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I wanted to love this, and I thoroughly enjoy this series, but not my favorite one. I think it cleaned up Bowie and forgot some of his real problems.

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This entry into the charming Little People, BIG DREAMS series takes a look the life of singer David Bowie. From a young age, Bowie was interested in music. His mind overflowed with creative ideas and connections. He learned to play the saxophone, and spent time with several bands. After that, Bowie went solo, using his creativity to become one of music's greatest artists. He also charmed (or frightened) an entire generating of kids as King Jareth in the classic fantasy flick Labyrinth. The end of the book contains a more detailed look at Bowie's life, using language suited for much older readers. Inspirational and educational both, this entire series is great! I read this with my cubs. We love this series! Highly recommended!

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I unfortunately missed the opportunity to read
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This is an excellent series. The people written about in the series aren't your run of the mill children's biography subjects. But they are all intriguing people and make for interesting reading. The illustrations are going to appeal to the kids as well. These books are a good way to broaden their horizons.
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As a fan of David Bowie I was so excited to read the newest installment in this excellent series. This book was handled really well, shares great information and bestows all of the dignity that the "Thin White Duke" deserves. Thank you for the smiles and a few tears!
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I haven’t read any books in this series, but this one was very cute.

This series is great for young kids to learn about important historical figures. This book is about David Bowie and how he became a rock star.

David Bowie was an interesting man. I think his music and costumes would appeal to kids, so this book is a great way to introduce kids to David Bowie.

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As a huge fan of David Bowie, I love reading about him. The art was really cute and I loved the illustrations. I think it will be great to add to the curriculum in a class, because you can incorporate a lot of life lessons, self acceptance, everyone is different, to fight for your dreams,
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There are so many different ways that people can create change in the world just by being themselves. By pursuing their own dreams, they often knock down walls, making it easier for those who come after them. David Bowie definitely falls into that category, and this edition of Little People, Big Dreams highlights that beautifully. 

Of course, I know who David Bowie is. It’s hard to imagine any living adult today not knowing who is. However, I really never considered how Bowie’s ever-changing style would have been received given the generation he grew up in. But it didn’t faze him and was a defining characteristic of his future success. In every way, David Bowie broke the mold just by being himself and doing what felt right in the moment, and because of that, all of his dreams came true. Truly and inspiration.

Absolutely adored this one!
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In a step towards the other gender, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara has taken her line of children's books called Little People, Big Dreams from primarily famous women into the stories of famous men. The idea of the series is to promote unique and influential people whom we want our children to look up to. 

Obviously David Bowie was as unique a person as they come! He changed the landscape for people to start realizing that gender norms weren't necessary and that being 'weird' or 'different' was okay. The biggest disappointment I have in this release in Vegara's line of children's books is that there is very little said about how he influenced so many people to question their own sexuality and start conversations about the idea of gender fluidity and other realities that we are working to have society embrace today. It feels almost like Vegara, or her publisher, was not comfortable with stating outright the influence Bowie has had for so many in different marginalized community. Whether he was gay or not (note: he was married to a woman), gender fluid, bisexual, pansexual, etc. is irrelevant, partially because Bowie made it irrelevant; but also because it wasn't about being one thing in the 70's at the height of Bowie's fame. Bowie instead embodied the idea of allowing yourself to be whoever you wanted to be; even if that person didn't fit into the social box. While the book captures the idea of being weird is okay; it really misses out on emphasizing the gender norms that Bowie took head-on. 

There are some cute pages in this book about Bowie being 'weird' or 'unusual' but overall it really missed the mark for me. There was an amazing opportunity in this children's book to really allow kids to consider gender norms and, perhaps, have little boys decide to wear dresses. Instead this story played it safe and for that reason I cannot say this is as good as it really could (should?) have been. 

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Fun read about iconic person in music. Excellent illustrations and interesting facts. Good read for kids to learn about this icon in music.
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I absolutely love this series of books for both my 2 and 6 year olds. This isn’t my favorite in the series, but it does a good job of presenting how difference can lead to great things. We loved looking up real pictures of and music by Bowie after reading this, and especially looking up his two different colored eyes. The artwork was beautiful as usual!
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As a huge David Bowie fan, I was curious if Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara would do justice to this amazing artist in this book. I did not need to worry as this addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series was a hit. Starting with his young days loving to read, draw and listen to music through to his school days where he had a situation that caused his magnetic eyes to his adult and performing days, the reader will earn tidbits about David Bowie. Each page has a quirky, enjoyable illustration with some simple, short text. In fact, the illustrations are bright and fun and will help kids understand what an interesting, and colourful performer Bowie was. Once again, the final few pages are more of an short biography and timeline for the adult reader. A definite must add book to any school library.
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This book introduced me to David Bowie. This series may be targeted for children, but it can also please a grown-up reader and make them get intrigued about the titular person. I loved how the book highlights that it is okay to be different. That is a very valuable message for children (and adults). The only thing I felt missing in this book was some footnote on what songs were being referenced.
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What a sweet little book! The illustrations are colorful and fun, with lots of detail. There isn't a lot of text, but there's enough to give little ones the main idea of David Bowie- that he was unique and never afraid to be himself, and that he followed his dreams. 
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Of course I really enjoyed this book! I think this entire series is so great for the little ones - an amazing way not only to introduce them to famous humans, but also to teach them a little bit of history and some lessons. Plus it could inspire them to be more like these amazing humans!

Love this series!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book!
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This isn’t bad for picture book bio of David Bowie.  It hits the main points of his boyhood.  Part of me would like a little more depth, but at the same time, I loved how the author kept using space terms and imagery to portray David.  There were so many other things he did, that this seems lacking.  The book seems to stop right after he “became famous” .  The illustrations are approachable, even if many would be barely recognizable as Bowie.
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I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of David Bowie. The main reason I decided to wish for this book on NetGalley was because I own a couple of the other Little People, Big Dreams books and think the art style is absolutely adorable, and I was sure my little one would enjoy this story.

I wasn't wrong. From the trippy black and white illustration of Ziggy Stardust to the double-page spread featuring handfuls of Bowie's other iconic looks, my little girl was absolutely captivated by the vibrant colours and funky illustrations.

Even I learnt something new about Bowie from this story, so I'm certainly glad I gave it a go.
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Thank you Little People, BIG DREAMS, Quatro Publishing Group-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this book.

This is a cute book with bright colorful illustrations.
This book is about an amazing musician.  It stresses individuality.  This book might get a child interested in music.
Like the real timeline at the end of the book.
It is nice to see that there are older musicians that have these books written about them.
Kudos to the author!
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Students love books about musicians, athletes and actors.  This series gives an amble amount of information in a delightful format. The timeline is especially nice.
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I am not a big fan of David Bowie. I only knew few of his famous songs. But this book tell me a lot of things about him. From his childhood tail host he became famous star. 

The illustrations is great as always.

I wonder his big fans opinions about this book.
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