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Thank you Little People, BIG DREAMS, Quatro Publishing Group-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this book.

This is a cute book with bright colorful illustrations.
This book is about an amazing musician.  It stresses individuality.  This book might get a child interested in music.
Like the real timeline at the end of the book.
It is nice to see that there are older musicians that have these books written about them.
Kudos to the author!
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Students love books about musicians, athletes and actors.  This series gives an amble amount of information in a delightful format. The timeline is especially nice.
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I am not a big fan of David Bowie. I only knew few of his famous songs. But this book tell me a lot of things about him. From his childhood tail host he became famous star. 

The illustrations is great as always.

I wonder his big fans opinions about this book.
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First and foremost, any book about David Bowie had better include some amazing artwork- and this book certainly delivers.  The story is well-written and edited.  It's a perfect nonfiction for young children and beginning readers.  

Last year, our library's summer reading theme was Libraries Rock.  I certainly would have given a copy of this book to the children's librarian for inclusion in her story time events.  

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book. In addition to having a better understanding of David Bowie's story, the way it is written is very cared for and loved, passing on a message to the children that they can follow their dreams.
Also, the illustrations are very beautiful, and just make the book better!
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This was a delight to read! David Bowie was and still continues to be one of the most influential people ever. He dreamt big and showed the world his creativity, which was unique. This book can teach children that from an early age it's ok to be different, show one's creative side, and don't allow others to stomp on dreams.

I liked the artwork. It's very cute and the colors are eye-catching. It all works well with the story that is being told.
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Once again, this series has provided children with a fantastically simple introduction to an icon who has shaped pop culture and the music industry. The art and simple story line worked well and hits its intended mark. I would highly recommend this book and the others in this series becoming a staple in every board book collection. Well done.
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This book is a good introduction to David Bowie and why he was famous.  I like that the book shows that it took him a long time to get the stardom he needed. It is a short book but another great book to the series. Thank you netgalley for letting me review this book.
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I love the Little People, Big Dreams series and I'm so glad that they have added a number of amazing male figures to the lineup as well.
David Bowie is such an amazing person to introduce young readers to since not only was he a phenomenal musician, but an individual that was constantly reinventing himself and not afraid to show the world who he was.  I loved the illustrations and timeline in the back.  A great addition to this wonderful series.
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All the Little People Big Dreams books are absolutely amazing and this one is no exception, I look forward to stories of further inspiring stars for years to come!
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** thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review **

i love LOVE Bowie so of course i would love this book too. the amazing illustrations and bright, funky colours are the plus!! this book is indeed suitable to be read by everyone not just children!!!

actual rating: 4.2/5
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This book is designed for very young children and is colourful and engaging. I’d say it’s ideal for pre school year one age. The fact that Bowie was so unique and didn’t conform means this book carries a important message to students -  be true to yourself and celebrate our differences.
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I loved David Bowie and was excited to see him featured in this series, but it felt a little flat. Most of his personality, struggles and talents were glossed over, and the book made it seem as if he only became a star because he knew that he had to be a really over-the-top performer with weird looks and outfits to get noticed. It also minimized the injury that gave him the iconic look of his eyes, saying it was the result of a silly fight with his friend and just changed his look. He missed 8 months of school and had repeated operations to try to save his sight (not to mention serious damage for the rest of his life), but the book just says it "made him strangely magnetic." It seems as if this painful time and his real struggles could have been much more inspiring to young readers.

All in all, this is a fun book with neat art, but I do wish we could get a little more substance of the real people in these biographies.

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3 = liked it
4 = really liked it
5 = love it, plan to purchase, and/or would buy it again if it was lost

I read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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This book was just too cute! 
David Bowie's amazing story of talent and achievements! Extraordinary little book! And also very inspiring! 
Ilustrations were also stunning. Can't wait to start gifting this book to little ones!
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Another addition to the Little People, Big Dream series, and one I could not turn down. I mean, it’s Ziggy Stardust, but for kids, with amazing illustrations. You’re not going to turn down the chance to read that book, right?

This is a lovely quick read to share with a class that would be excellent to use alongside music or art lessons. The illustrations combined with the (often space related) text are a perfect combination. Another stellar outing in this already excellent little series of picture books.
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Oh how I adore the Little People, Big Dreams series of bios for kids, and this latest on Ziggy Stardust does not disappoint. In fact it shines as brightly as Bowie’s stellar career in music and film. Includes the absolute coolest illustrations by Ana Albero, plus a biographical timeline with historical pics and a detailed profile of the life of Iman’s husband, as über-elegant as she. 5/5

Pub Date 07 May 2019 

Thanks to the author and illustrator, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Childrens Books, and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine. #DavidBowie #NetGalley
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Another win from this perfect series!  I homeschool and my daughter loves these books!  They often lead to us checking out many more books about the person at the library.  She loved Bowie's outfits and I loved how this book showed how special differences make us.
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A great introduction to the Starman David Bowie for young readers. My 8 year old rocker loved it, and yours will too.
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This is a charming biography about David Bowie and it gives the children a great introduction to his life. I loved the illustrations and the message that it's okay to be different.
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An appropriate biography for early elementary students, David Bowie gives basic facts about the childhood of David and how his dream of becoming a music star inspired him to work hard to reach his goal.
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