crime book and something a little different, then this may appeal.

With thanks to Into the Void magazine and Philip Elliott for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A bit like William Hoffman meets Carl Hiassen . It moved along pretty well and in the end everyone got their due. Shows promise for a first attempt and would definitely check out the author's next book. ( I would rate it 3.75 if I could...)
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