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Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC if this book. I really enjoyed these poems. I definitely would purchase this for my book collection.
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Dave Harris is phenomenal. Have you ever read some poetry or even prose that has just stepped into your soul and shaken it about? Patricide is that poetry collection. As a white person, I can’t even begin to comprehend the pain in this poetry collection. But Dave Harris’ power over his words and truth is undeniable. I stopped numerous times during reading as I was stunned by the precision of his words.
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This one just wasn't for me. I'm not vibrating on the same wavelength as it or something. I just review books on Goodreads, and I generally don't give a review or a rating there if I can't give a good one. So I'll send this back to you, rather than put a negative or ho-hum vibe out there on a book that others for sure will enjoy. I hope that's ok!

I just joined NetGalley, and this is the second book I've read/reviewed (the first was yours also, Desiree Dallagiacomo's Sink, which I really enjoyed and reviewed very positively on Goodreads). 

I really thank you for the opportunity to read this. I love Button poetry.

Warm wishes,
PS ugh it's making me a give a star rating, I'd rather not, but ok, (done).
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I truly, truly enjoyed this poetry collection. I thought it was thrilling and daring and exciting. The voice throughout the works often changed slightly and brought a new edge to each piece. I thought it flowed well and it treated such heavy topics with a lot of nuisance, that as a reader I appreciated. 
There were only a few works that I didn't quite get into that threw off the work as a whole, (which really boiled down to personal preference) but it was still a spectacular read. 
I honestly look forward to reading more work from Harris in the future.
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Patricide [noun]: the killing of one's father/ the crime of killing your own father

I think Button poetry have perfected the art of knowing which buttons to push, when and how much, just to elicit a response in their readers. In this collection, Dave Harris takes you through a journey that feels like one he ought to make on his own without an audience, a journey into his own awareness, forgiveness and understanding of what it means to be who he chooses to be-and at the root of it lies an absent father, life of fear, lack, anger, and a rage that he fears but thrills him.

Perhaps the most important question he asks all through this collection is "Who's after me?" and suddenly you cannot help but want to read the entire collection again.

Thanks Netgalley for the eARC.
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I love Button Poetry and look forward to each new release. Patricide is a powerful collection of poetry by Dave Harris. Highly recommend it.
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Patricide is Dave Harris's powerful story about becoming a good man despite who his father is, when growing up black in America is anything but easy. I would definitely recommend this to fans of modern poetry.
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